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i will be renouncing my MAL membership by spamming the entire forum. would you like to join me and strike anime at its core?

some fun facts about how their forum works:
threads are sequentially numbered, and there are threads that one can still post to going back about 10 years. i haven't found the earliest yet

all you need to do to post is make an extremely simple POST request, using said thread number. yes seriously. i was making posts within 5 minutes from terminal– compared to the hurdles in automated imageboard spamming this is ludicrously easy

linked images have a local copy stored onto the server. 1 local copy per unique image address

i dont know if theres things like posting limits or cooldowns, but considering how fucking wide open their site is so far, im hoping theres not.

mods will be a problem. there pretty slow at addressing stuff, and i dont know what kind of tools they have at hand, but i suspect they could easily ban/suspend a user to stop posting.

i still need to experiment more with some of the POST headers to see just how much can be gotten away with, but if even a couple thousands posts could be fired off bumping ancient threads it would cause some serious butthurt
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only to the cleveland indians


File: 1550544166672.jpg (168.17 KB, 919x1200, DzugGEkW0AEqYwa.jpg)

Leave us alone creeps


File: 1550544637295.jpg (86.59 KB, 591x458, WTC-1.jpg)


File: 1550545436711.png (3.26 MB, 4050x2700, ClipboardImage.png)

get over here


wha…. what are you gonna use that finger for???


come find out. get over here.






if each of da 5 made 3 accounts the raid could be feasible by tomorrow


sorry im at a party right now


just give them the link to this thread


the girls at tgif said they aren't interested in your little anime site. then they stripped for some potato skins


to do:
>write part of script to spam the site reports
>write part of script that actively feeds new online users as its running
>test the mod/user switch system
>small scale test to ensure everything works properly
>speed test to check how quickly it moves
>final scoping out the entire staffs schedule for a few days


sick of people telling me what to do on this board


dox the MAL mods in the posts


give me the dox and i will


ive started a more thorough minute by minute record of mod online times. ive also expanded it to the entire MAL staff instead of just forum mods, since it occurred to me they probly have privileges to ban and shit


reminder to stop telling me what to do


i don't have to do any of this, i've made no contract with you, i've opted out of all implied contracts and obligations


Im in charge here.
Stop resisting.


>hyper charged autism been brewing all month
>literally ready to blow
>anons want to prolong this
i wont let you.


File: 1550611596927.jpg (364.53 KB, 2308x1884, 20050430-8304 Kyle scratch….jpg)

what if my work ip is the same as my home ip?


than you have to go to your local donut shop to make more accounts


just need 30 more accounts




After exhaustive investigation I conclude that this is a tranmime MAL falseflag ruse designed to capture user's IP addresses for blackmail and worse.



are you dumb?


are you?


thats funny, i dont remember >us ever having a security auditor.. hey has anyone ever seen this guy before? this is a little suspicous


pls post them ;_;




he's been here since 2015


I could only make two because the first one couldn't receive emails



ty.. >we're inching closer to victory


25 more accounts


let's just stop now before we get in trouble


how? the worst thing that would actually happen was them seeking out dudderson for a reason for this attack. realistically they will come here and post and maybe flood our board.


what are you
a pussy?
get in trouble for literally what
making posts on the internet?


MAL pls


im having a panic attack right now.
sportschan is gonna be gone after this attack
i cant lose you guys


how new can you get


let's just give up and do something else like draw sportschan.org in bathroom stalls
i'll go first be right back


No raids are fun fuckoff


omg are you telling him what to do???


can we plan the exact time of the raid please???


i think we can do that
would you like me to send it to your email ooorrrr?


>realistically they will come here and post and maybe flood our board
realistically speaking, theyre cuckimists. theyll prolly just lay down and die, and accept the beheading. >we know they will not convert. the mods will have their hands full for days/weeks afterwards most likely, so any retaliation will have to be from disgruntled users, and will ultimately be some weak manual spam, with maybe one or two actual spamtists at best. most will prolly just go to some other forum/shitty imageboard or something for a bitbut oh, how i wish they would


I am speaking directly to top leadership in Mecca and we have all the support needed


im debating whether to spam their IRC too but idk if that would tip them off to the raid or prevent MAL users from telling them its happening
i think if i could start it maybe 30 minutes ahead of the raid and sustain it, then itd be fine

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