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its a tampa kinda day
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queers v blown trannys
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my autism compelled me to fix an error


does sportschang have a tiktok dance?


>super bowl 53


File: 1707080593259.png (2.47 MB, 914x2022, 457:1011, Owl Invite 2024 2.png)

all my saves were out of order

fixed now


the owl is in vegas
why isnt based stephen paddock inviting you to spee?


any yall niggas send out invites ?


yeah I sent one to 76/sp/


go invite da monstars so that dotz doesn't spam the bord askin y he didn't get to interact with qt apple tree gurls this year



is there even an 8ch left ?


other than qtards, probably not
i'd imagine most went back to 4chan
the few who couldn't tolerate the rulecuckoldry likely left for other niche boards


so even 8kun is ded now ?


I think only /egy/ is still there


holy fuck windows 11 is intolerable
>have to enter command prompt at the setup menu just to avoid making a Microshit account
>3rd party tools just to get a fucking start menu/toolbar
>an hour nailing down settings with more 3rd party tools to disable spying
this is the gayest thing in the world. at least my cracked draftsight still works


yeah and windows 11 requires tpm
and in fact all new cpus and mobos all use tpm now because of it

based nsa


goin back to windows 95 tbh
3D pinball ftw


or was that 98?


i just use 10, it won't be out of support for a few years and the vast majority of vulnerabilities they fix aren't applicable to normal people anyway once it its out of support.
wine/proton will probably be "good enough" once things start dropping 10 support so i personally don't care that much.

can disable tpm and there are ways to install 11 without it if you absolutely must. i disabled it so they'd stop begging me to install 11 constantly.

"microsoft plus!" for 95, then NT4, 2000, WinME, and XP.
it was just one of the tables from "Full Tilt! Pinball" they decided to put in windows for free for some reason.
can still play it, there is a decompiled version that was fixed to run on modern systems here https://github.com/k4zmu2a/SpaceCadetPinball which just needs the original assets, which is fairly easy to find.
or can play in a web browser here https://alula.github.io/SpaceCadetPinball/


explain TPM like im a retard


its a chip that the operating system uses to encrypt data it don't want you to know about.


like what??


You'll know when the feds kick your door in and send you to gitmo for being a sportschan cyberterrorist


ok sheesh i disabled TPM in my bios as well as secureboot
am i safe from geting vanned for visitting the terror cell site known as spee?


>disabling the total pussy magnet
ur gettin yimmed on son


whoever makes dab owl thread should put in OP to hit space a bunch of times if errorpost


File: 1707504735616.jpg (183.94 KB, 640x396, 160:99, Done.jpg)

i invited /animu/


you invited nobody?


File: 1707506727331.png (269.88 KB, 633x800, 633:800, media_D5tOU72UEAAEVi_.png)

Thanks for the invite, anon.


i wanna RAPE this thang holy shit


i want to see futa wadina RAPING that thang


File: 1707516718039.webm (7.75 MB, 612x580, 153:145, SB LVIII Invite.webm)

from /h/


You better take responsibility after the rape, anon.


me and futadina gonna double-team that slutty bitch
she better take responsibility for provoking a sexual emergency inshallah


well, whose hog is bigger between you and futa wadina ?
i mean it looked pretty big, but like not that big or anything, like maybe like an inch or two on mine


maybe its clogged
i've got a trick for that, yunno


lel, did you run my spee jihadi banner through AI or somethin??


File: 1707541992662.png (453.04 KB, 434x435, 434:435, ClipboardImage.png)

this ghetto nigger ape gets paid 300k a year to steal another 1-200k per year from her cities coffers
she can't even speak proper english, yet lives a life of luxury while you wage slave away


> In September, for instance, she showed up at a town meeting dressed like the Wesley Snipes character, kingpin Nino Brown, in the movie New Jack City. Henyard even brought along a DJ, who played Rhianna’s “B**** Better Have My Money” to punctuate her political points.
>The mayor, who on Instagram describes herself as “the most powerful woman in the Southland of Chicago,” travels with a police detail, has thrown up billboards and signs around town with her photo, and regularly shoots fun YouTube videos, including a music video featuring herself and Dolton city employees.


Everyone will get their just desserts in the end. Focus on the things you can change rather than blustering about the things you can't.



You ever see their governor ?
Big fat fuck who is notorious corrupt and does gay african dance with his nigger constitutes.


another spro did it, i think the thread was archived
i didnt make the cracktro btw i just posted it from the /h/ thread


its just very blackpilling when a literal ghetto nigger has a job paying a third of a mil to do nothing, even as she embezzles another third of a million and nothing gets done about it
especially when im NOT a ghetto nigger and busting my ass to add real value to the world
time for vigilance committees, i think.


i liked his predecessor that looked like an alien


that was the mayor of chicongo


being muh sadspilled bcuz niggers wif money n shiet :^( is annoying retard behavior that accomplishes nothing
even disregarding this particular nigger theres innumerable other filthy rich cunts that did nothing to earn it in the world just like theres innumerable people in a worse spot than you and me who did nothing to deserve it its simply how the world is, was, and probably always will be luck of the draw is a basic part of reality and you can use your time and energy to figure out a way to overcome it instead of impotently gnashing your teeth online about some gaudy looking niggress lording over a worthless turd city that pretty much everyone knows is the physical manifestation of corruption itself


boo fuckin hoo
id rather be dead than a politician
bish looks like if michael jackson was black


honestly that bitch is a pretty gud irl shitposter
for a nigger that is


no im not saying i want to be a politician
im saying justice would means that nigger is dead and the situation impossible in the first place


pretty easy to be a shitposter when you are literally made out of shit


reader context:
niggers are born from the anus

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