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its a tampa kinda day
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>we got curry and rice on the case, dont yu worry - Police Chief GHOSTums



File: 1705642275433.png (4.97 MB, 2880x1800, 8:5, 8764534346.png)

gud win


getwatcher net wc


been hearing earlier this month of a lot of new influencer accounts being cranked out on an almost industrial scale on many platforms makes sense that the jews are behind it

>And then Osama bin Laden re-emerged – at least, online. The watershed moment in terms of Israel's understanding of the scale of the issue arrived when the Al-Qaida founder's infamous 2002 "Letter to America" suddenly went viral on TikTok in mid-November. In it, he justified 9/11 as a punishment for U.S. support of Israel

lol meanwhile in the muslim world most of them know he had nothing to do with 9/11(he said as much) dying shortly after, only in western fan fiction was he writing letters begging the american people to help obama fight climate change or claim responsibility for 9/11 after initially denying involvement for some reason


lel what a fag


Are the normalfags waking up?


>ai-genned pro-israeli agitprop machine
lol leave it to them to think that shit can or should be outsourced. i guess seeing how tonedeaf their recent efforts have been, cant be much worse

but hezzbros have been astroturfing IBs for lik 10yrs nonstop and i cant imagine at any given point its more than a couple dudes, w a handful of tools. prolly sitting somewhere in backfuckistan in a fucking cave


File: 1705664721251.jpg (120.2 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 4565534.jpg)

honestly the pali people are some of the worst people on this planet. criminal savages and absolute scum whereever they live. that most people align with them anyways instead of the jews should tell the kikes their position on the totem pole. no botnetwork in the world will ever make people go "wtf, i love the kikes now"


sand niggers and jews, bad news


Kikes, nigger and muslims are way worse than the designated shitting streets, yeah, their country is a shithole, but at least their scum are stuck there.


File: 1705689057855.mp4 (753.27 KB, 360x360, 1:1, all babby bucks must die.mp4)

So Dup won the Cockus of Iowa ?
What this mean ?
And how can Bernie still win ?


no shit he's gonna win every recucklican poll. doesnt mean hes going to be given the presidential election again with the advent of mail in votes and electronic voting machines provided by biased corporations the already suspicious election process is openly and unironically banana republic tier and despite his zog cocksucking hes on too many shitlists to ever be chosen again


ayo fuck curry n rice


you certainly can
an interesting texture
much more efficient to simply eat it tho


>despite his zog cocksucking hes on too many shitlists to ever be chosen again
doubt it, bidup's lukewarm response to hummus invading pissed off a lot of israel lovers, they might just bullshit orange man into office if it means they have a chance at turning gaza into molten glass


like who are the demonKKKraps even going to run out there ?

like they aint even held no primaries, they just ridin' with biden ? i feel like they want someone new but they arent trying to prop anybody up…


seems like they'd let him in to take the blame and usher in marshall mathers law


go to san jose or anywhere in the surrounding region and convince me they are still "stuck there"






>CR and CM come face to face with a herd of literal bucks

%uhhhh Criket Monker… i don't think we're in Hong Kong anymore…
<india nomber on busy


Produced by Harvey Weinstein


can wait for the CRowemenatic Universe to begin after this movie


AI redubbed and translated version of Milei's speech at the WEF


sum star trak universal translator shieeet


idk that really depends on dup inspiring competent fighting aged males to join the military and congress' cooperation neither of which is a guarantee by any means since competent younger people are probably already aware of how fucked the whole situation is and he barely has any support from recucklicans in either the house or the senate and theres zero chance of niggercrats ever supporting him in any significant way
its all speculation tho not like anyone know wtf is going on anymore and it looks more and more like the big scary supposedly all knowing kike gods that rule everything down to the turds you leave behind dont actually know as much as theyre given credit for


>at least their scum are stuck there.


File: 1705730240263.jpg (42.18 KB, 480x411, 160:137, PRI_80053603-e156584738438….jpg)

TRUMP is a zionist MILEI is a zionist


File: 1705754822684.jpg (87.83 KB, 1200x648, 50:27, Ek-inGgX0AoCFSS.jpg)

south park got it right (for once)
its always giant douche vs turd sandwich every election year.
this is what happens when the jews own the entire election process.


dis spigga looks kindof rarted ngl


File: 1705786623033.mp4 (1.53 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, iSUSWc43.mp4)

ready to water the Tree of Blood, spartman?
hope you've got those f-16s handy


death to this kike ass licker


File: 1705787076270.jpg (137.08 KB, 941x934, 941:934, defaultres.jpg)

rember this kid snipping webm?
looks like kikes now killed a brother of his


i love that he blurted that shit out at 200% volume with full confidence
also what do all these retards get off by saying this
its a founding father quote ffs


File: 1705794144817.mp4 (1.78 MB, 640x368, 40:23, jBB9y9q7.mp4)

oi! cant park there m8!


File: 1705795410126.jpg (115.2 KB, 634x845, 634:845, 1705760564177997.jpg)

already saw that
those guys were pretty cool. dunno wtf they were doing here tho lmao
remember one christmas i was standing watch and they tried to call us over but TOCC forbid us from coming alongside so their XO took off all his clothes except a santa hat and a bag full of candy and swam out to us
set off a yuge shitstorm because its a bad look when an officer of a foreign military cares more about your junior enlisted then you do
M37 and M38 at mina salman pier


>Decommissioned14 December 2017
huh i guess the atherstone got decommissioned. so just m37 now. and m109 to replace her it seems


can you explain for those of us that dont know what the fuck is going on beyond a seatruk crash?


they all pretend everything they do isnt motivated by a chomo tape blackmail, quote isnt that bigga deal imo


2 bong ships on operation genocide guardian at a port bahrain
yesterday i think


File: 1705801580633.png (12.94 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)





File: 1705801593755.png (12.94 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)



File: 1705833278241.jpg (557.16 KB, 1079x1275, 1079:1275, rulecuck irl.jpg)

shorkcel btfo


File: 1705841105207.png (385.58 KB, 680x667, 680:667, 1702914163451575.png)

I fucking hate PDFs and it's absurd to me this retarded file format is still the most commonly used one instead of something like epub


idk, making large ships out of very thin fiberglass dont seem like a particularly sound idea tbh


if epub wanted to be popular maybe they should have been first instead. there are other formats too that while technically better than pdf will never gain widespread acceptance.
pdf still exists because "legacy software" that governments and businesses still use support it. that and web browsers support it natively, whereas epub (and other document formats) still requires an external reader that isnt built into windows or a web browser. it doesn't help that pdf writing no longer costs money so it is cost competitive with "free" options.
similar problem exists for audio formats. while there are quite a few superior formats, mp3 still sticks around (despite being garbage) because it was the first compressed format to be widely accepted and literally everything supports it.


I don't think those kots r gud…


apparently they been vaccinating gov staff in denver with live ebola with a shed rate of 31%


File: 1705866239992.mp4 (4.74 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1_4999260461309363189.mp4)

charlotte nc
"mysterious object"


man at this point working for the government is just straight up suicide no wonder they get so many trannies applying for positions nowadays


File: 1705870982164.mp4 (4.18 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, run-nigger-run.mp4)

people are retarded
the only thing pdf is good for is what it was designed for: mastering of print material

>epub … should have been first instead
it was, since that epub=zip
>pdf … web browsers support it natively, whereas epub … still requires an external reader that isnt built into windows or a web browser
nigger, epub is literally a bunch of html pages inside a zip archive
literally what web browsers were made to render


File: 1705875114738.jpg (592.34 KB, 1079x1830, 1079:1830, desantoid.jpg)





Need more of this tbh


then why can't i open epub natively in a web browser?


File: 1705880318300.jpg (71.56 KB, 911x911, 1:1, kys doge.jpg)

you need to download more IQ


>get shit talked by dup almost nonstop
>lose then drop out
>endorse him
lmao this is exactly what ted cruz did in 2016 i know politics is scripted but come on change it up at least a little


but cruz stayed in until the very end desantis folded after the first loss


I wonder if Failey will drop out after Tuesday too


the others still thought they had a chance, none of them got btfo'd in the first primaries like deplantis did


and you need to install more empathy sweaty


its basically just lik
>nothin personnel
>gimme a job tho


Will she do the needful?


needful cannot be done without ticket number


not to mention
desantis nearly lost florida to a gay black man who later got arrested for having a dead methed out male escort in a hotel room

he only won florida by like under 10k votes


>arrested for having a dead methed out male escort in a hotel room
listen sometimes things just happen
prolly dindu nuffin


tell me his name and give proofs, i want to believe


andrew gillum
it was a pretty big story
he nearly won florida in 2018 but bu 2020 something he was having debached gay sex orgies


its true i voted for him


File: 1705951060329-0.jpg (79.53 KB, 998x2161, 998:2161, robbed1.jpg)

File: 1705951060329-1.jpg (57.63 KB, 1080x708, 90:59, robbed2.jpg)

File: 1705951060329-2.jpg (102.02 KB, 998x1248, 499:624, robbed3.jpg)

This is highway robbery. WTF?


shut the fuck up nerd


bros if my penis is 1.5 inches soft, that is pretty much average right ? or like a little bit above average right >


that reminds me
remember elliot spitzer? i always called him spitzinya lol
i remember he got fugged for banging manwhorbs, a man ahead of his time lel hed be president today.
but then i also remember some coked up guy at a bar once rambling to me that that was actually just a set-up and only happened cuz he was bumping up against other politicians interests
idk, but that same guy also told me that aldis and trader joes is run by the same family and that was actually true so idk

also theres that one thang where 7 of 9 from voyager indirectly caused obama
she was banging some illinois cuckservative fag and he was taking her to weird hard S&M clubs and sheem wasnt rly down w that so she btfo him out and told the press and he got laughed out of the race and that was obamas first big win in politics.
you gotta think obama fam gave her some money to do that. or maybe shes just that harsh idk. bad breakup lol


yo dudder im getting an error posting trying to make the whitechoc thread even if i press space a bunch at the end


>obama fam gave her some money to do that

Yeah, were ever there is sex and politicians there is always some form of political leverage being brokered.


File: 1705959497550.mp4 (1.41 MB, 438x720, 73:120, 2_5291814288980196800.mp4)


no doubt
and his fams p big in shitcago


File: 1705964686227.mp4 (3.99 MB, 848x400, 53:25, the pakis did this.mp4)

so the 2 "missing" seal from ~10 days ago have been declared ded


He couldn't suck israel cock hard enough compared to dup, eh?


File: 1705966454985-0.jpg (255.73 KB, 945x969, 315:323, holy soap factory tourism.jpg)

File: 1705966454985-1.jpg (257.1 KB, 1776x2048, 111:128, if you knew.jpg)

in other news, musk flooding twatter with his promotional pilgrimage to the holy soap factory, accompanied by that buckeyesque goblin grifter

oh and the zog is doubling down in yemen (for starters) and going for the seasonal middle eastern forever war


File: 1705966548374.png (203.4 KB, 332x532, 83:133, 97e5ec6e19c8e277d31e192d07….png)

>batboy found in brazil


>ben shapiro

no no no, he is no grifter, stew peters THAT is a grifter

ben shapiro is a literally a foreign agent, a psyop officier, fulfilling his role as an agent of Israel to steer the goyim in the direction he wants, ben is very into the moshiach and third temple insanity

the guy is a dyed in the wool zionist and advocates for dyed in the wool zionism


wonder if that bitch does anal


ding dong nip nong NIGGER


File: 1705984415509.mp4 (20.17 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, YTP: Donald trumps everyth….mp4)


don't forget to put a paper bag on her face.


i actually have a thing for 5/10 hispanics


File: 1705990691818.mp4 (5.5 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Elon Musk visits Auschwitz….mp4)



legit wouldnt be surprised if abby's yams were scripted at this point
them probly CRISPR bakin some 10s with SSS tier jewbs in vats rn


should start giving an option for ur wrongthink punishment
i'll take six months solitary over having to do the tour and smooch kosher keister


I bet I could shut your yap with a good smackdown.



File: 1706050390830.jpg (99.95 KB, 826x845, 826:845, new american couple year 2….jpg)

I heard Ben Shapiro and Auschwitz and I hoped something ELSE was going to happen.

Crazy that people cant see what is blatantly in front of them, that even the most powerful man in the world has to bend the knee, and yet if you floated this idea to the average person you either get the fluoride stare or the leftoid/breadtube conditioning as they will scream "NAAAHHHTTTZEEEEEEE"


idk man i think a lot more people are becoming aware of this than you realize
gotta keep in mind that even with ridiculously controlled platforms like twatter kikes havent been able to keep a lid on people calling them out. now take that into offline territory where people are talking to family and close frens about it. like sure theres always the wah wah gnatzee crybabbies and blank stare fags but theres also plenty of people who will listen even if its just for a laugh initially. i know i used to handwave all of this shit but its undeniable the amount of influence kikes have over western society once you do more than take a glance at the surface of it all then every narrative begins tonfallnapart and all it takes is a little nudge to get someone to start looking


pls gib new keyboard indint like this one its too small


texass gettin pretty close to nullification 2.0 let'>s say they do and/or secede will you help derica by joining texas or just lel from afar
ill prob just lel from afar while postin about how im better than it all or some uppity shit lik that 💅🏻


Yeah maybe more people are aware then in years gone by but the unfortunate thing is that most anti-Israel sentiment originates from leftist roots. Its usually just centered around third-worldist social justice "morality" about the evils of colonialism, racism, racial conflict, etc. etc. but only when its done to brown people. Its why they generally leave that sentiment alone on college campuses, social media, protests, etc because it is toothless.

I just hope Elon's Israel trip doesnt results in a sudden banwave of all the anti-Israel people who just got unbanned.


File: 1706054522112.jpg (492.81 KB, 1079x1927, 1079:1927, 619troon.jpg)

everyone congratulate 619fag on his transition


is this how blown trannies are born?


File: 1706056622398.mp4 (7.28 MB, 720x1022, 360:511, intifadawave.mp4)

>24 dead idf zogbots in one ambush
abby shapiro status?


if this means he turns into a 41% faster then cool


File: 1706062283112.png (46.55 KB, 720x266, 360:133, asissyirl.png)

r/weaselbro groomed me into xer reiko discord cult and shipped me thai sourced homebrew estrogen


File: 1706062394455.mp4 (2.43 MB, 640x332, 160:83, Biden ywnbaw.mp4)


thanks sleepy joe


saw 11 of em got flattened by a building they were setting up to blow when a hummus nailed one of em with a rocket while laying explosives and it caused the chain reaction they were setting up to start right then and there
kinda iron


>still blew up the building
israeli victory


>doesnt results in a sudden banwave
gud news spruh; it's a honey trap transhumanist phreak didn't start paying posters out of kindness


File: 1706122064313.png (370.98 KB, 663x583, 663:583, ClipboardImage.png)

>ill prob just lel from afar while postin about how im better than it all or some uppity shit lik that 💅🏻
feel that. wild that feds can tear down wire just for natty boys to put it back up lik that rabbit season v. duck season gif

also muh court picks copers btfo yet again


ACB finna bout to kick blumpf off the ballot too


>I just hope Elon's Israel trip doesnt results in a sudden banwave of all the anti-Israel people who just got unbanned
well if ur worried about that then send em this

then he wont have to feel left out when erryones makin wooden doors jokes


File: 1706133050025.jpg (207.29 KB, 1046x1280, 523:640, IMG_20240124_160846_064.jpg)


she looks like my like my friends mom who would flirt with me blatantly when i was at his house

she would always poke in when i was hanging with him, she would act all cutesy, bring in food, she would say things like "oh i know all the girls are all over you", she massaged my shoulders, she grabbed my biceps, when we would go in the pool she would be looking out the window, i think she would even dress sexier when i was over




gonna post a doubt.jpg on that
erra postan


But if Texas secedes, how will Greg Abbott ensure Israel gets endless financial support for the state of Israel ?

Maybe he can just apply to have Texas become apart of Israel, then maybe he will defend its border !


federally? havent seen that if u don't mind teel deering a fool


its real but the invasion only refers to beaners


supreme court case on feb. 8
they could rule colorado was right and he has to be off every ballot in november
vary scawy stuff


you're forgetting something
nothing ever happens


File: 1706153395369.png (22.76 KB, 500x250, 2:1, 1697944074359.png)


well uh somethings happening. now what?


And this is why Nikki Clinton is acting like she already won the primary. Isn't it great how the Neocons refuse to play dirty until it's to cull their own internal detractors?


tl;dr- Canadian judge just ruled that Trudeau violated the highest laws of the land with his emergency contingent of FEMA police forces.


Damn even Dotz looks old now


whats the highest form of punishment on the leafland?
30mins hard tickling with a feather?


File: 1706164166536.mp4 (25.14 MB, 640x480, 4:3, a7sbuf.mp4)

American woman goes insane in a Jamaican airport


a lot happens youre just too pussy to do anything about it


stumbled across this gem theres no way this isnt a spartman


File: 1706167538162.jpg (149.6 KB, 1080x1130, 108:113, IMG_20240125_012501_983.jpg)



File: 1706168326582.png (302.83 KB, 1080x1244, 270:311, 1706168305862.png)


File: 1706170271203-0.jpg (96.78 KB, 1170x968, 585:484, IMG_20240125_015100_562.jpg)

File: 1706170271203-1.jpg (67 KB, 1080x789, 360:263, IMG_20240125_015104_316.jpg)




File: 1706171100841-0.jpg (115.66 KB, 1012x1280, 253:320, IMG_20240125_022416_192.jpg)

File: 1706171100841-1.jpg (127.52 KB, 826x1280, 413:640, IMG_20240125_022415_731.jpg)


File: 1706173155432-0.jpg (65.16 KB, 1080x747, 120:83, IMG_20240125_025649_823.jpg)

File: 1706173155432-1.jpg (98.93 KB, 1080x943, 1080:943, IMG_20240125_025715_332.jpg)


>utah says ty uwu

ut (💅🏻)




File: 1706180745209.jpg (254.48 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 342095879.jpg)

new american civil war would be kinda cool ngl


e-even dotz?


verified one of da 5


i fuckin wish something would pop off
it would be vary insane it'll be more than two sides and would make yugoslavia look like a fight among preschoolers
like just think about it youd have nigs vs spics plus the twenty different angry flavors of yt and amerigay is such a yim cunt at this point maybe >we'd even see firefights between different sparts factions. personally im rooting for that last one im tired of yuros having better spart riots than us


>im tired of yuros having better spart riots than us
ur not an iggles or niners fan are you


oh yeah xots hangs all right, that cute feminine xhenis hangs about 8 inches 😈


i'm here from november, here's what happens
>federale gets got under weird circumstances
>constitutional crisis


File: 1706192417307.png (932.96 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

at this point i'd take something even moderatlely spicy like russia in 93
yeltsin did nothing wrong, supreme soviet were being jews and he was having none of it


I feel like this is just all pure ZOG Governors just playing this up for votes. Its all words and tweets. "BIDEN BAD".

I doubt any of these people have the will and fortitude to carry out war with the federal government.


ok texas is actively as you read this ignoring a supreme court ruling and orders from the federal government and president.
if they take it to their state legislature and they agree too then that is basically nullification. there was a crisis about that once and it ultimately led to some things.


they don't, that's why i said >>1601808
do not error post me


something is happening whether you like it or not the ball is back in the feds court now for them to do something or not but as of right now something happening is reality and you cant make that not true
nothingeverhappensfags on "im gonna kms myself srsly believe me pls" watch


youngkin sure af doesnt have a genuine bone in his body idk about the others tho. plus it doesnt have to end in outright war its all about who stands down first
its when the game of chicken goes on too long is when shit goes down


youngkin is great, from day 1 he's been btfoing trannies and nobody can do anything to stop him. how much support virginia can actually give texas is the issue here, they're on the other side of the country and probably not going to do anything beyond thoughts and prayers


File: 1706193886817.jpg (40.83 KB, 1242x677, 1242:677, o rly 2.jpg)

budy the only time "nothing happens"fags have been wrong was when rusia monke went balls deep towards kiev, and after their first big offensive the war got real boring real fast. that is the most excitement that has happened in the world in the past decade, and i don't expect it to change.
i want to be wrong, but i know i won't be.


regardless of how it plays out demoncraps have been convinced just the letter is a continuation of j6's sybil war and rw is starting to grasp that
that narrative is enshrined hard enough that it will have to play out in the future to some extent
if i'm placing $ its on governors betraying riled up joe blows but that's not nothing either


youngkin has been pushing the same shit desantis did to make criticism of jews illegal and he also hasnt done shit to undo the gun control that was pushed through under northam and now that the house and senate are back under democrat control its basically guaranteed virginia will be pushing for california tier gun laws when he gets out of office
hes like every other recucklican he'll pay lip service and maybe piss off dick choppers but accomplish exactly nothing when it comes to anything that matters


But it should be illegal to criticize Jews, they have literally never done anything wrong !


yeah i forgot about that, except last i checked it was "we're putting together a task force to discover why people don't like juice' and maybe some toothless legislation.
and yeah VAs gun laws suck, they went from being in the top 5 gun friendly states to #38 after they added red flag laws. in order to defend yourself from a basketball american breaking into your house you basically have to
>get gun out of combo safe
>call bolis on speakerphone
>crawl behind bed
>loudly proclaim as many times as you can to the intruder that you have wepon and to gtfo
>you can only shoot him when he's an inch from ventilating you with his switchblade
all within the span of 8 seconds
and then enjoy going to court for two years afterwards when he sues you


File: 1706194331545.mp4 (19.5 MB, 640x360, 16:9, microsoft board meeting.mp4)

go away moshe


Shaddap, you goyim !
You should be so happy to serve as a slave to me, it is what G*d have chosen for you when he made you !


File: 1706194486557-0.png (161.44 KB, 539x464, 539:464, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1706194486557-1.png (180.13 KB, 388x465, 388:465, ClipboardImage.png)

bitch of an issue for an erection year


not too be rude but how much you care about something that is happening doesnt unhappen a thing
srsly since the northern aggression when did a state outright ignore and openly refuse federal orders and the supreme court i mean shit i could easily have forgotten something vary obvious but it aint comin to mind now if i am


okay yeah desegregation i totally forgot sry im tired and excited


from the right? been awhile and it never lasted. left does it all the time w/drugs and sanctuary shitties et




there was no civil war 2 over it though, all dixie did was pound sand as the darkies filed into school


there were shots fired but ya no cw2


Desegregation was one of the hottest things I ever saw live. It made my clitty leak. It was nearly as sexy as state enforced interracial breeding.


holy shit get this man some bana pudding and an episode of matlock


why did these fags start wearing those hats anyway thats got to be from the past hundred years or so


nah you dont have to do all that shit to defend yourself there yet but considering the bills they were pushing recently theyre gonna make that a reality
and when they do it just means you shoot the ape twice and bury the nigger in several different counties. gud luck so sry if youre in a city or suburb tho


Its to hide their horns.


what florida airport was sheem headed to?




This is what happens when White Women are taken away from their BBC daddies. She is experiencing a meltdown thinking about having to go back to tiny little white clits. Smdh, makes me sick, Bernie would have fixed this.


File: 1706199060836-0.jpg (54.85 KB, 1080x728, 135:91, IMG_20240125_101003_329.jpg)

File: 1706199060836-1.jpg (85.16 KB, 1080x921, 360:307, IMG_20240125_101001_302.jpg)

this isnt happening



status update: nothing happening


Has Ron DeSpectrum weighed in yet ?


File: 1706199581131.jpg (95.25 KB, 1280x896, 10:7, IMG_20240125_101908_399.jpg)

ya he been wait in


will dduddder be drafted into the florida military and get to kill americucks?


I like that even libshit states have called for some sort of change because they cant bear the burden.

The whole map will change but there will be one with the option "Called for more immigration specifically from sub Saharan African" and it will be GHOSTesota.

Minnesota is the most cucked state in the union FOREVER.


find out next episode of dwagonbaww sp


the swede truly is eternal


surprised about iowa tbh
cucked state of faggots


File: 1706201459723.mp4 (2.36 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1_5012701737555854017.mp4)

hey spics stealin jobs n stuff, the workin corn farmer likely aint too happy about that
vid is newly inaug'd gov of LA


i don't think so. dudder doesn't strike me as soldier guy. i can however picture him in some irregular militia. would be cool if he turns out to be floridas dirlewanger


Duddder will go Doom Eternal Doomslayer mode on libstards. The only thing libtards fear is HIM.


>initals on cuffs
>oversized, golden cufflinks
>golden rolex
lel louisiana is run by a gypsy or was that bling necessary to get the black vote?





molly tibbits case is why iowa even the corn fuckers are cucked beyond repair


thats why theyre planning to arm his gay nigger stalker and make sure his car crashes into a waffle house


>we want LEGAL immigration
lol rightwing will always be cucked and always on the defense, you will never hear any of them say "yknow we should actually close the border entirely and start kicking people back across", even though that's what they really want to say. but they'll never admit it because in reality they're scared shitless of demonrats and the power they have over everything (or the perceived power they have)


mayb replacing 'progress' as the nation's deity wasnt the best idea but whaddya gon do


well umm who's going to build all the cardboard houses and make all of those hella delicious tacos in our multiethnic restaurants like it totally isn't going to be yt 😂😂😂


File: 1706207726745.mp4 (2.49 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Ronnie Coleman Yeah Buddy.mp4)

The last time this happened was Andrew Jackson. You know what happened shortly after Georgia and South Carolina told SCOTUS to fuck off that time?
Arkansas and Florida have sent Nasty Girls to Texas to fight off the feds. Utah is preparing to as well. It's on.
Yeah buddy!


Yell ever see Ronnie Coleman now ?
Shit is depressing, the dude can barely walk and is in constant pain.


File: 1706208207825.mp4 (14.45 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 【CSA Military Song】I Wish ….mp4)

Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virgina, West Virginia, Wyoming, Montana, and Nebraska are all standing with Texas.
Neo-Dixie Is Strong!


So are the majority of men. That's the standard, not an exception.


It's a German thing, funnily enough. Long story with that one but Jews follow Rabbinic teaching rather that codified teaching (which is why Christianity Orthodox/Catholic is unironically older than modern Judaism).


No he's literally worn away all the cartilage between his joints. That's a pain most people will never know.


It's a pain anyone who plays sparts for more than high school/college years will know if they don't already know.


Hell it's a pain pretty much anyone who doesn't get out of infantry/gruntwork in their first two years knows in the Burger military because of cardio requirements.


former zogbot here this man speaks the truth
the ruck marches destroy you too and wearing all your armor and ammo and other bullshit for months on deployment literally makes you shorter because it compresses your spine like no wonder so many long term vets kys themselves i did ONE 4 year contract and all of the joints in my legs are fucked i imagine the leg joints of soldiers who stay in longer wind up feeling like youve got gravel in your bones


Idk, I feel like bodybuilders/powerlifters generally tend to live shorter lives and suffer a bit more deleterious effects on the body than the average person.

Obviously exercise in general will increase longevity but I that pushing your body to the apex constantly that is the problem. Not until we get some scientific super solider serums will the human body be able to tolerate constantly pushing it to its limits. Not the mention a lot of these guys use HGH and/or roids which also increase strain on the body.


I imagine it's rather more severe when you've been doing stupid heavy weight lifting.


Yeah the cardio casxular system just gives up I reckon. All those years under compression when liquid doesn't compress.




I think every squadie I've ever talked to has said it's ruined their knees.


File: 1706210019234.webm (2.4 MB, 320x240, 4:3, New Judaism.webm)

what he said


>Idk, I feel like bodybuilders/powerlifters generally tend to live shorter lives and suffer a bit more deleterious effects on the body than the average person.
Yes, professionals exchange years off their life for being an absolute beast. Same is true for the majority of sports professionals. If they aren't exchanging years off their life to become the best of the best they're usually exchanging IQ points instead (contact sports) or something else of value. In the case of bodybuilding if you do your cardio then it takes serious dedication to the craft (or lots of roids) to get your body to that point of critical failure. You understand bodybuilders also maintain 3-5% bodyfat for competition (7-10% during non-competitive seasons), right? That's what usually kills them is the dehydration + heart compression from lack of visceral fat.

Yeah well you're imagining wrong. Doing stupid things like working construction or playing contact sports or doing infantry fucks up your body significantly worse. You just hear about bodybuilding deaths because of see above. Same reason the professional female models either die or drop out after they hit their 30s. Average competition age for strongmen/power lifters in comparison is late 20s/early 30s; the age when bodybuilders usually die off from doing stupid shit. Because they go for that visceral fat to protect their organs and do their cardio.


i lik this


yah it aint bad usually those cuckime versions of military songs are peak embarrassment


its p crazy
even comparatively tame sports like basedball, playing at the top level can still fuck you up
the amount of rookie pitchers ive heard of who either had to get some meme shoulder surgery early on, or worse already had one by the time theyre lik 21 is ridiculous

i remember seeing this one thing where a guy was saying his old pitching coach fucking scared him out of learning/using screwballs
>youll ruin ur arm kid
right so like pitching 6 innings of straight heat is any better?
its basically just a curveball ffs. doesnt even make any sense

if i was an MLBfag id say FUCK that, FUCK you, then go nerd out on some nipball and figure out some memepitch shit
lik wtf look how long a dudes career in MLB if they dont throw heat at all
fucking wakefield was like ancient lich status before he retired and the dude hardly ever pitched over 80
meanwhile rando relief pitchers have like 2 or so yrs then they usually fuck something up and its retirement by lik 25
kinda sad you work that hard your whole life and then the wheels fall off almost immediately and its not even rly your fault




Mississippi has joined.

Dixie is reformed.



Dotz probably fantasizes about big strong southern boys coming up into NYC to conquer xhir.
Xhi wants to be a sexed up leashed and collared slavexhirl for BIG COUNTRY COCK.


its got a wki now




File: 1706226742546.jpg (726.78 KB, 2592x1456, 162:91, Pikachu.jpg)

God I hope something cool happens


File: 1706227020095.jpg (44.77 KB, 680x450, 68:45, Neo-Dixie is strong.jpg)

Mike Banks offers ranchers free razor wire + installation if they let Texas Nasty Girls on property!
Current map of states telling SCOTUS to eat shit in their Texas ruling.


yeah how about you fuck off pikachu


File: 1706229225664-0.jpg (168.28 KB, 1080x1094, 540:547, IMG_20240125_183057_668.jpg)

File: 1706229225664-1.jpg (128.87 KB, 1080x1027, 1080:1027, IMG_20240125_183108_161.jpg)

spoys >we have hit majority

25 Republican governors released the following joint statement in support of Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Texas’ constitutional right to self-defense.

⬛️ The statement comes as the Biden Administration continues to attack Texas and refuses to take action or responsibility for the crisis at the Southern border.

🔶️ “President Biden and his Administration have left Americans and our country completely vulnerable to unprecedented illegal immigration pouring across the Southern border. Instead of upholding the rule of law and securing the border, the Biden Administration has attacked and sued Texas for stepping up to protect American citizens from historic levels of illegal immigrants, deadly drugs like fentanyl, and terrorists entering our country.

🔶️ “We stand in solidarity with our fellow Governor, Greg Abbott, and the State of Texas in utilizing every tool and strategy, including razor wire fences, to secure the border. We do it in part because the Biden Administration is refusing to enforce immigration laws already on the books and is illegally allowing mass parole across America of migrants who entered our country illegally.

🔶️ “The authors of the U.S. Constitution made clear that in times like this, states have a right of self-defense, under Article 4, Section 4 and Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution. Because the Biden Administration has abdicated its constitutional compact duties to the states, Texas has every legal justification to protect the sovereignty of our states and our nation.”

🔶️ Signatories include: Governor Kay Ivey (AL), Governor Mike Dunleavy (AK), Governor Sarah Sanders (AR), Governor Ron DeSantis (FL), Governor Brian Kemp (GA), Governor Brad Little (ID), Governor Eric Holcomb (IN), Governor Kim Reynolds (IA), Governor Jeff Landry (LA), Governor Tate Reeves (MS), Governor Mike Parson (MO), Governor Greg Gianforte (MT), Governor Jim Pillen (NE), Governor Joe Lombardo (NV), Governor Chris Sununu (NH), Governor Doug Burgum (ND), Governor Mike DeWine (OH), Governor Kevin Stitt (OK), Governor Henry McMaster (SC), Governor Kristi Noem (SD), Governor Bill Lee (TN), Governor Spencer Cox (UT), Governor Glenn Youngkin (VA), Governor Jim Justice (WV), and Governor Mark Gordon (WY).



File: 1706230245426.png (548.71 KB, 710x475, 142:95, abbott and perez.png)

>yknow we should actually close the border entirely and start kicking people back across
that idea will never enter their heads.
boomers would rather live out the rest of their days a in mexico tier society so they can hold onto to their fiat monopoly money and cardboard houses for as long as possible.
pic related symbolizes the absolute state of boomers: crippled faggots that will have his golem perez shoot anyone that says his daughter cant LEGALLY have her CRbbc


stopped reading there. i refuse to live in a CRowjob world


Will the USA ever be white?


death to kansas for electing a communist faggot governor


Abbott is also a massive zionist. The guy literally creams in his panties over Israel. He would sell his entire family into Jewish slavery with a smile and cummies dribbling from his MIGA clitty cage.


Pick and choose your battles. Shifting the overton window is more important when the other side wants you dead and has the legal means to kill you.


Maybe, I just dont get my hopes up when these Ziofags start talking tough.
One call from their flat hatted fellows and they will turn tail and run.


File: 1706236781977-0.jpg (133.01 KB, 1144x730, 572:365, GEt2cBpX0AArlyb.jpg)

File: 1706236781977-1.jpg (140.11 KB, 1166x780, 583:390, GEt2gPdWUAIp3mo.jpg)

blompf just get back on twitter nigga
elon aint finna ban you

stop using this stupid boomer bullshit site


wtf happened to drimpf's one line zingers? He's writing more fucking words than a rabbi in the talmud


his statement isnt even bad
but if he was on twitter it just would have been "TOTAL SPIC DEATH"

the man still got jokes but he is in a boomer hugbox where everything he says gets love and an army of seal clapping boomers


File: 1706240117916.jpeg (136.87 KB, 720x884, 180:221, 2f9ed034fa06f5869621f1435….jpeg)

>begin the largest domestic deportation operation in history
actually the best thing he's ever said
willing to overlook 2016-2020 if he keeps this up


that image fills me with incomprehensible rage
there people that think like that except with "imagine a gay transexual mulatto favella filled with 50 million coffin apartments right here😍"

these people are quite literally bugmen and they must be squashed


File: 1706240750929.mp4 (33.33 MB, 576x1024, 9:16, 1_5014975128170136747.mp4)

nah twoof is publicly traded if he left it that would violate some sort of trust sec thing or something


selling ur twitter rights to a shitty alt tech company while you're running for president is baaaaaad


File: 1706249078719-0.jpg (114.39 KB, 934x1280, 467:640, IMG_20240126_000351_676.jpg)

File: 1706249078719-1.jpg (223.52 KB, 1048x1280, 131:160, IMG_20240126_000351_401.jpg)

File: 1706249078719-2.jpg (153.14 KB, 976x1280, 61:80, IMG_20240126_000351_393.jpg)

File: 1706249078719-3.jpg (131.98 KB, 1085x1280, 217:256, IMG_20240126_000351_259.jpg)

basically old feds are saying usa gettin invaded


ya it was a shit play in the end but he made his alt twitter now he gotta sleep in it


He has a fiduciary duty to stay on boomer central. It would be like the CEO of Pepsi promoting Coke if he went to twatter.


theyre prolly p sick of dealing with all the trafficking too
lik you think of how many people get used as mules and later extorted, and then all the bigname cartels involved wholl just murder your whole family for even trying to investigate. or after you spend prolly years trying to get some gud informants and then one day he stops answering your calls and its cuz they chopped his cock off, stuffed it in his severed head and then mailed it to you
ya know? cartel shit

i can imagine they prolly been getting run around in circles for a while, esp since there are other agencies that are not only involved, but seemingly complicit


>having a large numbers of young males now within our borders who could begin attacking gatherings of unarmed citizens, in imitation of 10/7 and at the behest of a foreign terror group, must be considered a distinct possibility
>It would be a shameful travesty if some terrible attack, a preventable attack, were to occur against innocent Americans or the infrastructure that keeps the nation safe and functioning.
These glowniggers are openly advertising their falseflags and not even trying to be subtle about it.


the cia is basically openly complicit theyre one step shy of outright saying "yah we enable this shit tf you gonna do about it?"


im actually willing to kill a shitload of mexicans they dont gotta falseflag that for me tbh but idgaf about anyone across the fuckin ocean at all


File: 1706272264535-0.png (1.54 MB, 659x6513, 659:6513, (((Trump))).png)

File: 1706272264535-1.jpg (147.34 KB, 1024x636, 256:159, dup btfo.jpg)

dup built less wall and deported less illegals than any president in recent history. he's just parroting the same shit he said in 2015-16 so that conservatards will vote him in harder this year
it's been almost 9 years since dup started his campaign, holy shit


File: 1706278443195-0.png (299.51 KB, 471x466, 471:466, crying keeds.png)

File: 1706278443195-1.jpg (36.86 KB, 520x464, 65:58, F643eqCaEAA4Gdu.jpg)

>ive seen this one before !


i wont care much till he starts saying he's gunna send all the niggers back to africa.
at least spics attempt to stay off of welfare


>look at this parent forcing her child to crawl through razor wire don't you feel BAD
yeah i feel bad that the child is being abused


Also just consider that someone with a camera, stood there as its happening and decided to get the perfect Marvel cinematic angle for it.


File: 1706286870804.jpg (79.25 KB, 1024x783, 1024:783, for no reason.jpg)

un's intl court declares in favor of south africa
says will investigate charge of genocide in gaza
issues a softly-worded letter to nose in chief


>at least spics attempt to stay off of welfare
peak wew
no the fuck they dont dude theyll go get as much gibs as they can even while theyre getting paid under the table by retard boomers that are too lazy to mow their own lawns or too cheap to hire actual citizens


a huge motivation that drives these people here is they know they can get free gibs just by getting across the border

if you cut all aid for non-citizens and put some anti-foreign naturalization laws in place you would see immigration drop by 1000%


File: 1706290989325.png (530.14 KB, 834x757, 834:757, """purchase""" with """aid….png)

>if you cut
oy vey you cant do that! how do expect us to """purchase""" dozens of aircraft from you if you dont give us the """aid""" to pay you with!


No new wars and I could afford nice things. I don't give a fuck about your bastard child and his drug-addicted mum you're trying to get out of child support for via deportation.

Depends how you break it down by region. Actual Mexican/Native Texan spics are a mix of lazy nigger and the hardest goddamn workers you've ever met and it's largely a generational gap issue. Islander spics tend to be hard workers but you have to whip 'em like a nigger to get them to start the work or else they won't respect your authority and act the part of a nig. Central American Spics down through Venezuela are a lost cause unless they work in IT or a similar skilled profession. The West-coast SA spics will make you sick with the shit they consume as "food" but they work extra hard while the central SA spics are only mildly better than the Venezuelans (they work hard if there's a familial incentive). East Coast SA is a mixed bag since the Brazilians and Argentinians spend as much time being mentally ill as they do working hard, but if you tell them to get to work they'll at least put in 70% which seems like 110% at the wages they'll take.


>if you cut all aid for non-citizens and put some anti-foreign naturalization laws in place you would see immigration drop by 1000%
That's basically what happened until Dems stopped orange man. Immigration is an administrative problem not a financial/manpower problem


File: 1706291488471.png (2.95 MB, 1914x1382, 957:691, 3459870.png)

that's totally a shot for the jornos. everybode know you simply throw an old rug over the barbed wire and walk across


File: 1706292337889.jpg (165.5 KB, 1125x1258, 1125:1258, 1687521349808068.jpg)

I'm not American so it isn't really my place to talk about it but guys, pic related happened months ago, don't have too high hopes on a border control implemented now changing much


Hispanics hate each other more than anyone else. The native Texas Hispanics dislike Mexican/Baja/Islander Hispanics and they really hate Central American/South American Hispanics.


The only solution to this spic question is relentless execution of all shitskin spics regardless of whatever shithole country they came from(usa included)

beaner genocide NOW


File: 1706295418952.jpg (401.28 KB, 1967x1202, 1967:1202, Muttmerica.jpg)

surprised it took this long


yah also its c wire and anyone who knows anything about c wire also knows youre not setting it up in a way that someone can just fuckin crawl through it to the other side youre supposed to set it up in layers with regular barbed wire and pickets thrown in there for support so someone with gloves cant just walk over and drag it away


File: 1706296116462.mp4 (9.98 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ySMM4hpWhg.mp4)

>ai-genned pro-judeo agitprop machine
>lol leave it to them to think that shit can or should be outsourced
few days ago openai quietly amended its terms of service to remove usage prohibition for "warfare"
zero doubt us/nato have been doing this for years too


anyone ever death to americaed so hard you actually death to americaed?


File: 1706299687898.mp4 (10.26 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1_5017258062201750453.mp4)

tukr w tx gov


File: 1706303940852.jpg (165.16 KB, 1080x982, 540:491, IMG_20240126_161759_692.jpg)


borderpatrolfags, ime northern border, are the most useless do-nothing suped-up mallcops with ARs you ever seen
i can imagine the ones in tejas are even more annoying and cunty

so i hope they DO all start shooting at each other tbh
total cop death
millions and millions of dead cops


its texas you spic


the norks have been doing really bad computer generated anti-west stuff for longer than this "ai" shit existed


why are they even using rugs? just buy some chinese bolt cutters from harbor freight for like $10 and cut a hole in the fence


see >>1602116
its TEJAS again


yea it is kinda weird how all it took was for a fancy, and frankly rather inaccurate, name for normalfags to suddenly be like
>hey maybe it IS bad to let some shitty computer program decide literally everything about the world around me
lik no shit retards


lol yea you keep tellin yourself that gringo


File: 1706313031426.jpg (30.32 KB, 828x542, 414:271, FhXoAA.jpg)

based norks


if it's an invasion why don't they just shoot them?


File: 1706338618136-0.png (597.38 KB, 972x850, 486:425, 1706324572594059.png)

File: 1706338618136-1.jpg (347.02 KB, 1187x917, 1187:917, 1706219140506583.jpg)

Is every old man in USA a disciple of GHOST?


Mexico has a deal with the feds and that would literally lead to a modern Mexican-American war. Mexico wants it, America does not because it means annexing Mexico.


Of coursh. Egreor postan be damned.


that reads like a highschooler wrote it


File: 1706343375849.jpg (42.46 KB, 720x487, 720:487, 1671227135979518.jpg)

Boomers mentally regress after some point and Vince is 78, add being a GHOST NEW WORLD ORDER supporter to that and you get retarded texts like those


>defecated on her head
so he shit in her mouth huh?


File: 1706362846346.jpg (206.17 KB, 2048x904, 256:113, oy vey.jpg)

this is baaaad
too much freedom of speech! need more censorship of criticism of the chosen eternal-victim tribe!

amerigolem! when are you getting off your fat ass to teach these evil capitalist communists what real freedumb is like??!


sheem kinda qt, shame she's getting gangbanged by fucking niggers


File: 1706372542357.jpg (194.21 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, GEz8IcXWMAAPEmm.jpg)

Seems more like Vince is just completely sexually depraved rather than a GHOST World Order Vegan Sissy Maid Broncos Berniebro on penile inflammation pills.


File: 1706372726865.png (146.63 KB, 462x527, 462:527, texans greatest hero.png)

Now this guy is DEFINITELY going to lead a revolution against the federal government !


Don't look up marin van bruen's wife's name


>these techs (as we call them)
lmfao considering the absurdity of the rest of his schizo GHSOT babble i should not have laughed as hard at that as i did
someone gotta ai that thru vinces WWE voice. theres gotta be enough audio to train one


vince looks like heem the fuckin conductor of the goontrain
wild stuff


File: 1706391400147.mp4 (2.49 MB, 720x710, 72:71, ssstwitter.com_17063542443….mp4)

Boris Kemal talking about how young people should join the military, I guess as out of touch the elites are they still know if Sunak gave this talk nobody would care about it. Former president of UK shilling for military seemed kind of important


idk why anyone would want to join a military that lost to a bunch of ultra-religious hillbillies in the 1770's tbh.


>Military spends the last 30 years telling young men not to join
>"Oy vey, die for your country!"
lol lmao even


File: 1706392760362.png (186.81 KB, 300x224, 75:56, ClipboardImage.png)

>for some reason
maybe they should stop doing pic rel??


As opposed to who exactly?


File: 1706393275717.jpg (157.13 KB, 1284x1272, 107:106, limited ambitions.jpg)

>Vince is just completely sexually depraved
<shit on some slut's face
<a slut lets him shit on her face
she's the one completely sexually depraved
comparatively, he's ok

>provoke yuro proxy war
>sabotage peace deal
>threaten to start an even bigger proxy war on the other side of the world
>tank you cunt's economy
<well lads looks like its time to put on those fatigues and prepare to die for albion
he and his entire extended family first


soooo, have we civil war'd the libtards yet and BTFOed them with Space Force and the Q Army ?


i mean no ones done shit to stop any state from sending troops and support to the border so far
not like it matters theres already way more than enough of them in burger hell to completely destroy whats left of the cunt it was already irreversible a decade ago


no buddy, its the illegal immigrants that are the problem !
if they come into the country by violating the law and disregarding the constitution than they are bad biden demonKKKrap immigrants !

but if they come here LEGALLY, they will be BASED and REDPILLLED

sounds like you need to pull yourself up by the boot straps


File: 1706402470724.jpg (100.73 KB, 1500x1198, 750:599, outer party.jpg)

nah it's cool now
senate and bidup have offered a super awesome deluxe """deal""" by which only 1.8 million illegals per year will be accepted
this changes everything


File: 1706409921210.png (5.86 MB, 2880x1800, 8:5, 435578544.png)

home game on the road, ez win, fuck winnifag


maga sissies
this is it, we did it
the deep state is defeated, Q has won


"sometimes reasonable men must do unreasonable things" - Wesley McDudder


killdozer is back?


File: 1706465902437.jpg (160.79 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1696733702350557.jpg)

I was looking for dark mode extensions for Chrome and saw the best one, Nighteye, is a paid extension. I don't want to go full communist and say fuck capitalism or something like that but a fucking dark mode extension requiring money did make me seethe


File: 1706467032905.jpg (84.22 KB, 961x688, 961:688, wew.jpg)



File: 1706469817996.jpg (139.5 KB, 944x850, 472:425, shucks.jpg)

3 killed 25 wounded by kamikaze drone
go go go


oh nooooo that sucks



death to ZOG hurray!


tf are you using chrome for anyway even safari is less shit


File: 1706476506743.jpg (118.31 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 0df00c77a1d1aae7acc7ecdb3d….jpg)

gonna laff when bidet does nothing


travis kelce is such a nigger this might happen either way


Why did Israel attacked an USA base?


Young people are not patriotic neither poor, so they wont be joining the military that is shrinking every day.


File: 1706479522794.jpg (331.73 KB, 2555x1427, 2555:1427, FgL-dJaaAAAntyS.jpg)

Damn, normalfags are disgusting.


this dog looks fucking retarded


>neither poor
look here nigger i put the spaces in what kind of error am i posting ahhhhhh fuck i hat fedophiles making my /sp/ a pain in the ass


File: 1706500620602.jpg (69.89 KB, 640x400, 8:5, ussliberty.jpg)

dude i havent the slightest clue
trying to think of some historical event that could provide a hint but nothing comes to mind


cute girl


do you pronouce your name "dood-er" or "dud-ur"


File: 1706560189700.mp4 (5.87 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1_5019433583396259214.mp4)

anyone got any info on this id like to read about it if its real


i'd have to wager it is actually worse.


File: 1706566458284-0.jpg (169.04 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, _f29d6a32-0719-43ec-813f-6….jpg)

File: 1706566458284-1.jpg (168.86 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, _cbdd9302-b97f-4548-a154-6….jpg)

You have to understand that when God have made your people, he have made you to serve his chosen people, us.
This is not to be question, this is not to be though of. it is for you to do.
If Jew is too need your organ, if a Jew is to need your money, if a Jew is to need your life. this is on what God have made you for, and what are you to say against God !


>how does that make any sense


That was just an accident, if they did attack the USA wouldn't the USA attack Israel back?


File: 1706628542476.png (115.15 KB, 1036x404, 259:101, Screenshot_2024-01-30-18-2….png)

I just found out Quora has ChatGPT masquerading as real life people, maybe you guys already knew this or most likely don't care but look at this https://www.quora.com/When-combining-intermittent-fasting-and-weight-training-what-are-the-best-moments-to-eat, not only is it extremely obvious that it is written by AI but just look at this sentence
>The best time to eat during an intermittent fasting schedule is during the eating window.


Looking more into the answers, I'm certain out of the 6 answers the question got only 2 were made by real people. I always knew the people on that website wrote retardedly but I assumed it was because that's how people in extreme politically correct places talk, no it's because they're actual bots


why would jews retaliate against themselves?


I mean that is a good window


So I guess Burgerland is gonna strike Iranian naval assets.


Lindsey Graham must be wetting his panties right now.
He is probably rubbing his nipples staring into Bibi's eyes.


File: 1706649939700.mp4 (1.69 MB, 640x352, 20:11, 1_5028689590106456793.mp4)



why is dylan roof a black wombman on msn now ?


File: 1706656367371.png (216.8 KB, 459x455, 459:455, future BASED tranny for re….png)

every once in a while, you still see some really funny shit


hey its Gorlock The Destroyer


what would "men getting the princess treatment" on dates even look like?
bitches be payin the bill?
fat chance


nothing feels better than jockin muh GOCK with muh Oximeter on


File: 1706661957050.mp4 (524.3 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 2_5316500300708724744.mp4)


I cant find the sonnerad edit with this song for the life of me.
It goes hard.
Its two qt aryan princesses doing some kind of cringey DJ routine while the sonnerad spins and techno colors flash.

Song goes hard unironically.


File: 1706662663373.jpg (131.35 KB, 839x584, 839:584, img_2_1706662610161.jpg)



you can tell from his eyes hes not even into it anymore
idk how everyone isnt tired of this screeching i thought >we'd at least get a break from dup obsession but nah its been 8 straight years and the dudes only been president for 4 of em
guess they needed a new nixon tier boogeyman since anyone younger than gen x doesnt gaf about nixon


File: 1706670270056.mp4 (2.62 MB, 460x816, 115:204, 1_5030920670997906535.mp4)

subscribe to spartschan premium to unlock full video


is that that blueberry camgril??


File: 1706676950649.mp4 (42.5 MB, 854x480, 427:240, 1_5028620973708936687.mp4)

33-year-old Pennsylvania man beheads father, shows severed head on YouTube, and asks for violence against Federal employe


i didnt listen to any of it just looked to see if there was a severed head and ya its almost immediate he pulls it out. doesnt bury the lead at all


way too long to watch, but good for him


Holy shit. You don't see that every day. Pretty damn psychotic.


rly the head comes out almost immediately


but ya i agree IAWATSN


i read its about illegal immigration and shit heem mad at the current gov about and his dad worked (until now) in some gov position. prob some low level janny shit job at a local courthouse lel but idk


i watched that part
just meant i didn't listen the remaining 14 min


tl;dr- Schizo rant offering imaginary bounties to behead federal agents and requesting that the National Guard defend him from arrest.


the girl at the dennys made my pancakes in the microwave then lied about it to me


nigga so senile he forgot he hates niggers


i miss back when he pretended to be a neocon, he was almost funny back then


lel have fun in r-wing forever retard
if he was gonna leave it in the bag he couldve just bought a smol pigs head and made p much the same exact vid tbh
theyre honestly not even that expensive and if the butcher is acting all weird you can just say its for practicing tattoos


this is the kinda shit you're supposed to do after youve established your own anti-government rebel group. weather underground may have been a buncha retards but they got that part right at least


File: 1706718335215.jpg (159.99 KB, 1080x928, 135:116, IMG_20240131_111608_996.jpg)

The Texas Military Dept, composed of TX National Guard and TX State Guard, is flying the "Come and Take it" flag and no US flag is in sight


heem said he was the leader of mohn's militia tho


>5:09 i urge the post office to suspend services & split from da feds, or i cannot offer postal workers any protection
man of the people right there


that is a potato quality pic
also nothing will happen


File: 1706720698939.png (45.7 KB, 463x605, 463:605, behead feds.png)

Did he roundhouse kick him as well ?


gib vid


u big dumby


File: 1706726407007.gif (9.8 MB, 333x250, 333:250, retarded.gif)



Anon for militaryfags that is like the equivalent of cucking someone's wife.


Anyone have the video? I want to see it.


Never mind. erorpoitings eorrospiting


File: 1706727808575.jpg (166.38 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0006.jpg)

>Judeo Christian Nation


File: 1706729806505.jpg (60.87 KB, 1080x660, 18:11, judeo and christian.jpg)



File: 1706730593051.jpg (116.48 KB, 1154x688, 577:344, Judeo-Christian.jpg)

joo day-o christian nashun
do not error post me or my son again


File: 1706730673315.jpeg (571.4 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, GFHSJNhX0AA2Exc.jpeg)


much better
nothing will happen


File: 1706731379357.mp4 (7.22 MB, 320x568, 40:71, 1_5032806449403659117.mp4)

Video shows migrants tucked away in a hidden room under military guard at the Atlanta Airport.


File: 1706731431490.mp4 (11.14 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1_5033201526265348857.mp4)


>Vineyard parable
OK, how is that related to kikes?


death to america


File: 1706739720100.png (94.8 KB, 721x630, 103:90, ClipboardImage.png)

apparently they dont charge interest amongst themselves
wonder how hard it would be to just claim ur a yid rat and get zero interest mortgage and other loans


doesnt count if theyre not fuckin hiding you now does it?


paperwork needs to be signed by a witness and what constitutes a valid witness in rabbinical court is very different than the goyim's legal system


go on….


gud man lol
autism]BEHEAD THE FEDS[/autism]
>Maimonides lists ten classes of persons who are not competent to attest or testify, namely: women, slaves, minors, lunatics, the deaf, the blind, the wicked, the contemptible, relatives, and the interested parties (Yad, Edut 9:1).
so goyim all prolly count as "slaves"
what i wanna know is what counts as "lunatics, the wicked, and the contemptible" among kikes like what kinda ultrajew do you have to be to the point even other yids are like "whoa wtf get this guy outta here"


>what counts as "lunatics, the wicked, and the contemptible"
the ones that dont hat goyim enough


okay looking into it a little more it seems its just a way for them to jew their own laws and by technicality they arent charging interest but are getting the same fixed rate or whatever as a return on investment


>what i wanna know is what counts as "lunatics, the wicked, and the contemptible" among kikes
The ones that love Jesus Christ and white people.


>to attest or testify
that's the thing when it comes to their jew-to-jew contracts a valid attesting witness is typically someone that deals specifically with that kind of law it's their form of notary public and there are those specialized for financial contracts


File: 1706763900331.jpg (70.38 KB, 653x643, 653:643, La Puridad no Más.jpg)

Ohhh Jody you gon make me squirt


File: 1706768791403.jpg (757.21 KB, 1079x1653, 1079:1653, do nedful fur she.jpg)

the spam that made admin life hell….


Apparently Microsoft started allowing extensions on Android on Edge, this is I assume their try at increasing their market share as Google will never add it and are even trying to cripple extensions on PC


File: 1706817954785.jpg (84.65 KB, 1080x757, 1080:757, so gud n need gril.jpg)

dudder said so good and need girl


its fixed rate
same as how da ayyyrabs do it
>i give u $100
>you owe me $110 in a year
>regardless of what happens

theres smol meme banks that try to do stuff like that for communities. they usually go tits up cuz everyone defaults on them. biggest issue is you cant actually loan out that much money, since you (the bank), dont really make much on loaning it out. youre also exposed to a lotta risk that tradition yid banking isnt exposed to
same ex as above
>im getting 10% for loaning you money for a year
<but uh-oh inflation is bad so turns out i only get 4%
and that compounds on itself since all your loans are affected by it. nvm the fact youre a bank and are already loaning out more than you have. the margin for error is much much lower


File: 1706825808901-0.png (470.13 KB, 900x900, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1706825808901-1.png (559.12 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

is steve from tampa gonna get these fresh tampa raptors shorts


milhouse is a gril now?


in the end its all chromium
same botnet just different branding


Tampa said "Trans Rites" mhm and thats the motherfuckin' tea sweeety~💅🏿😘


Gen. Beauregard "Beau" Lee has called for early spring
the groundhawg has spoken


You're correct but I was talking about extensions specifically, Google is planning on crippling them with manifest v3. Only non Chromium/Blink competition they have is Gecko/Firefox which is honestly straight up worse. There are Chromium forks like Brave whose owner said they'll support v2 as long as they can but they don't have the resources Google has, for how long can they keep fixing the issues that rise from getting v3 upstream updates? Well, Microsoft has shitload of resources, if they want a pro extension browser, they can actually have one
Assuming they don't back out ofc, and we'll need a DeMicrosofted Edge


up urs them shorts smoken


yeah smoken cocks


When smart people say Judeo-Christian they're referring to Exodus and the story of Moses, and how the story of Moses alongside Greek Philosophy formed the core of Western Civilization pre-corruption. When stupid people say Judeo-Christian they're thinking "Jews and Christians working together."


counting on microsoft or any big corp that pushes DRM for a browser that allows user freedom is foolish and projects to fork their browsers are a waste of time just do ad blocking at the dns level

also stop pretending that web browser development is some big deal by the end of this decade most people on the internet won't know what a web browser is or what it does it'll turn into the command line and people will laugh when they see an ancient 1990's era url bar


>how the story of Moses alongside Greek Philosophy formed the core of Western Civilization pre-corruption
elaborate plz


File: 1706903777668-0.mp4 (2.53 MB, 480x466, 240:233, Jesus wins.mp4)

File: 1706903777668-1.jpg (412.4 KB, 3000x2278, 1500:1139, You gotta carry that weigh….jpg)

File: 1706903777668-2.jpg (59.33 KB, 750x531, 250:177, This is pretty bad.jpg)

I don't feel like touching up on the Hellenistic roots since those gets over-discussed by Satanists anyways to avoid talking about the Judeo-Christian roots. The story of Moses lays out a lot of core foundational knowledge of how Western civilization functions. E.G. Innocent until proven guilty, denying the lesser to achieve the greater, specialization of role and dispensing of duties, the judicial system as we understand it, self-sacrifice, ten commandments being the most obvious thing that is NOT obvious in non-Abrahamic-rooted societies like Asia, eye-for-an-eye replacing life-for-an-insult punishment systems that are popular in most of the world, etc.

These all seem like obvious things to someone in such a culture because we live in a Judeo-Christian society that replaced a lot of the more brutal Paganistic ones, but you can see the old world mirrored partially in Islam which takes away the meekness/forgiving nature of Christianity in favor of a brutalistic law-and-order casteless caste system (can't blame them since they had to convert desert pagans/West Asians to their faith and desert pagans/West Asians were historically some of the most bloodthirsty peoples on earth), and some Hindu/Hindu-adjacent parts of the world with limited Abrahamic influence. You can definitely see the difference in Asia which is full of what you and I would consider sociopaths for their held beliefs even though that's just part of a normal functioning society based on their rules and norms that were not (heavily) influenced by Abrahamic religions. You can reach the same conclusions as Judeo-Christian values through non-Judeo-Christian means, but you have to go through so many mental hoops and avoid so many logical pitfalls that you end up with a pseudo-Christian entity anyways that mimics religion in everything but prayer.

If you really want to study this in detail, Doctor Peterson (an atheist) did an excellent 16-part Exodus seminar detailing how those Jewish values affect Western thought even today. Daily Wire were fucking kikes and made him take down the series shortly after it finished in a cash-grab after seeing how popular it ended up being, but fans reuploaded the episodes (primarily as audio-only which is how it ought to be enjoyed anyways). Here's a playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEASnFvLxhU&list=PLBiCSCBZUbmllpcCzPVdlE8tcSIwcRll3


File: 1706909080561.png (126.15 KB, 460x345, 4:3, how to say thanks in hebre….png)

very nice explanation. thank you very much


mcveigh was against police brutality before it was cool


File: 1706934945805-0.png (93.6 KB, 596x781, 596:781, Kentucky_New_Era_3_13_03.png)

File: 1706934945805-1.webm (12.24 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1_5037377093470520626.webm)

File: 1706934945805-2.webm (2.85 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1_5039805283296084764.webm)


>mizzoubros have always been cool
>afriggas will do nigger thangz
>godless french are obsessed with scat

am i missing anything?


no thats it
the nigger thangz is them destroying a "centuries old" idol after the niggers all converted to CRslam just thought it was interesting and maybe fun to show someone if yeem so wants


Apparently the Oklahoma drag queen child molester is being removed from his position as an elementary school teacher.
Good if true. Bad that he was even around kids in the first place.


>Destroying centuries old culture/art
Like every time people convert to Islam.
>At least they don't drink
In public. Everyone makes their own hooch and calls it some special "tea" or "elixir" in that neck of the woods. They think rubbing alcohol is halal because "you can't drink it" so their youth figured out how to get drunk on isopropyl.


ez my least fav part of islam
>oh nooo dont draw me…
lik fuck u bitch. such a gay rule and prolly held back visual art centuries in the entire muslim world. you look in yurop, thats the only reason they ever got gud in the first place. just constantly drawing god an shieeet

and yea they def do drink
its just a no-no societally so ppl do it in secret


File: 1706963192092.png (707.26 KB, 596x789, 596:789, shantel mandalay.png)

what actually were the charges he faced?
all i see is it was 20yrs prior and they were dismissed, they dont actually say what he was charged with
it says he was in education for 25yrs, so it couldve been it got swept under the rug to avoid scandal. seen that happen a lot.
or it couldve been shitty OK cops being too retarded to do their jobs and gather enough evidence
who knows

either way dude looks like an absolute nightmare lol
heem sure LOOKS like hes got kids chained up in his basement


I find this really disturbing. She has to turn her head and look into the camera sideways to make herself presentable and talk like that for over a minute.


File: 1706968400521.jpg (31.51 KB, 500x356, 125:89, men v woman pic.jpg)


File: 1706980208148-0.jpeg (145.08 KB, 1080x1700, 54:85, GFX3xByXkAEhz2V.jpeg)

File: 1706980208148-1.jpeg (45.54 KB, 598x589, 598:589, GEiNqN1bcAARB0U.jpeg)

File: 1706980208148-2.jpeg (68.6 KB, 847x1202, 847:1202, GD_JE0cbcAA7fcy.jpeg)

File: 1706980208148-3.jpeg (65.11 KB, 847x1206, 847:1206, GD_JE0absAA6V4U.jpeg)

File: 1706980208148-4.jpeg (77.46 KB, 939x962, 939:962, GFHFxbDacAA_fPE.jpeg)

love this retard and all he do


The French farmers are now removing their blockades after the government has given in to their demands.

The French farmers have won.


this man a legend


maybe its time for cletus and frens to spray the entirety of dc and surrounding areas with shit


its dat jawline sheem raly self conscious about it
bet she does it irl too


File: 1706987543816.jpg (4.96 KB, 300x168, 25:14, x-for-doubt.jpg)

>few hundred millions for french farmers
>about 8 billions for the jew jester of kiev


were the farmers asking for ukran to stop getting free monys tho


some for sure
and in any case its clearly related to the neglect for local problems


>no hockey, no basedball, no nigger collide
i need my sparts


File: 1706993174476.jpg (381.27 KB, 1848x1320, 7:5, artwb.jpg)

it's a made up rule from the mid 18th century from a specific sect with no basis in the quran there are tons of portraits and art of mohamed in muslim countries

they had the same problem that depictions of jesus have where he takes on the racial characteristics of the people in the region(so you have asian, negro and even blond hair blue eyed white jesus) so they ended up covering his face with a veil later on before banning it


>Protesters? Run 'em off with riot police
>Taxi Drivers? Shoot 'em for not getting back to work
>Farmers spraying shit? Well we're gonna starve if we do nothing fuck


just goon to tay-tay instead


File: 1706999253162.jpg (191.53 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, bWVkaWEvR0ZaY3d2QldFQUFBR1….jpg)

just go play sparts outside or fire up some old sparts vidya games


File: 1707008994122.mp4 (12.31 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, cETaEjqoDgCO_9hQ.mp4)

why tukr wanna cook this rando from bamer


File: 1707033438457.mp4 (1.69 MB, 640x352, 20:11, u5xofdcFeTvrf7T0.mp4)

lol wut


>it's a made up rule from the mid 18th century from a specific sect
oooh oooh lemme guess
a particular sect
funded by british intelligence?
every fucking time
wahabbism sure is fucking GAYYYYY


Ive never met a kike that didnt tell everyone at some point that theyre a literal kike.
It must be poolish tier genetics like when they dont shut up about pooland.


File: 1707061591385-0.mp4 (1.72 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 2_5330101083450654064.mp4)

File: 1707061591385-1.mp4 (2.49 MB, 592x1280, 37:80, 2_5330101083450654066.mp4)

File: 1707061591385-2.mp4 (1.73 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 2_5330101083450654079.mp4)

File: 1707061591385-3.mp4 (1.75 MB, 576x1024, 9:16, 2_5330059778750169140.mp4)


>ur doin a shit job at the border


>muh hoax muh hoax muh hoax
christ dude come on you have to be aware that card is really losing it's effectiveness by now


>>1603777 (checked)
A normalfag distopia.




File: 1707091177024.mp4 (2.32 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 4_5908799633974367005.mp4)

texas makin his own dang wall


The fact that the walls are rusty tells you everything about how long they've been ready to go and just needed to be put up.


File: 1707091581754.jpg (73.21 KB, 828x810, 46:45, tedvote.jpg)


File: 1707092928887.png (167.33 KB, 927x700, 927:700, e324ce9fd4b657940383b1b9d7….png)

woah its like 2016 again
spics btfo


rusty while sitting in the middle of the desert no less

i lik how all these muh states rights yims are showing just how completely ineffectual the federal govt actually is
hopefully everyone just stops listening to them
theres clearly no reason to


File: 1707097863235.png (2.6 MB, 2048x1279, 2048:1279, border-wall-trump.png)

Let the games begin!


File: 1707107285099.jpg (305.49 KB, 1080x1459, 1080:1459, latinos por donald trump .jpg)

okay maybe we need more illegals now…


File: 1707108297706.mp4 (4.75 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, eternal intrinsic innocenc….mp4)

always innocent no matter the circumstance, for ever



any nigga with a torch could make a human sized hole in the fence in less than half an hour so idk how effective it is gunna be


good total america death


you gonna drag a torch across the fuckin desert to cut a small hole in a ~~fence~~ wall?
anyway arent most of the spics that flood the usa getting shipped in via the backs of trucks/trailers (and sometimes left to overheat and die) or paying to go through cartel tunnels?


i forgot strikethroughs dont work here


the new ads on kemono.su is making the site extremely slow for me, I understand the reason to use ads but if they're basically making your website unusable you're asking for people to use ad block


hope these pasty white faggots with zero self awareness get assraped by niggers. White cuckolds need to stop escaping reality and actually try to deal with their fucking problems. White faggots have done nothing but cope for the past 80 years. The jews really buckbroke you guys LMAO!


And yet a few guys and some barbed wire reduced border jumpings from hundreds/thousands a day per sector to single or double digit numbers, so clearly the wall does something.


sure why not
spics know what an automobile is


>hope these pasty white faggots with zero self awareness get assraped by niggers
bro IM lookin to rob these chodes
how much are those things worth?
idk how you can think walkin around with most of your vision obscured in a major city and like 2 grand strapped to your face is a gud idea
i know it ISNT


File: 1707159690175.jpg (106.99 KB, 1190x801, 1190:801, IMG_20240205_125049_114.jpg)

first putting clothes on whorbs now this what will they think of next


i think theyre at least twelve hunnerd a pop


o shit i just saw a thing claiming they're thirtyfive hunnerd wew ya gank that shit rq af


they probably got the same iCloud protection their phones do so if you steal it and the owner locks it it's a paperweight until they unlock it again no matter what you do to it


but what would they look like if they were black or asian ?


File: 1707162924107-0.mp4 (988.97 KB, 320x568, 40:71, 74 times Ukraine's Border ….mp4)

File: 1707162924107-1.png (106.21 KB, 828x1550, 414:775, ClipboardImage.png)

>New bipartisan border "deal"
>5,000 illegals a day allowed (or more) into the country
>12 million get citizenship immediately
>Gives more funding to Ukraine and Israel each than it does to the border
>Strips states of the ability to challenge federal decisions outside of a DC court and strips the district courts of enforcing constitutionality
>Senate Republicucks support it fully because they're mad that House Freedom Faction is trying to impeach hook-nosed Mayorkas
>Freedom Faction and House Majority Leader have said "FUCK NO" (for now)
>Senate Republicucks "it's only for three years right before an election, what are you all complaining about?"


now this is BASED MIGA sisters, we did it !


File: 1707164070822.mp4 (949.63 KB, 480x480, 1:1, laughter_then_panicked_scr….mp4)

>New York State Supreme Court Justice Brendan T. Lantry dismissed the felony charges against the residents, identified as J.O. and R.V. in the decision, who had bought the forged vax passports, usurping Bragg's decision.
>The judge wrote in the opinion, "Clearly, Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument in the Second Degree (Penal Law § 170.25) is not among the most serious crimes in the New York Penal Law, nor are the factual allegations against Defendants R.V. and J.O. particularly serious in nature."
>"Moreover, the factual allegations — that the Defendants purchased fake COVID-19 vaccination cards so that they could provide same to their employer (R.V.) and school (J.O.) — do not rise to the level of the majority of the crimes adjudicated in Supreme Court, New York County, namely homicide, sexual assault, drug sale, robbery, burglary, and other violent and non-violent serious felony offenses," Lantry continued.
>The judge expanded on the decision that Bragg and his office almost daily "move to dismiss significantly more serious counts or entire indictments" and avoid harsher penalties for far more violent and convicted felons. Bragg also recently allowed a group of all but a single illegal immigrant to be released without bail after they allegedly beat up two NYPD officers. He later defended this saying that the video evidence was not enough to hold the foreign nationals.
tl;dr- Judge dismisses felony charges against vaxx card forgers because the DA has adjudicated for the release of criminals on much more serious crimes/


Possession of the cheese. They had a judge appeal trial after being found guilty and the judge agreed to a plea bargain and had the record expunged suggesting he had CP and assisted the court in catching someone higher up in whatever CP ring he was part of. The school was aware of the CP charges when hiring him.


File: 1707169376671.mp4 (8.64 MB, 640x360, 16:9, jew tunnel stain.mp4)

>satanic jewish rituals


i mean did you expect anything else from the feds? i expect the governors to cuck out too but tbh they do have enough power to say "fuck you feds whatre you gonna do about it?" so idk maybe a couple of them will stick to their guns
either way the usa is on its last legs both at home and abroad the fact there are governors sending troops to the border despite fednigger squealing at all wouldve been unthinkable a decade ago


learn mandarin now
some chinaman might keep you as a pet


File: 1707180017441.jpg (73.57 KB, 1200x614, 600:307, upcoming debt maturities.jpg)

so they managed to make it even worse than anticipated >>1602340
>more foreign funding
lookin gud not like theres already a mountain of debt threatening to become a landslide or anything like that


theyre not in any better of a situation and despite their hostile attitudes lately they are completely fucked if the usa abandons them as a customer right now even with the whole BRICS thing
maybe even more fucked because of that actually idk why the r i and c thought the b and the s were worth teaming up with




File: 1707194146810-0.jpg (107.85 KB, 975x642, 325:214, exp.jpg)

File: 1707194146810-1.png (24.6 KB, 807x100, 807:100, capture.png)

both cunts would be fucked (much more so than now) if/when shit hits the fan and trade stops
that said see pic related
>why the r i and c thought the b and the s were worth teaming up with
nobody designed it that way, its just a loose grouping of "developing" economies
worth mentioning tho they are about to add iran saudi-arabia and the uae, which are not likely to provide great consumption but might prove important as source of fossil fuels/energy


someone explain to me why people spend thousands on autistic collectibles thanks


File: 1707216020397.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1365, 72:91, 1704484819676155.png)

Different people enjoy different kinds of things


explain it better


>both cunts would be fucked
yah i know thats what im getting at no one in north america is gonna be chinas "pet" if shit gets too spicy
the usa isnt gonna let canada or mexico have anything to do with them after a split either and neither of those countries can say shit about it because neither has the military might to say nuh uh even to a dying usa
>egypt iran saudi arabia and the uae
assuming saudi arabia doesnt backstab them all this is gonne be really interesting to see unfold
also china and india still have a pretty contentious relationship and vary large populations im wondering how that will play out long term


File: 1707222924092.jpg (204.83 KB, 1024x842, 512:421, fa667e456224f842451f4b9d72….jpg)

same reasons people collected basedball cards back in the day. its no different really.
too much disposable income and social security exists when you get too old to work so there is little incentive to save money. some even believe it will have material value "some day".


i bet that guys did is HUGE
image this guy dying and investigators stumbling upon this room, its like finding a serial killers lair, LMAO


every interview i've seen from BRICS leaders is basically can't let usgay keep pullin their bullshit
but burgerbux are p much dependent on global control so prob be a spaghetti owl of confusing backroom nigops lik jajaland coup until full derica which will just galvanize them at least for awhile

part that twists my nut is leafs and murikka seem hell bent on destroying their own cunts which my schiz brain reads as either 1. prepping the bull for the global nwo whatev or 2. pyrrhic victory bc they're more scared of their citizens atm


Disposable income, no hope for the future, and sense of identity conglomerating into moe anime girl plastic or trading cards.


>prepping the bull for the global nwo whatev
that doesnt make sense tho nwo globohomo shit depends on burger hell sticking around. both russia and china have different enough motivations for control that the thought of them sharing power is laughable not to mention all the smaller cunts that only stay in line specifically because theyre afraid of the usa sending carriers their way after magicking up a coup
>pyrrhic victory bc they're more scared of their citizens atm
im more inclined to believe this. not because of "muh cunstutusion blood n trees n ded tyrannosauruses n shiet" but because food is getting retarded expensive and people are less able to afford distractions on top of that. i know its been said a million times but the whole bread and circuses thing imploding is always vary bad for any government. hungry bored people will go and fuck things up out of frustration 100% of the time


File: 1707243173852.jpg (601.93 KB, 2092x2257, 2092:2257, Nobody Expects The Inquisi….jpg)

It's Eco-terrorists. Whether you believe it's a concentrated effort on the part of a handful of elite groups or just a bunch of incentives/koolaid drank among rich people in their golf country clubs/private parties, the end achievement will be a global depopulation agenda as advertised by the Jews, the Chinks, Bill Gates-sorts, half of the government, the WEF, etc. They've told you what the "plan" is (I don't think it's a concentrated agenda just the direction all these ultrarich people are pushing for personal gain) and now they're following that "plan" at every level of society to make you eat the bugs, live in the pods, and not reproduce because ???


Missouri DA intends to take Planned Parenthood to the cleaners after discovering they were trafficking minors across the border.


well thats a stupid fuckin plan that can easily go wrong too


File: 1707252690887-0.mp4 (12.25 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Toby Keith in video days b….mp4)

File: 1707252690887-1.mp4 (5.24 MB, 640x288, 20:9, Toby Keith - Don't Let the….mp4)

File: 1707252690887-2.mp4 (4.3 MB, 360x360, 1:1, I'll Probably Be out Fishi….mp4)

Renowned Toby Keith has passed away of stomach cancer at age 62.


that reminds me, i plan to take a huge dump later


literally whomst


rip redneck no ones ever heard of.


even retarded boomers with hundreds of thousands saved up could be using their money on vacations and lawnmowers instead of $5,000 cards of apehoop players. I'm just never gonna understand the rationale


File: 1707276787941.png (213.3 KB, 467x906, 467:906, penile inflammation.png)

this dude got to be trolling
now this nigga is stretching his penis in torture rack and injecting botox into it


File: 1707277181273.png (15.87 KB, 500x250, 2:1, 1705290308631.png)

H-hey kid… y-you like anime?… do you wanna be like a cute anime girl?
Why don't you get in the back of my van…


File: 1707277283132.jpg (1008.3 KB, 3438x3172, 1719:1586, bath001.jpg)

He should be getting /fit/ instead of injecting shit into his dick.


he already has a yuge GOCK tho


File: 1707279383267.jpg (40.82 KB, 460x600, 23:30, Garth 'not enough dicks to….jpg)

I'm sure there's something for your "modern" sensibilities.


nigger worship is in the boomer's blood, much like hepatitis


File: 1707286921617.png (59.41 KB, 777x596, 777:596, nevada republican primary.png)

In other news, Nikki Haley lost to "nobody" in the Nevada State-Sanctioned primary. The actual Nevada CAUCUS to be held later is expected to go to Trump since you can't register for both the primary and the caucus as a candidate and only the caucus counts for delegates.


ain't that wild


I've been fucking around with browser related shit and I found that by using Adguard you can use userscripts on browsers that don't support it natively. I pirated it from mobilism, it's on currently popular apps section they have at bottom. I only tested 4chanx so far and it works
I'm not sure how good it is as an adblock though, I haven't tested it enough yet


Fake. Woman on the left missing bruises.


ya the second def makes more sense. can't keep pointing the hungry hungry hordes towards billy bob
but there's a legit army of egghead masterminds and one of em has to realize it's just putting the cunt (or at least it's power) on fire sale for someone else so lik idk. lotta sociopath cooks in the kitchen w diff recipes
global depop only hurts the countries who play along tho. there's a power vacuum being intentionally created and i will schiz drool babble until i get to the bottom of it


File: 1707326953463.jpg (60.84 KB, 501x960, 167:320, Bwambale.jpg)

that other anon was right though, a big depopulation event is needed. just not in the west, a nuke or 20 in africa or asia would do the trick
you don't even need to nuke africa, the west just needs to stop giving them free money and within a year their population would be halved after everyone machetes each other for mud pies


File: 1707330734901.mp4 (12.08 MB, 560x844, 140:211, 1_5050834042052674399.mp4)

breaking news niggers are retarded


>there's a power vacuum being intentionally created and i will schiz drool babble until i get to the bottom of it
Women will ruin their lives to "get back" at family members by making their own lives significantly worse. Several of these elites had never interacted with an illegal spic before one broke into their car and possibly shot a family member. It's entirely possible that "the plan" is that there is no plan, or that the plan in place was created by greater men (their grandparents or some such) and these people are reading the script without understanding the underlying reasons why/went off-script for their personal benefit, and it's all causing societal breakdown.


it's not harming the beaners or turd worlders though. hanlon's razor is always a possibility but there's rooms full of pencilnecks making millions to game this shit out.
best idea i can thunk of is that leaked bezos diversity=no union study on a national scale and them all gonna hide in bunkers while tech & wetwork coups make up the difference in power but idk man i get the tism blinders sometimes


>>1604222 (checked)
Niggers, when are whites going to purge them out of the USA lands?


population has a way of fixing itself no matter what tho just look at nipland. the "beautiful ones" generation hits and people just stop fuckin and focus more on themselves. youre right about apefrica though when left to their own devices niggers reduce themselves to small tribal populations every single time. you can even observe this shit in burger cities like chicago or detroit their populations have stagnated even with gibs because theres not enough ypipo or cops to keep them from regulating their own populace via shooting each other over shoes or differently colored tshirts or living on the wrong street or whatever the fuck excuses they can find
spics do the same shit theyre just way smarter than nigs and need regular active culling via warfare


File: 1707334208585.mp4 (724.22 KB, 532x360, 133:90, jingle floyd.mp4)

black people would unironically cheer this on and their response would be "ya herd wat she sayyy, slayyyy💅🏾💅🏾"

i do think that ameriniggers are actually dumber then like non-contacted pre-stone age african tribes, niggerified culture actually makes them dumber then their genetics would have alone, niggerified culture actively shaves off 15-25 iq points off your intellect

if you observe ghettoized azns and wiggers, you will observe this to be true, some sort of talmudic BLACK magic that transmogrifies that genes and the soul


its more like theres more than one plan all of these ultrarich cunts also have egos the size of the galaxy and at some point (probably now considering everything) any cooperation they have with one another is gonna split apart when said egos collide. this isnt even the first time this has happened by sny means its just on a much larger scale than usual because >technology


bros i had to ice my balls because i was gooning too hard


explain this to me like im someone who doesn't understand monkeys and w*men


>literally who
am i supposed to recognize this bitch?


musician (n) - someone who plays/creates music
magician (n) - a person who performs magic tricks/illusions
illiterate (adj) - idk i cant even FUCKIN reed nigga don axe me, (n) - dis nigga right here


i think i mite be a tad retarded


File: 1707360451944.png (3.97 MB, 2880x1800, 8:5, 435.png)

gud win


i'm with ya but there's whole cabinets of niggers making plays. convert me cuh cuz this shit dont make sense


Dr. /sp/ delivering babbys in georgia twisting niggers heads off is making the news
every doctor must twist niggers heads off


wanna be friends? mayb kiss a little?


im not that retarded


its never gonna make sense the only guarantee is people on every level are faggots and will fuck up in ways no one can predict


The senate "make illegal immigration legal" bill failed to pass by 1 vote. The four traitors to this country are Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford, Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, Maine Sen. Susan Collins, and Arkansas Sen. Lisa Murkowski. Negotiations are ongoing to try and get the bill passed by twisting senators arms.

Ted Cruz calls it what it is: Senate Neocons waging war against House Freedom Faction.


lol shut up autist nobody is on your side


touch grass



File: 1707421610261.mp4 (1.98 MB, 1280x592, 80:37, 2_5343536514246656898.mp4)

founder of blakwatr "we should colonize africa :))"


Statistically at minimum 38 million people are going by the humans per house member metric.


He's mad because the French kicked him out of North Africa, then when he finally became buddy-buddy with the French, the Russians and local governments kicked them out.


wtf i love blackwater now


alaska not arkansas on murkowski


does anyone have the post about the spartman getting kicked out for calling sports jewish at the bar


arent they a merc group?
seems like theyd benefit far more from vast swathes of africa remaining lawless hellholes


>make illegal immigration legal


he knows the usa wouldnt stick around to do any actual governing even if they were in a position to do so and would more likely hire mercs to "keep the peace" indefinitely
its the same kind of shit the old colonial powers would do theyd set up yuro governments staffed by a handful of people and maybe a small garrison of soldiers then hire mercs for cheaper than yuro soldiers to use them as muscle in case the natives got uppity


[concuring intensifies]


I tried contacting the editor and they told me to stuff it since I didn't attach my face and phone number.

They are an American-aligned merc group. The tables are currently turning in Central Asia/North Africa and American-aligned contractors/mercs are getting the Wagner treatment of the 00s\10s when interfering overseas. They're getting their ass handed to them by the locals except unlike the Russians/French the American groups can't just shoot the local warlord goons and laugh it off in money because of first-world laws and shit.

Read the thread.
tl;dr- It allows several million illegals into the country every year for the next three years and makes the current illegal actions taken by the current administration to funnel illegals in legal.


File: 1707442898453.png (135.21 KB, 624x1853, 624:1853, Putin Interview.png)

Literally Putler interviewed by Tuckrr, seeing if I can re-encode it in smol format that can be posted to imageboards.
Have a downloadable compressed version that is smol but not the smollest: https://i.desu.si/YhWKthpZ.mp4

Tucker doing real journalism. Violating Russian laws and not giving a flying fuck. Putin answering honestly if a little weaselly.


File: 1707444232468.jpg (120.89 KB, 462x746, 231:373, s8Gy1pQa_400.jpg)

>their hostile attitudes lately
<the yankee cries out 'hostile!' as he provokes you


utterly idiotic
going empire and colonization mask-off will only produce *more* african immigrants
just look at every yuro empire in history


Oh fuck off. China does not own the South-East Asian Sea (formerly "South China Sea") and they have been actively trying to start a war with the Philippines for years now you fucking bugman.


because china only fucks with and antagonizes america
idiot nigger faggot lick my hemorrhoids


holy shit lmao
this is so bad
wtf are they gonna do as he gets even worse over the next year
i dont think they can even stuff the ballot box enough


The DOJ said today they can't prosecute him for the classified documents because he is not "mentally capable" of remembering he had them. Allegedly a doctor officially said he has Alzheimer's but the article was scrubbed within an hour of posting.


>"Oy vey," said another House Democrat in reaction to the details.


post archive


Erring on the side of the errs. Erring some more. I wonder if it doesn't like the link


File: 1707447592954.jpg (171.21 KB, 800x660, 40:33, pacific.jpg)

whatever budy everyone knows its just the same jewkraine play theres even a prominent book by a notorious glownigger about it
ukr <-> taiwan
germoney <-> japan
polan <-> philippines

also china does not claim the south china sea, it claims several islands and islets in it
here are the us claims on the pacific btw

yes, yes murica dindu nuffin!


File: 1707447828075.png (146.88 KB, 711x711, 1:1, China claims to the South ….png)

>also china does not claim the south china sea, it claims several islands and islets in it
China territorial water claims as per the CCP.


File: 1707448003850.jpg (101.25 KB, 1080x982, 540:491, IMG_20240208_190522_978.jpg)

ty :)
just found picrel too


those are the waters surrounding the islands and islets of so-called "9-dash line"
now post the claims by philippines, vietnam, malaysia etc


The 9-dash line is based on a historical map China found from the Qind dynasty you lying fucking white monkey Chinese shill. Eat my ass.


Qing* even. Damn keyboard.


is this by a court or a plaintiff?


so you are saying china has a sounder claim to the south china sea islets, atolls, and surrounding waters than usa to the those in the pacific?


I'm saying you can enjoy starving without US Pork/Corn/Soy, Chinaman. The boxer education fund was a mistake. We should have left you niggers owing us that silver.


chill out you sperg


Even the Cambodians deserve a second chance at life. The only thing West Taiwanese bugmen deserve is a bullet to the head.


i hear you budy, some chad chinaman fucked you sister leaving you gaping and seething to this day


>say chinks be uppity
>chink gets mad and starts acting like i love america
funny thing is i probably say death to america more than sandniggers at this point. but nah gotta pigeonhole everyone you argue with into specific categories to destroy any and all nuance in a conversation. no wonder people call you the kikes of asia


>he cant member the docs
>but hes gud to be president
its actually really funny how theyre not even trying to pretend biden is anything but a hood ornament


eh it was a chance to post a very apropos yim and it succeeded in riling the fuck up of that retard who is probably the same one shilling about moses, potter philosophy, and "muh judeo-christianity"


File: 1707455370597-0.mp4 (1.61 MB, 640x360, 16:9, bidup mitterrand from germ….mp4)

File: 1707455370597-1.mp4 (662.75 KB, 886x498, 443:249, bidup president of mexico ….mp4)




My hatred of the Chinese aside, I could detect the ruse a while ago. Don't worry, I always have the last laugh.


File: 1707458572400.jpg (51.48 KB, 489x567, 163:189, Putin Cooling STage.jpg)

lelling at an entire quarter of the tucker interview being taken up by putins history autism


leld, I'm 12 minutes in the interview rn


My browser was asking permission related to something called Gemini, thought it was virus or something, turns out Google renamed their AI from Bard to Gemini. They're claiming it's a huge improvement and honestly Bard was pretty bad. I'll probably fuck around with a bit and if it's any good reply to this post


yeah i realized i was being had after i got off the computer sometimes i come here mad as shit and dont think about what im doing


File: 1707482971802.png (268.13 KB, 1571x910, 1571:910, War Crime.png)

lmao this 12 year old with his bugman hate boner trying to turn the place into pol
duddr point and laugh at him


if by improvement they mean even more censored than before, sure


shina dont have sparts


china fuckin blows dude get real





More like I ping-ponged yer mum in a back ally, amirite? lul


>raw dogmeat
>3in penii
they got sparts dont be racism


File: 1707485387037.jpeg (11.96 KB, 474x263, 474:263, Ma Long.jpeg)

it can be entertaining ngl

>raw dogmeat
hearing fags cry about muh poor doggerino meat just makes me want to try it out
cooked ofc, dont think anyone eats it raw
Fact check: False.


luv chinks death to america simple as


.>we got actual asshurt here boyos


kazakstan gonna start cuttin pedos cox n bawls off since chem cast aint workin


thx budy


that should do it


File: 1707504948707-0.jpg (187.97 KB, 1080x1151, 1080:1151, putin.jpg)

File: 1707504948707-1.png (407.07 KB, 750x600, 5:4, putler.png)

had to shut it off


File: 1707508032221.webm (1.49 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Once there was a Sovereig….webm)

Ukraine is rightfull Russian cray!


lol the senile old fuck and the jew comedian are both autistic beyond belief in their claims and neither of them deserve to own it
just give ukraine to some country that has zero investment in it, like tuvalu or another pacific island


File: 1707510543558.jpg (323.64 KB, 1280x860, 64:43, Autism Map.jpg)

Realistically the Ukraine could be split up like this. Rate my autism map.


retarded and autistic, vary cool


Is Dupler in jail yet ?
Is Queen Nikki been appointed to her throne yet ?


File: 1707522098203-0.mp4 (1.26 MB, 478x270, 239:135, Jackson slaps the shit out….mp4)

File: 1707522098203-1.mp4 (2.54 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Kagan slaps the shit out o….mp4)

File: 1707522098203-2.mp4 (1.12 MB, 478x270, 239:135, Gorsuch slaps the shit out….mp4)

SCOTUS bitchslapped the shit out of Colorado's attorney and are predicted to rule 9-0 in Trump's favor. It may end up being 7-2 because of the sheboon (Ketanji) and spic crypto-kikess (Sotomayor) wanting to kill him at all costs, but the three core arguments are:
>Trump has never been convicted of insurrection (Conservative judges)
>States do not have the authority to ban someone from a federal office because of the can of worms it opens up (Progressive judges)
>The 14th amendment does not apply to the presidency, only to appointed positions and state representatives (both sides of the aisle)
C-SPAN is taking down clips faster than they can pop up of Justice Gorsuch slapping the fuck out of Jason Murray.


>It may end up being 7-2 because of the sheboon (Ketanji)
that vid you posted of jumanji makes it sound lik she aint buyin it


why do they all sound like sodomites?


She expressed mixed opinions in other segments. Her main concern is that if they side with Murray it would open up all federal officials to future criminal charges from what I recall.

Because every SCOTUS judge has enough skeletons in their closet to supply an elephant with calcium for life and they rely on the fact that they're federal officials to avoid prosecution.


they'd be fools cuz that smoke will blow their way
media already has nuff power to decide elections and cases like saint floyd, just stick with that
hell media portrayal of dup is only reason that limpdick is tryin to get him removed at all

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