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its a tampa kinda day
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lol im rarted
that took to long to post im not fixin it


I used to make DAY posts, but then I took an arrow to the knee.




lol i sure do look forward to disarmament and having these "people" in charge of public safety


aw fuck you fucking pigs killed my pedospam factory
t. fbi


this some GTA shit


File: 1712119796440.mp4 (13.4 MB, 620x1280, 31:64, z-UQEwcI_5YzzYhA.mp4)



>come over her
>shoot her anyway
I'm still amazed that the normalfags still tolerate the burger police.


>avrig pipo donhab a clue wits gon' on
>no elaboration whatsoever
ok cool lines on the radar but does this mushmouthed hick know anything either?




rednecks are the tribal elders of today


File: 1712162080875.mp4 (470.68 KB, 560x620, 28:31, ukikaze.mp4)

ukes managed to throw an unmanned plane 800 miles into putlerland


File: 1712163545665.jpg (56.55 KB, 440x615, 88:123, Hug.jpg)

was just thinking the other day why nobody does kamikaze attacks anymore
death to vatniggers


wonder what two countries are gonna try to openly kill each other this year
hope it's some rly big players


a new balkan war is about to happen
will be p cool


wtf was that loaded with?


wtf is kami?
i know kaze is wind
isnt it like windgod or some shit?


File: 1712166140841.jpg (26.78 KB, 720x699, 240:233, Pelican.jpg)

no that's pelican


some waifu shit i dont watch vtube




kami is jap for communist


was this a secret message to Q?


why the fuck did you make this when we still have a easterday thread


File: 1712177507060.png (292.58 KB, 2232x980, 558:245, ClipboardImage.png)

the last hopes of democracy


File: 1712178807106.jpg (159.99 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, zelensky o's.jpg)

i wish i had a cult following from the other side of the planet while i was fighting a losing war and killing all my young men and hopes of ever being a relevant country again


wait im an elder now?
but i dont even have a jerry rigged tarp canopy in my yard yet my last big ass tarp got cut to shreds in a drunken lawnmower incident


okay gaijin
kami is nihonese for "god" or "divine" and kaze is nipplese for "wind"
therefore kamikaze translated to english is "divine wind"


File: 1712183344582.webm (5.73 MB, 360x634, 180:317, keep going.webm)

vary satisfying webm


so they just come out of the elevator and start beating the shit outta em for no reason?
like ya they deserve it for bullying the old man but how did they know about that


they watched the footage? someone called them?


if those guys are gangsters they prolly at least have someone watching the security cameras. someone then called the fat guy who first confronted the dickheads and he was keeping them in one place until the cavalry arrived and shit stomped the dickheads
the old man is probably specifically a protected individual because i doubt what i assume are chinks give a shit about some random grandpa
but im just speculating maybe it was a random grandpa and he was lucky enough to be in the same building as the only chinese who care enough to fuck up some uppity punk faggots idk


>okay gaijin
yea fuck you too
i was right


ye looked lik geezer knew a squad was comin out before doors opened and he wasnt doing their bowing shit while getting hollered at
i dont get why teenbro was jawing for that long tho "u no hord erevatol dishono my whore famiree" takes 5 seconds max


and you can totally tell its just some rich kid. he walked right into the door like a dumbass, looked lik maaaaajorly uncool in front of his gril, then went on his usual, clearly well-rehearsed, "my father owns [x]" tirade cuz he needed someone to blame for lookin lik a bitch
unfortunately for him, it looks lik daddy doesnt own that particular building OR those particular chinese gangsters
sure kicked the absolute fuck out of him. thatll show em


can you imagine bein that out of it tho? if that happened to me id prolly laugh and have a joke w the guy ffs. lik idgi does going aggro on some 4'9" geriatric guy unironically make him feel BIGGDICC? and then to fuck w him afterwards in the lobby too? id feel fucking pathetic after pulling a stunt like that


it might have been the old guy that called it in
theres a cut before he gets out of the elevator. looks like he was inside the elevator for a moment. and the kid and his friends come from the other side of the room
some footage was removed, you can see its being played back on the sec guards screen


Knowing how to nigger-rig together working shit that doesn't break on first week of use makes you a tribal elder these days.


lotta young ppl are deep fried. some study was sayin kids'll do a 'blog edit' to their actions in their heads after. creates fracture point of reality (everyone & the subconscious they train to ignore) v some head canon. or smth like that.
its point was they legit have no sense of self outside their screen-sonas, meatlife becomes VR
zuckenblerb supposedly partnered with da fed shrinks to induce narcissism as means of control idk if true but i buy it


This is an anti-hohol zone, get out zogbot.


he got HEEM'd at the end


apparently a boomer went sicko mode on a zoomie zoomie and gutted him with a knife as the zoomie that was filming him and doing "le pic pranks" in some river in minnesota




we are waiting….


You can see a message to the guy recording recieved while filming. It's p obvious at that point tbh fam


File: 1712199482926.png (301.57 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


damn bro i thought that was just an easter thread my bad


my heart started palpitating and I felt light headed because I thought you were trying to split the today threads…




ther r like a billion "oracles" of wall street and they've all been wrong a billion times


File: 1712231688174.png (137.05 KB, 1482x820, 741:410, ClipboardImage.png)

but this ones a gril lik the genius cathie wood
>Whitney also said 51% of people over the age of 50 are set to downsize to smaller homes
>private equity groups set to own 40% of single fam homes by 2030 -Metlife, some other shit i tabbed out


Itd be p cool if they were right about this one tbh.


broken clock is right twice a day
they have scams for this all the time, they call a gorillion people and tell half of them stock X will go up and the other half stock X will go down. then when it goes up/down they cut out the people they lied to and repeat ad infinitum until they narrow it down to a handful of people who think they're stock wizards and trick them into investing in their scheme


>insider trading
funny how only one group of people get arrested for that


it's not insider trading, they're just guessing and narrowing down the pool of idiots who fall for it. stock can only go up or down so it's just a 50/50 chance each time


fudge earning reports, "invest" in talking heads or pr release, contract award process, yada yada.
big boi traders paid a shitload for milliseconds of advantage and let algos auto skim too. shit was roughly 70% of all trading back in 2015


b-b-but thats illegal they cant do that!


yah id love to see all the ppl speculating on propert eat a big fat red dick right to their portfolio
i hope they lose fucking everything


apparently nyc was destroyed by an earthquake
i was walking through blood and bones on the streets of manhattan


>latest geneology study finds wincest is as common as 1/7000


>only a 4.8
not gud enough i wont rest easy until at least a magnitude 8 happens and wipes out the saunakees forever


File: 1712374706756.jpg (295.93 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, 4070260920_e7b67bf404_b.jpg)

pikeys are kikeys


this pic of julieta aiello makes me very sad please dont post it anymore

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