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would it be appropriate to offer /librejp/ refuge here, if endchan is going down?
assuming dudeman would accept them, tho i dont see why not since they moderate themselves
maybe it can be offered, if dudeman is willing. i warned them that endchan may be imploding soon. i can tastefully extend an offer if that seems like a good idea


re-interning the japanese is never a bad thing


i'll send dudeman i message introducing the idea, i guess.
dont think he's familiar with any of their shit, so maybe post some representative kakis here to show their good side


Get rid of the shit boards (/1990/, /h/, /am/, /s/) and add /sauna/, /finished/, and whatever they want to be called. Then this will be a true sportschan


idk, a random board (/s/) is kinda a necessity for tradition sake. /am/ is needed unless you'll stop bitching about anime being here.
i wouldn't mind 1990 being gone but thats his pet board
ok fuck off nigger, im using that one


I think 1990 is gone


huh. guess he never updated the bar then


nah fuck you ill destroy /h/ myself


suck my dick fagot


Real talk sportschan inviting communities is our king term to growing and raids on c4uck


who else besides librejp?


we have to invite more users to /sp/. my arms are getting tired from trying to hit 500 posts every night


although not necessarily a good thing, when the MAL raid happens, if goals are met, about 10-20 thousand online users will get messages with the sportschan URL in it. lord knows what happens then


this makes me wonder how the mlb threads will do if we're hitting 500 posts on white chocolate


>tcq day game thread and separate night game thread EVERY DAY


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I don't see why not.
I am sure they would not mind using us as a bunker for the time being at least.

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