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i will be renouncing my MAL membership by spamming the entire forum. would you like to join me and strike anime at its core?

some fun facts about how their forum works:
threads are sequentially numbered, and there are threads that one can still post to going back about 10 years. i haven't found the earliest yet

all you need to do to post is make an extremely simple POST request, using said thread number. yes seriously. i was making posts within 5 minutes from terminal– compared to the hurdles in automated imageboard spamming this is ludicrously easy

linked images have a local copy stored onto the server. 1 local copy per unique image address

i dont know if theres things like posting limits or cooldowns, but considering how fucking wide open their site is so far, im hoping theres not.

mods will be a problem. there pretty slow at addressing stuff, and i dont know what kind of tools they have at hand, but i suspect they could easily ban/suspend a user to stop posting.

i still need to experiment more with some of the POST headers to see just how much can be gotten away with, but if even a couple thousands posts could be fired off bumping ancient threads it would cause some serious butthurt


File: 1547933164174.jpg (263.83 KB, 788x804, 1507063239001.jpg)

reported to the anime police


it would be easier to dox the mods and kill them and their families


just do both.


this, then you can keep spamming


should >we i try and dox some mods first?
im pretty fucking good at that


>dox mod
>spam several thousand threads with their info


wait so, are you giving up anime? good job OP


>anime core
mal is just a bunch of middle school foreigners
if you want to damage the heart of anime then you need to attack japan
i suggest setting up bases of operation with attacks on 2chan and 5ch


dude.. you already know thats just not possible
those places are like fucking bunkers. ive never been able to actually make a post on 2ch, and ive tried a lot




they have websites that havent changed since the 90s and open to exploit
you just need to understand the squiggles


so you think these sites have got to have a 'super secret mod board' right?
id figure it was just an unlisted board, with a random board ID number. im gonna find it.
board id 0 is unused and unconfigured, but i made a thread in it earlier. interesting.


just realized i can use the unlisted board 0 as a test for spam because nobody will see it


as an incentive, for every anon that provides proof of participation will receive a 5 dollar amazon gift card


go on…


why cant you just gib out visa gift cards?


limit (7) cards total
b-because i dont have those but i do have these


>have amazon but no money
are you jeff bozo?


yes now help me get back at my cunt wife by nuking her favorite forum


>17 second post cooldown
thats kinda rough


>posting limits are account wide, not IP wide
>which account is posting is determined with a few cookies
>cookies only expire upon being logged out
>you dont have to make a post to collect the cookies
basically make a bunch of accounts, collect their cookies, then feed them into a bot and let it loose. like. this site looks prime


here's an email generation site that they dont have blocked for making accounts


post exactly what i should be doing so a brainlet can understand


im generating plan right now
would you like a 5 dollar gift card to show you how serious i am?
you would be reqired to post proof of successsful redemption for all the other brothers to know that this fatwa is officially sanctioned by the high council of spee


ok heres the plan:
>make 100s of accounts over a several day period
>give them all speehadist account names / pictures
>save their cookies
>monitor mod activity
>strike when low-no mods are on
>dredge up 1000s of old threads
>makes 1000s of new posts
>drown the comment page of mods in pics of jannies
>make them fear >us


I'm down this sounds awesome


ya i was thinking about making some sp gifs / propaganda
my two concerns are gonna be accessibility to the scripts (i'll have to make a batch file or something so even normie windowfags can run it) and catching the site when mods are off or inactive
bans are pretty thorough on MAL. when an account is banned it'll ban all associated IPs too. so it wouldn't take much to knock all of >us out.
this is offset by the fact that since there wont be any use of rotating proxies, the script will post fast. really, really fast. probably fast enough to post all 100+ posts nearly instantaneously, than have to wait another 17 seconds for the cooldown timer to run down.


I'm not even a windows fag but I'm definitely gonna need some small guidance because I'm fucking stupid


you wont need much. i'll do the bulk of the work, namely making the accounts, collecting the cookies, and creating the script.
it would be pretty helpful if someone else would spend some time doing the first two as well, but its not necessarily needed. this will take some time, maybe a week, to get all the details ironed out.
still need to do some spamming tests to make sure things actually work, tho preliminary seems to indicate it will


all of the best old raids by 4chan /b/ were 99% done by 1-3 people anyways


I want the butthurt so I'm down time for a good raid hasn't been one in awhile


In a way indie sp is like that too and damn im proud


should i make a video to kick this off?
could be a nasheed sp raid mashup
in the meantime lets post past raid exploit shit in here


Sounds good only need s few peeps


it needs
>MLPOL legal action audio clip
>int* getting btfo repeatedly
>goon saloon getting knocked down


This one if successful has potential to cause way more butt hurt than those. I like anons thinking sp has shot too small on targets till now


i think it really comes down to
<possible unknown post cap
<fast mod reaction
<site slowdown and crash
any of those 3 would make the raid fail


remember when /sp/ stole a single get from hima and they got so butthurt they never forgave >us? a


lmao i forgot about that little beef and them throwing up a whitelist
flippin sportnorms


also ive observed from 5PM Pacific Goat Standard Time until about now theres been 1 mod, and starting around 9 theres been no forum mods.

lets hope this is consistent, thats pretty easy timing


also just putting all stats in one post

Cooldown Timers - per account
Threads and Replies - 1 every 15 seconds
Profile comments - 1 every 5 seconds

those mod pages are gonna get utterly btfo


1 hour without mods


Sounds fun


mod online total time 1 hour 30 sans moderation


What boards do you think we should specifically target to begin with? It's going to be a pain dealing with all at the same time


all of them. it wont be a pain, like i said, threads site wide are made incrementally. so just running through the thread ID numbers sequentially will hit every single thread, in order it was made, regardless of what board it was


probably 1 person going from oldest threads onward with a modified script to bump threads from like, 2006 onward (which are all anime/manga board,unforutnately), and 1-2 persons moving backwards from the most recent ones. it will disrupt the catalog order significantly


and been another 45 minutes no mods online
looks like the constant online ones are all asleep


are you doing it now or just fishing?


just recon
tentative date for this will be next week. a lot of setup needs to be done with account creation etc


one thing i gotta wonder is it seems like their forums are more topical. like you got a show's page and see what people are saying about it and not like you'd hang out on the forum and pick and choose threads, so I wonder if nuking the shit to hell and back will have much of an effect on the userbase


it will for at least a few days, if the first couple pages of catalog are threads from like… 13 years ago
if the first couple pages get shifted back far enough, it'll effectively kill them because most threads dont have people hanging out.
the mods will fucking flip. that will be the most interesting.
and of course, the drama. the users will notice that the past 1000+ posts are all from some internet jihadists. depending what we write we could even rile them up, MAL is a fairly left leaning politically.


and some people hang out in specific topics, like casual and shit. they're cliquey.
it really all depends how long it takes the mods to respond. if we drop 40k posts on the site you better trust people will notice and be upset



>if we drop 40k posts on the site you better trust people will notice and be upset
yes pls


I am prepared to die for sportschan
what is my mission?


the most important question is "are you ready to kill for sportschan"?


iirc MAL has 4gag tier anti tor/proxy/vpn


When sportschan is it's own nation they have no chance


you dont need proxy for this (probably)
and ive found their anti proxy shit isn't as bad is kikepedias

tomorrow im gonna go to goybucks to use their wifi and set up a few hundred accounts

in the meantime people can post the images/statements they'd like to go into the raid

later this week i'll post a repository with the necessary data for the scripts, and maybe the scripts themselves if im done in time


the big thing that can fuck this stuff up is if theres an IP post cap that i dont know about on MAL. really just dont know until you try it, and i dont wanna tip anyone off


goybucks might be already banned or blacklisted
but if there isnt an issue i vote for runit.jpg and/or dad.jpg


also cuckime pill


cuckime pill is more relevant tbh

also beheadings
becuz sports, you know?


post em in the thread dude– my folder is dozens of gb large and completely disorganized


i haven't made it to starbucks because jews sent their ant soldiers into my room
i might still go, if they're open




didnt go to starbucks anyway.
poking around some more and ive figured out pretty much everything. i know the relevent cookies and data fields that need to be sent for just about everything. ive logged in, made comments, and logged out from the terminal.

goes like this:
GET request the website
collect the CSRF token from the HTML code and MALSESSIONID cookie value

POST login info, along with CSRF token and MALSESSIONID
collect the new MALSESSIONID cookie and MALHLOGSESSID cookie values

GET request the website, providing your MALSESSIONID cookie and MALHLOGSESSID cookie values
collect the new CSRF token

than you can just use your the CSRF token and MALSESSIONID cookie to do everything. occasionally the CSRF changes and the last step has to be repeated

figuring all this out is pretty big tho. it means all i need are the accounts. dont need fuck else. cuts down on the amount of work i have to do significantly.


for people who know what they're doing, this is everything you need. broken into parts because body too long

USERNAME="" #this is your username
PASSWORD="" #this is your password
USER="" #used for profile commenting (its their username)

USERAGENT="Royals/2.0 (Wade AD 17; KC ROYALS) Ironton/45638 (FBAR, like Bath) CR/6.6.6 Evgenia/10 Anna/0"

BOARD="" #used for a new thread. you can see the board number in the URL of each board
SUBBOARD="" #used for a new thread in a subboard
SUBJECT="Subject+Line+Example" #used for a new thread

THREAD="1763136" #used for a new reply

TEXT="Main+body+text+example" #used for a new thread, new reply, or profile comment. must be 30+ char excluding spaces thread or reply


Login() {
#Part 1
BUFF=$(curl -c - https://myanimelist.net/)
CSRF_TOKEN=$( printf "%s" "$BUFF" | grep csrf_token | awk -F "'" '{print $4}')
MALSESSIONID=$(printf "%s" "$BUFF" | grep MALSESSIONID | awk -F "\t" '{print $7}')

#Part 2

BUFF=$(curl -c - "https://myanimelist.net/login.php?from=%2F" -H "authority: myanimelist.net" -H "pragma: no-cache" -H "cache-control: no-cache" -H "origin: https://myanimelist.net" -H "upgrade-insecure-requests: 1" -H "dnt: 1" -H "content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" -H "user-agent: $USERAGENT" -H "accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,image/webp,image/apng,*/*;q=0.8" -H "referer: $REFERER" -H "accept-encoding: gzip, deflate, br" -H "accept-language: en-US,en;q=0.9" -H "cookie: MALSESSIONID=$MALSESSIONID" –data "user_name=$USERNAME&password=$PASSWORD&sublogin=Login&submit=1&csrf_token=$CSRF_TOKEN" –compressed)

#Part 3

CSRF_TOKEN=$( printf "%s" "$BUFF" | grep csrf_token | awk -F "'" '{print $4}')
MALSESSIONID=$(printf "%s" "$BUFF" | grep MALSESSIONID | awk -F "\t" '{print $7}')
MALHLOGSESSID=$(printf "%s" "$BUFF" | grep MALHLOGSESSID | awk -F "\t" '{print $7}')

#Part 4 occasionally - Update CSRF Function

BUFF=$(curl "https://myanimelist.net/" -H "authority: myanimelist.net" -H "pragma: no-cache" -H "cache-control: no-cache" -H "upgrade-insecure-requests: 1" -H "dnt: 1" -H "user-agent: $USERAGENT" -H "accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,image/webp,image/apng,*/*;q=0.8" -H "referer: $REFERER" -H "accept-encoding: gzip, deflate, br" -H "accept-language: en-US,en;q=0.9" -H "cookie: MALHLOGSESSID=$MALHLOGSESSID; MALSESSIONID=$MALSESSIONID; is_logged_in=1" –compressed)
CSRF_TOKEN=$( printf "%s" "$BUFF" | grep csrf_token | awk -F "'" '{print $4}')


UpdateCSRF() {
BUFF=$(curl "https://myanimelist.net/" -H "authority: myanimelist.net" -H "pragma: no-cache" -H "cache-control: no-cache" -H "upgrade-insecure-requests: 1" -H "dnt: 1" -H "user-agent: $USERAGENT" -H "accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,image/webp,image/apng,*/*;q=0.8" -H "referer: $REFERER" -H "accept-encoding: gzip, deflate, br" -H "accept-language: en-US,en;q=0.9" -H "cookie: MALHLOGSESSID=$MALHLOGSESSID; MALSESSIONID=$MALSESSIONID; is_logged_in=1" –compressed)
CSRF_TOKEN=$( printf "%s" "$BUFF" | grep csrf_token | awk -F "'" '{print $4}')

#Send a comment to someone!
BUFF=$(curl -c - https://myanimelist.net/profile/$USER)
USERID=$( printf "%s" "$BUFF" | grep comments.php?id= | tr '\n' ' ' | awk -F "=" '{print $3}' | awk -F '"' '{print $1}')

curl "https://myanimelist.net/addcomment.php" -H "cookie: MALSESSIONID=$MALSESSIONID; is_logged_in=1" -H "origin: https://myanimelist.net" -H "accept-encoding: gzip, deflate, br" -H "accept-language: en-US,en;q=0.9" -H "x-requested-with: XMLHttpRequest" -H "pragma: no-cache" -H "user-agent: $USERAGENT" -H "content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8" -H "accept: */*" -H "cache-control: no-cache" -H "authority: myanimelist.net" -H "referer: $REFERER" -H "dnt: 1" –data "commentSubmit=1&profileMemId=$USERID&profileUsername=$USER&commentText=$TEXT&area=2&csrf_token=$CSRF_TOKEN" –compressed


curl "https://myanimelist.net/forum/?action=message&topic_id=$THREAD" -H "authority: myanimelist.net" -H "pragma: no-cache" -H "cache-control: no-cache" -H "origin: https://myanimelist.net" -H "upgrade-insecure-requests: 1" -H "dnt: 1" -H "content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" -H "user-agent: $USERAGENT" -H "accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,image/webp,image/apng,*/*;q=0.8" -H "referer: $REFERER" -H "accept-encoding: gzip, deflate, br" -H "accept-language: en-US,en;q=0.9" -H "cookie: MALSESSIONID=$MALSESSIONID; is_logged_in=1; " –data "msg_text=$TEXT&submit=Submit&board_id=&subboard_id=&csrf_token=$CSRF_TOKEN" –compressed


curl "https://myanimelist.net/forum/?action=post&boardid=$BOARD" -H "authority: myanimelist.net" -H "pragma: no-cache" -H "cache-control: no-cache" -H "origin: https://myanimelist.net" -H "upgrade-insecure-requests: 1" -H "dnt: 1" -H "content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" -H "user-agent: $USERAGENT" -H "accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,image/webp,image/apng,*/*;q=0.8" -H "referer: $REFERER" -H "accept-encoding: gzip, deflate, br" -H "accept-language: en-US,en;q=0.9" -H "cookie: MALSESSIONID=$MALSESSIONID; is_logged_in=1" –data "topic_title=$SUBJECT&msg_text=$TEXT&pollQuestion=&pollOption%5B%5D=&submit=Submit&board_id=$BOARD&subboard_id=$SUBBOARD&csrf_token=$CSRF_TOKEN" –compressed


Homer Simpson liks donuts



i'll make a dummy proof batch file version too, i think


actually, that sounds really tedious. nevermind.
i will make a dummy proof version of the shell script, that has all the parameters for the raid set up. and add the shebang i forgot


Gud stuff budy. You are doing gods work


>USERAGENT="Royals/2.0 (Wade AD 17; KC ROYALS) Ironton/45638 (FBAR, like Bath) CR/6.6.6 Evgenia/10 Anna/0"
Is this even possible?


you can put anything for the useragent if you really wanted too. the website would just use whatever the nerds setup as default.


anyone who can the name the yim and irl reference of each part of this gets 5 dollars


if you dont want to worry about formatting your text, pipe it through this monstrosity:

sed "s/%/%25/g" | sed 's/\\/%5C/g' | sed 's/\\n/%0A/g' | sed "s/:/%3A/g"| sed "s/{/%7B/g" | sed "s/}/%7D/g" | sed 's/?/%3F/g' | sed "s/,/%2C/g" | sed 's/</%3C/g' | sed "s/>/%3E/g" | sed "s/@/%40/g" | sed "s/#/%23/g" | sed "s/\\$/%24/g" | sed "s/\^/%5E/g" | sed "s/&/%26/g" | sed "s/+/%2B/g" | sed "s/=/%3D/g" | sed "s/'/\\\'/g" | sed 's/"/%22/g' | sed "s/\[/%5B/g" | sed "s/]/%5D/g" | sed "s/|/%7C/g" | sed "s/\`/%60/g

if you are gonna use * anywhere in your input make sure you turn globbing off tho….


i would like to issue a retraction. pipe through this

sed "s/%/%25/g" | sed 's/\\n/%0A/g' | sed 's/\\/%5C/g' | sed "s/:/%3A/g"| sed "s/{/%7B/g" | sed "s/}/%7D/g" | sed 's/?/%3F/g' | sed "s/,/%2C/g" | sed 's/</%3C/g' | sed "s/>/%3E/g" | sed "s/@/%40/g" | sed "s/#/%23/g" | sed "s/\\$/%24/g" | sed "s/\^/%5E/g" | sed "s/&/%26/g" | sed "s/+/%2B/g" | sed "s/=/%3D/g" | sed "s/'/'/g" | sed 's/"/%22/g' | sed "s/\[/%5B/g" | sed "s/]/%5D/g" | sed "s/|/%7C/g" | sed "s/\`/%60/g"


>i ended up making a full featured set of commands for interacting with the MAL message board
>after the spam campaign something might be changed so it wont work anymore
maybe i will end up spoofing as if its multiple people spamming… ive put in enough effort into making these functions that it'd be a shame for it to go to waste


why are you harassing them?


here it is, if anyone wants to mess around with it
even has 'some' redundancy


i haven't started yet bitch
and because they're rulecucks, duh. wtf is wrong with you


this site's forums hurt for me to even look at. but good luck, target the mods


the mods profiles will be the formost targets, if only because they can get up to 5 posts per second
actually you know what might be bit more targeted is if i have a script run through every single thread on the site and record the ones that have mods in them.
than when it kicks off the mods would be getting shit on in every thread they participte in, and on their proifles


1 post every 5 seconds*


hmm so i gotta make a profile for the site?


i mean, that script in particular is just intended for someone to make regular posts on the site
i guess if you were into anime you could make an account
but if you made 1-3 accounts and handed the usernames and passwords over to me it would be very helpful


File: 1548457834235.png (9.07 KB, 640x400, Sportschan_Will_Be_Victori….png)

I salute you. May sportschan be victorious!

>I am prepared to die for sportschan


what is the approximate timme frame for this here raid……


reading through their update thread it seems like they just got bought by a new company and plan to change things about site api etcetc……might be good idea to move soon


im limited by the account creation restrictions
i can keep making them.. but it will take time.


if everyone here just made/verified 3 accounts, with the password bravobravo1 and any username then handed them over, i could do a test run


this email works well with making accounts there. obviously generate a new one for every account


>everyone is enthusiastic
>nobody willing to give even the slightest amount of support
i just need help making accounts
its really fast im just limited to how many i can make a day


idk man like im on the wrong side of 10. i wanna retire peacefully.


>being older than 10


This week or I'm out OP for real ill make accounts tommorow


How many accounts I need ? Willing to do up to a hundred or so but not gonna sit there forever


/sp/ will never do anything fun


kinda like your life


dont act all bent out of shape, its not like ive inconvenienced you in the least. i deciphered the API, i wrote the scripts, and i've been the one making accounts. if it was a matter of effort i would just spend 10 hours straight making accounts to get to my ideal number. the problem is the 3 accounts per IP per 24 hours period. i'll have access to more ips in the next few days, to increase my account creation rate to 9-12 each day, but for now i've only been getting about 3
i would want at least 100 accounts to give a posting rate of 6-7 per second. the goal would be 10k+ posts, which means there would have to be a 27 minute mod response time. there were bigger gaps than that during off peak hours, but im afraid that any organized raid would result in frantic irc messages to offline mods to come rulecuck
300 accounts would be more reasonable for that goal, but really 4-500 would be ideal (allowing a response time in the five minuteish range).
i also have to do a smaller test run with ~20 to see if there are any IP wide post caps


however many you can a day. it takes me about a minute to generate a new email on generate.email, do the jewgle captcha, then verify the email and start over. its p. fast, not a time commitment


just be sure to make the passwords alphaalpha1, and post the usernames here


oh and the theme of the names is islamic. if you dont know a bunch of sand nigger names off the top of your head, just use the format of using a reuglar name, and adding muhammad in front or in back of it


illl do more later but im gettingt the image captchas at this point so its kinda annoying


you're beautiful bby
combined with mine thats enough for me to do a test on a private club board and see if they track post rate by IP


File: 1548624972059.jpg (9.21 KB, 450x450, baste.jpg)



think they will notice a bunch of accounts with Islamic names suddenly being made?


no i think they're completely incompetent tbh
i should try and log into one of the earlier ones to make sure its not b& tho


yup oldest one still around. i think their sites admins are completely inepts. just digging around the website i got the impression that its not set up properly, for whatever board softare they're using


Sounds awesome then.


File: 1548664342204.png (198.14 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-28-03-2….png)

Yeah any forum is susceptible to bot accounts being made en masse until something happens with the account I doubt anything happens.
T. Flamesbro


guys i dont care about this but can CR play a critical part in this operation? he is vary rascally right now and needs to do sum vary evil thangz.


I'm CR's manager. We'll see what he can do.


File: 1548682772151.mp4 (2.43 MB, 386x480, fuckin math.mp4)


>female viagra buy
dafuq, can't you just use meth


Bitches fna get SPUN




weapons test tonight


hook me up with some metro prostituki discounts


Tell us how it goes bro!


time 4 jihad fwends


it werked?


haven't done it yet
not for another 350 accounts


reminder for anons to make accounts if they want to see this occur in any reasonable timeframe
i mean, i'll make 12 accounts a day for 30 days if need be. but itd be nice if it only took a week


since the theme is jihad, why dont we copypaste the most insane shit we can find from 8gags /islam/ and false flag MAL into thinking theyre actually being raided by jihadis. if they search for any of the text thats spammed, now that 8gags back on google, theyll easily be able to find their way back there. given 8gag now being universally known thanks to the election, and its association with 1337 hax0r5 and spammers, as soon as they see the dreaded 8chin and a board full of literal muslims they will freak the fug out

or will sportschan be claiming responsibility for this attack?


btw if any autist is feeling particularly inspired, and has never signed up for protonVPN, you get like a week or two free of the top tier proxy package, so you have literally hundreds of IPs and could singlehandedly fulfill the prophecy.

i only got the free tier rn cuz no munny cuz no ducks to suck, but imma still finna crunch out a couple dozen once i got the time this week


i had planned on the caliphate of sportschan to take credit tbh
i'll prob do this at some point this week


>i had planned on the caliphate of sportschan to take credit tbh
hey, you da boss, boss
im just spitballin ideas in lieu of actually helping since im out the door in like 15 mins
either way, im very eager to die for the caliphate and redeem my 9001 jailbait waifus. not to mention cull the cuckime menace

this >>976892 is still the password for all accounts we make, right?


yup, still the password


huh weird
my functions work, but when i put it in the script something is getting messed up, making the login fail, and temporarily locking me out of any login attempts
will troubleshoot tomorrow


ok just some quick little tests i just did
i made the list of usernames in notepad, and i think it added some weird windows characters that were being interpreted all fucked up by bash
remade the file with Kate and its outputting correctly in my debugging prompts
that might be the cause


ok ya thats what it was lol


Preliminary Test:
it was a small one, 4 accounts made like 15 posts and comments in a minute
i'll do a larger test tomorrow. maybe 20 accounts? making about 100 posts?
if successful i think that would be a good indicator that theres no IP based post limit


should i add some algorithms to generate semi-unique realistic posts? it would probly be adlib generated stuff, from a couple different templates, along with something to generate spelling errors. really its a question of should i try to hide that this is botnet, or should i embrace it?



shit, or maybe i'll get a markov bot goin and train it up with data from here and endchan
i'll have to make something to strip all the posts here, but i dont think thatd be too hard


. >we have about 1/8 of total accounts collected
i've enlisted the help of some guy who's larping as a girl on MAL who has some faggy discord group that does somewhat lulzy /i/ shit on MAL
i dont expect them to be very proficient at this stuff but if they can shit out accounts with the right passwords thats all i need them for


>larping as Wadina
ruh roh


im handselect the best few thousand output from a malkov bot trained on >our posts and use that for the posting text
i think that will be good enough. like if theres 10k posts, but 3 text repeats, i dont think anyone will notice.


>being anti-MAL
>going to discord to get help


>liking rule-cuckoldry
shaddap and make me accounts, piggie


and i didnt go to discord. i refuse to use it out of principle. i just sent an email to one of its members




25 accounts
100 user comments
100 posts in 1 minute


bump in case gets pushed off board


shouldn't be close to the edge
but thx anyway
1/4 of the way there for accounts. that faggy group i contacted all got banned from mal, so theyve been pumping out about as many accounts as i do a day
~13-20 accounts a day
if just 1 person from here was signing up 3-6 more a day it would go a lot quicker



I got interupted. Take this tho, add it to our islamic bro power!

He is just using a lessor evil to fight a greater one, using is not the same as supporting. [spoiler]I was once part of an /i/ group that managed to get a group of somewhat less faggy bronies to attack a bunch of furries[/spoiler] these tactics can work if you keep a healthy distance.


thank you for your contribution, friend
but we double * to spoiler around here


did some more



thank you, brother
that puts us at 150


another big infusion from discord faggots


just under 200


in the low 200s
keep pushing


ok so here is my current plan of action that i think will work best:
>bump 10k old threads to top of catalog
>comment 20k globalfight stories to recently online users
>make 10k abusive comments against the mods on their pages (about 1000 comments per mod)
>every post/comment has the islamic /sp/ crest image on it
>make a /sp/ Victory Memorial thread with the GET flag / soldier image in the unmarked board, along with a manifest, where it will never be found for deletion
and all of this in 5 minutes.


can u link some threads you have worked on?


dont understand what this means??


can i see a thread you have necrobumped or spammed?


>make a /sp/ Victory Memorial thread with the GET flag / soldier image in the unmarked board, along with a manifest, where it will never be found for deletion
pls elaborate. how will they never be able to find it? just cuz the +50k other posts will bury it?


because their website is a mess, and they have a board that exists, but has no setup. no links to get to it, no name, no anything.
i can post to it because im doing everything from the terminal. the post would show up in the 'recent posts', but that would get buried in the spam and lost. so only >we would know about it.


theres an archive link further up with the proof. i dont leave that shit around to get me caught. >>978626 the archive only caught the last 50 on page 2, but you can take my word that theres 100 there.


sitting at 264
communication with the discord fags has burnt out
its only us, now.
current rate by myself is about another month


Reminder to make your daily accounts.


make your daily accounts.


File: 1550185169977.jpg (241.08 KB, 1401x860, persian_animelover.jpg)

you think you can win with your 300 Spartans against the empire of anime?


im also gonna boost this nearly unvoted masterpiece "Pussy", to the top of the anime list. 400 10 stars should get it a 9.97 rating.


do you really think xerxes liked anime?


File: 1550185952938.jpg (97.48 KB, 720x960, 48357846_1968927296532668_….jpg)

yes, the only reason to wear this much bling is either he's black or he's going to an anime convention


haleys not lookin so good


who the fuck is this???????? more????? pls?




for 4chan?




on 4chan?








thank you for your service
dont worry at the end of this i'll still be handing out 5 dollar amazon gift cards


i got three more comin from the neighbor


i'd appreciate if you thanked him for his service too



seems like it thinks the .ml addresses are suspicious

will do he's a real grizzled old coast guard guy.


nvm tell him he should have joined one of the real branches instead the glorified puddle police


im gonna try and do a big run of them tomorrow. 25 maybe? that puts >us over the 75% mark.


i'll get ya 3 more when I get to work
could realistically do 9 a day.
how many are you shooting for again 400?


Happy late Valent/i/nes Day, everyone!


Tfw no at 3.14 i board


you talking about 314chan?


My angry tranny qt left me anon not sure what to do


That's alot of weight to dump on some rando. I dunno what to do.


ya 400
i can do about 9 a day, and 12 on heavy days. maybe more. almost there.


300 broken







What is this exactly?


Nothing friend


i was out all day yesterday and couldn't make any :(


what kind of restriction?
surely you aren't using the same ip to create every account… right?


you in fact, can 😎
currently at 321, 80% sonw


restrictions are 3 accounts per IP per 24 hours. mostly captcha usually doesn't require action other than clicking it.
MAL tries to ban all VPNs, but you know how it is
requires unique email per account. some free emails banned. www.generator.email works, and its possible to do 1 account per minute


they all gonna get banned at once


read the thread dummy. i've already looked at the pros and cons of this.
thats why i need 400 of them.
it only needs 5 minutes to make 10k forum posts, and 30k profile comments. during off hours the forum mods are offline longer than that.


the ips are being logged into the database if you are being restricted
all it takes is 1 sql command to delete the accounts and assuming it isnt some spaghetti database any forum posts would be deleted through cascade.

you might make some fuss for a few hours if the main admin isn't around but would be incredibly easy to clean up



prove me wrong


ive thought of it.
idk if they're that competent tbh
or what kind of tools the forum mods have
they're tech illiterate. it'd have to be a big button they click that says "delete all posts by ip'


besides if im making profile comments to people online thats where the real drama would come from… they have like 10k people online at any given time


also dont ever disrespect me in front of the other spartans again


P sure
is from there and they know this is coming fam


ya seems legit


and who woulda snitched?


you guys reaaally think the creator of MAL is stopping by here to check this thread?
i think not…. its called a yim.


Honestly yeah
No one did man think about it has their site name and shit it probably showed up on someone's search eventually


>show up on someones search eventually
you'r retarded.
if it showed up anywhere it would be that sportschan.org/sp was set as the referral link on the forum post test.
but they're not that active or competent. that test was done two weeks before that post was even made. nobody is digging through thousands of posts examining referral links. it was a joke by someone here.


U sure bro?


it was known to mal by the first post
mal rules all corners of the internet


why the fuck would you believe that the creator of MAL found this thread in search results and came in here to ask what it was?


like ffs we post about niggers and jews all day and the SPLC hasn't even discovered us yet. nobody is digging through MAL search results to find this shit.


this nigga probably right bruh >>991476


no shit he's right, but thats ignoring the point
all spam is p. easy to clean up unless you dont have the tools
it was never the intention to mess up the board with spam. although it will fuck up the catalog order pretty bad
the drama comes from being raided. which is why all the people online are being targeted


All here mal




File: 1550427343831.png (232.6 KB, 365x355, risk.PNG)




eye don wyanna


this isn't about what you want
its about we >we NEED
luring ten thousand angry effeminate anifags, ready for bullying and HRT


explain what I need to do right here right now


>1. www.generator.email in one tab
>2. https://myanimelist.net/register.php?from=%2F in the other
>3. make an account
>4. click account activation email
>5. generate new email, sign out, and repeat
post the usernames here, and make it with the password alphaalpha1
you can make 3 accounts per IP, per day




thank you for your contribution
i am also a fan of muhammad




I'm mal your done bro


im gonna vote "Pussy" to the top of the anime list and you literally can't stop me






Your board is ours sp


what did he mean by this?


turt are you seein this


flip off raidnorms on my speematron




Stop messing with mal fag


make me flippin norm


>stop messing with MAL, fag
>stop messing malfag







oh shit
maybe when i spam i should shit all over all the /jp/s
it'd get all the drama of a raid on MAL plus get all the /jp/ spinoffs buttmad since theres probly a bunch of them on mal


remember that the future of jihad and islam in general depends on you and this thread


this is true
very very true


File: 1550467005399.png (536.92 KB, 957x1821, CR_and_the_lucky_ended_mar….png)

I can see it now…

From endchan's demise, see a new board alone arise.

The caliphate of /sp/ attacks!

Blinded by the pride of the anime ride, they forgot to look over there shoulder.

When the attack begun they were already done!

newfags in confusion, oldfags in rage.

When the butthurt is over some maybe in their grave!

though I'd also caution of picking more than you chew


shaddap I have literally done more than anybody for this and I feel let down and frankly betrayed by you all and your attrition


dont pretend to be me and poison this thread you vile whore.
i do wish everone else would make accounts tho, and im seriously considering making a bot that posts in every thread on a loop until the remaining accounts get posted ITT, and teh bot verifies that they're valid




tel you?
i'll MAKE you


>though I'd also caution of picking more than you chew


oh ya, need to remember to implement this.
something that I can use proxies for is spamming their report function. might as well go all out with this shit


>the global fight story posts will replace the names of the bottoms with mod names
>the title of the story will be "Fuck the Mods"
like pottery










I was tipped off to this thread by a concerned MAL user. I've called the Federal authorities, and turned over all records of this thread (i made backups). Have fun in prison, dRumpfers.








once the anime kuffar is exterminated will this work against thecoli?






I'm glad I helped out


i take it this site wont exist tomorrow?


nah, probly this weekend. still 50 more accounts needed, and a couple small tests
if its succesful, this site will probly get fucking flooded. if its still up >we can hang out in the lounge, or if its too bad chill at the bunker to wait it out


thank you for your service
i'll be distributing the gift cards once 400 is hit


MAL weeb retards wont be able to sustain an attack on sportschan
they are low energy basic bitches


sustain, no
but theres a lot of them




whole thing's kinda gay tbh
i think you just want to bring more animefags here cause you're one yourself




i dont care.


Xinil pls




you will be sending me chocolates in the mail for my hard work.


89.5% completed


>the 1000000 GET will be a result of the increased traffic this raid brings


hi is this the loli rape thread?


I've been watching this thread since the beginning and I'm excited to see how it turns out. I have a few concerns regarding ""retaliation"" from MAL.
The IPs are still fucky on the sportschan.org domain. I don't know what could be causing it, if all of the cloudflare shit was actually removed. I can't SSH into the server when I try to access it via sportschan.org but I can from carchan.wrigel.xyz, which makes me think there is still some go-between from the domain to my server. When I ping sportschan.org, it gives me a different IP from when I ping carchan.wrigel.xyz.
If you guys "take credit" for the raid, and MAL decides to flood sportschan, I won't easily be able to filter/clean it up. I also won't be able to filter IPs if they do some epic hacker DDoS shit. I'm not really sure how worried I am that something like that will happen, but I assume it's a possibility.
Furthermore, this server is NOT the strongest I've had, and even though it survived the owl, I'm concerned if the added traffic from the raid will be enough to crash it.
Because of this, I'll be setting up a bunker in case this server goes offline. I'll post the domain later.


i switched sportschan off cloudflare that one time but you never set up a ssl certificate for the domain and people were getting not secure errors accessing the site for 24 hours so i just switched it back


File: 1550538413552.png (1.2 MB, 960x640, ClipboardImage.png)





hackerbro and jihadbro are different people
sportschan fosters at least 3 world class nerds


theres already depreschan for the bunker
i wouldn't worry about it
if necessary >we can survive there for a day or two
i dont think they'll have the autism to continue shit long term


p. sure that guy knows that, since steaks is probly hackerbro


hackerbro is a legitimate terrorist


only to the cleveland indians


File: 1550544166672.jpg (168.17 KB, 919x1200, DzugGEkW0AEqYwa.jpg)

Leave us alone creeps


File: 1550544637295.jpg (86.59 KB, 591x458, WTC-1.jpg)


File: 1550545436711.png (3.26 MB, 4050x2700, ClipboardImage.png)

get over here


wha…. what are you gonna use that finger for???


come find out. get over here.






if each of da 5 made 3 accounts the raid could be feasible by tomorrow


sorry im at a party right now


just give them the link to this thread


the girls at tgif said they aren't interested in your little anime site. then they stripped for some potato skins


to do:
>write part of script to spam the site reports
>write part of script that actively feeds new online users as its running
>test the mod/user switch system
>small scale test to ensure everything works properly
>speed test to check how quickly it moves
>final scoping out the entire staffs schedule for a few days


sick of people telling me what to do on this board


dox the MAL mods in the posts


give me the dox and i will


ive started a more thorough minute by minute record of mod online times. ive also expanded it to the entire MAL staff instead of just forum mods, since it occurred to me they probly have privileges to ban and shit


reminder to stop telling me what to do


i don't have to do any of this, i've made no contract with you, i've opted out of all implied contracts and obligations


Im in charge here.
Stop resisting.


>hyper charged autism been brewing all month
>literally ready to blow
>anons want to prolong this
i wont let you.


File: 1550611596927.jpg (364.53 KB, 2308x1884, 20050430-8304 Kyle scratch….jpg)

what if my work ip is the same as my home ip?


than you have to go to your local donut shop to make more accounts


just need 30 more accounts




After exhaustive investigation I conclude that this is a tranmime MAL falseflag ruse designed to capture user's IP addresses for blackmail and worse.



are you dumb?


are you?


thats funny, i dont remember >us ever having a security auditor.. hey has anyone ever seen this guy before? this is a little suspicous


pls post them ;_;




he's been here since 2015


I could only make two because the first one couldn't receive emails



ty.. >we're inching closer to victory


25 more accounts


let's just stop now before we get in trouble


how? the worst thing that would actually happen was them seeking out dudderson for a reason for this attack. realistically they will come here and post and maybe flood our board.


what are you
a pussy?
get in trouble for literally what
making posts on the internet?


MAL pls


im having a panic attack right now.
sportschan is gonna be gone after this attack
i cant lose you guys


how new can you get


let's just give up and do something else like draw sportschan.org in bathroom stalls
i'll go first be right back


No raids are fun fuckoff


omg are you telling him what to do???


can we plan the exact time of the raid please???


i think we can do that
would you like me to send it to your email ooorrrr?


>realistically they will come here and post and maybe flood our board
realistically speaking, theyre cuckimists. theyll prolly just lay down and die, and accept the beheading. >we know they will not convert. the mods will have their hands full for days/weeks afterwards most likely, so any retaliation will have to be from disgruntled users, and will ultimately be some weak manual spam, with maybe one or two actual spamtists at best. most will prolly just go to some other forum/shitty imageboard or something for a bitbut oh, how i wish they would


I am speaking directly to top leadership in Mecca and we have all the support needed


im debating whether to spam their IRC too but idk if that would tip them off to the raid or prevent MAL users from telling them its happening
i think if i could start it maybe 30 minutes ahead of the raid and sustain it, then itd be fine

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