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File: 1549096506475.png (169.47 KB, 600x399, 2020-presidential-candidat….png)


who ya got /sp/?


torrorist attack at the first debate i hope


so Biden?


match ME!!!!


i can't wait to see trump make warren cry on the debate stage


Who are these people i only recognize bernie


one of them is the starbucks ceo, corey booker who realistically has a shot of being whoever wins VP candidate imo that's his play cause he just wants a pension, biden on the bottom with bernie, the chinaman is guy whose big thing is UBI because he thinks it will decrease unemployment. Elizabeth warren and yeah that's about it for the people I know. It's gonna be a shit show. if Biden runs I can't wait till he gets BLM'd it'll be beautiful.


He's also old as fuck. Trump by the end of a second term would be as old as biden is today


Where's Kanye?


>look up pelosi
holy fuck what


Only gonna vote for kanye






Biden's kind of a damned if you do damned if you don't prospect. On paper he'd be the best but VP's aren't typically successful. He has popular support in the party and would likely attract big donors, but won't swing anyone that didn't like Obama, or that soured on Obama. He won't pull any moderates from Trump. He's got a damn near 50+ year career but that's a liability at this point.


>According to House of Representatives official filings, soon-to-be-majority leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi, reported numerous huge call option purchases in the last few weeks - all of which are underwater now.

>In September, Pelosi bought 100 Call Options (1,000 shares) in Apple (Strike $145, Maturity 6/19/20)
Zero Hedge I know but these are public record.


Warren is my top bid atm, also oh god who fucking let Julien Castro in this


Kanye said he's not going in 2020, maybe there will be a 2024 where he'll lose to Rand Paul


Micheal Aventurri, Martin Shekeli, Fiidel Castro, Stephan Molynuex, Channel 9 weather girl, Carly Fiona, That girl on the dildo shop ads in Jimchan, Cheif Elizhonta Warren, Japanese Gameshow host, Steven Hawkins Brother, Joe "on my dick shes fighten" Biden, Micheal Moore, and Based Bernie "6 million wasn't enough" Glassberg


Wasn't Avenatti supposed to be >>>/finished/?



biden wouldn't stand a chance. he'd be dead in the water once people actually started paying attention to what he's been up to.


with a late entry I think he could fuck the primaries up. May burn up like a howard dean though. He's got no chance in a general though and I feel like most people know that, but they still like him cuz lel memes member Obama hahahaha


i can't wait to see bernie bros' suicidal tweets when the dems steal the primary from him again


Joe isn't gonna run.


dems will make sure to put a wammyn on the ticket as vp at least


tbh I thought they already did basically.
Thought they changed something at the last DNC so that you would have to be a registered Democrat to secure a nomination or something before a certain date. Like they cucked him 4 years in advance.



Aaron Rodgers playing FIFA with a nu-male hispanic.


winner gets to top


good thing Aaron's a QB cause he'll be throwin this one


File: 1549128340863.png (646.67 KB, 800x604, ClipboardImage.png)

someone sent in a donation as Mike Mccarthy, kinda tempted to throw some cash to see if I can get a reaction


Betting on Warren




it's not straight unless it's a muscle daddy involved


File: 1549284305607.jpg (120.67 KB, 800x523, laughing pajeetas.jpg)

>According to House of Representatives official filings, soon-to-be-majority leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi, reported numerous huge call option purchases in the last few weeks - all of which are underwater now.
>In September, Pelosi bought 100 Call Options (1,000 shares) in Apple (Strike $145, Maturity 6/19/20)
>Zero Hedge I know but these are public record.
thats fuking hilarious
SEC needs to just bar her senile ass from the market already. for her own (((safety))). shes nearly gotten herself caught BIGTIME for insider trading several times by using her own fucking husband, and son as """"proxy"""" for her green energy scams. now we get to see her left to her own retarded devices, buying 100 +1yr call options at the highest vega that the market has seen in a decade. stupid fucking nigger is getting IV crushed and probably doesnt even know why lmfao lrn2derivatives nancy. the only reason to really do what she did is to exercise those calls at some point for a flip, but if she wanted to do that, she shouldve sold some puts as well to cover the call premium and/or get paid to do it. at the very least it would allow her to hedge that FUCKHUGE vega exposure she, seemingly unknowingly, took on.

but nah, buy longterm call options at the end of a multi-month long crash. i really cant stress how much of a "trust fund babbys first mistake" at options trading this is.
this is the kinda of stuff you see redditors doing, nuking $80k in a matter of days. but arguably even more stupid because i think this bitch actually thought that she was gonna be able to exercise or flip these for a profit at some point not with the IV she bought them at. no siree. nvm the fact that if these purchase dates are right, she bought them deep ITM and kept "averaging down" as it kept crashing as IV got even higher. so incredibly stupid

she basically just threw out several million dollars
thx for playing nance ;^)


this post needs foot notes. Calls scare me


its just a wee bit o basic calculus lad
nuthin to be afraid of
unless youre buying 100 of them deep ITM as stock replacement while the VIX is way the fuck up like a fucking retard, and then it keeps crashing. im sure at one point she was prolly down like +90%. i dont have the options price for that far back when she bought them (she bought the AAPL ones at the fucking TOP lmao), but i doubt most of these positions are looking any good rn

i hope she gets fucking crushed like the stupid slut she is. same bitch that tries to LARP as some sort of progressive socialist thing is actually a degenerate options gambler. who knew?


File: 1549305085149.png (73.09 KB, 307x315, ClipboardImage.png)

>Rand Paul



>no niggers
officially the most racist party


I don't have the overview anymore, every day there's another candidate running. I will vote for a candidate that has Indian roots and will abolish baseball for criket.


which candidate will invade both canada and mexico and exterminate them all?


File: 1549915006661.jpg (23.47 KB, 400x400, wZtYO03x_400x400.jpg)

based sportschan plant is single handedly destroying the democrat party and advocating for a 2nd holocaust

buckeye better start hiding


File: 1549915479458.png (254.86 KB, 614x591, Untitled2.png)

sportschan claims responsibility


iran practices fake islam
fuck them


I STAN with my Queen Ilhan Omar. She is sooooo bae 😍😍😍

Omar 2020. Fuck Drumpf.


File: 1549926144251.jpg (151.27 KB, 1024x680, Geneviève.jpg)

Real Islam has never been tried before


it is on sportschan


File: 1549927157526.jpg (124.83 KB, 900x600, Kingsdancers.jpg)

But we have no borders our physical country. Inshallah we must take an abandoned oil rig and take women as prisoners to be our cheer squad.


File: 1549927377972.jpg (156.57 KB, 1647x921, deez-nuts.jpg)

the answer is obvious


File: 1550596490809.jpg (64.42 KB, 1280x720, 1510184440003.jpg)

Berniebros assemble. Make the rich pay for the student debts.


File: 1550597257201.jpg (47.41 KB, 594x450, CdNSy0FUAAAxytL.jpg)

fucking based


File: 1550599165385.jpg (275.73 KB, 2048x1536, Darth-Vader.jpg)


File: 1550599762617.png (850.61 KB, 1200x800, ClipboardImage.png)

Donations are open again


Andrew yang I like free money


i like yung money
get that stupid money


Ive been seein' dat guy spammed in a couple of places.

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