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File: 1623265559470.jpg (50.73 KB, 1920x1152, 5:3, e3-2021-logo-oficial.jpg)


Big thread for liveposting E3 and Summer Game Fest, starting in 1 day.
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not bothering with this anymore until at least saturday


File: 1623442878362.jpg (204.81 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1623442842644.jpg)

Oh no


what the fuck is this who the hell thinks this looks good?


File: 1623454265058.jpg (237.79 KB, 1916x945, 1916:945, e7a.jpg)

I saw Elden Ring and I clapped.


I wish normalfags never discovered fromsoft…

File: 1623338755801.png (367.36 KB, 819x895, 819:895, r3.png)


Who owns this place?
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You shilled this shitty place and now I'm here. Do you want me to stay or not?
Start talking




Tell me more about this "dudder"


nobody shilled shit some retard got told off for trying to stir up twitter drama and probably went to wherever you came from to stir shit up but feel free to stay if you want i'll talk to you


some drunk asian guy
gets in car crashes every other month

File: 1621557270281.png (272.03 KB, 1280x717, 1280:717, 2015-10-27.186__05862.1466….png)


any of u niggas use a fight stick to play fighting games or arcadey platformers?
i kinda wanna get one cuz i remember they were breddy gud in arcades, but idk if they are actually any good to play on or if it's just nostalgia
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>(as a man you should be able to do this).
um, are you assuming my gender? fucking shitlord


sportschan is a gender and religion converter you are a male /sp/ihadi and you will fucking deal with it according to allah's will


3 months without activity?


this thread was started less than a month ago or are you talking about something else?


They're great, but you gotta consider if spending at least around $240 on one is worth it

File: 1622654078812.png (148.76 KB, 2061x2061, 1:1, delay.png)




File: 1622839232568.jpg (20.5 KB, 400x400, 1:1, eFBfFU7J_400x400.jpg)

Cucked game gets cucked


>Santa Monica
It's always on the wetback counties, how long until the ones located at redneck areas move out because they're so mean and racist?

File: 1622515143754-0.jpg (155.24 KB, 854x480, 427:240, carrion.jpg)

File: 1622515143754-1.jpg (307.41 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, hollow knight.jpg)

File: 1622515143754-2.jpg (82.99 KB, 640x442, 320:221, oddworld.jpg)

File: 1622515143754-3.png (853.69 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, rainworld.png)


ive been having cravings for playing a game with a similar aesthetic to these. not sure what you'd call it, a gloomy and subterranean atmosphere? urban decay? all i know is all of these gave me the same feeling of being caught in a damp grimy hole in the earth or a semi-abandoned underground civilization (i guess that's pretty much what hollow knight and rainworld are) and there's something really appealing about that, but i don't know where to look for other games that are like this, any suggestions?
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ok his voice isnt obnoxious and he isnt lel so wacky ex dee dee dee with his humor thanks for not tricking me anonymous stranger


also this sunless sea game looks like about what im asking for thanks again


the game he mentions at the start of the review, Darkwood i think it was? he has a review of that too, i'd check it out also.
ya his humor is pretty dry with lots of subtle chan references in there. pretty comfy tbh


i tried darkwood i couldnt really get into it which is a shame because its spooky af but something about the inventory management rubbed me the wrong way


i lik sseth

File: 1621105124700.jpeg (42.78 KB, 866x489, 866:489, 81feb99e1e9efb11a71591605….jpeg)


xbox game pass is $1 for 3 months
has some decent games like forza, halo remasters, gears of war and also a bunch of ea games
t. not a shill
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i always thought people constantly shitting themselves over shills and marketers was retarded if you have anything resembling a brain you should be able to disregard them entirely
you should also realize that anyone dumb enough to fall for marketing tactics will never pay any heed to any screeching you do about it markting is designed almost entirely for brainlets with no self-control if youre not one then why do you give a shit what some idiot shill says about anything in the first place


Believing shills operate on boards with <10 posters, on sites with <50 posters is bordering on mental illness, I think anons just go on autopilot rants because sites like 4chan do have paid marketers


im not saying there are shills here im talking about a general behavior
even back when i did use 4chan i always found it really dumb that people would get mad about it instead of just using a filter marketers are ludicrously easy to spot when they do show up
i guess getting frustrated over peoples behavior that i have zero control over is also retarded though so it doesnt really matter


How do I become a shill anyway? Getting paid to shitpost sounds comfy af


you probably have to get a business degree or something like that and if my experience with trying to sell shitty craft beer to beer/wine shops is anything to go by they also probably make you sit through gay meetings and berate you over numbers




The game is ded by this point ngl

File: 1621749250059.jpg (333.4 KB, 621x2483, 621:2483, gamestop.jpg)


You can instantly change exactly one thing in any game. How do you make bad games [spoiler]fun?[/spoiler]
>Splinter Cell [spoiler]up to Double Agent[/spoiler]
>double the number of corridors in every map
>it's now feasible to beat missions without attacking anyone
[spoiler]<Splinter Cell after Double Agent
<every copy ships with a rootkit
<on install it fries your hardware[/spoiler]
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of course, so stop talking about it entirely even the stuff you liked


File: 1622394505155.webm (282.2 KB, 854x480, 427:240, hwhat.webm)


idk where i was going with that tbh i was hoping someone would start talking shit back but it didnt happen and i didnt know what to do


I actually didn't like 2 that much honestly, with the dumbass pop culture references everywhere and the Enclave being a literally Hitler tier villain with no nuance or redeemable qualities. 1 and NV were a lot better imo


JE Sawyer said they were shooting for three character archetypes stylistically they wanted to make absolutely certain were covered.
>mallninja operator
>ring-a-ding-ding baby
energy weapons don't really fit any of those, which could explain a lot
I'm pretty sure not. The only auto lasgun in the originally series is the gatling laser, and the inaccuracy of that could be explained simply by the fact that miniguns aren't ade for precision shooting, and certainly aren't easy to aim.

Fallout 1 was the good one. Fallout 2 was the one with all the content. Sure lots of parts of the story were shit, like president Dan Quayle, lolNew Reno so edgy, and everything in San Francisco, but it was really a case of quantity having a quality all its own. You could do and see everything in maybe a hundred hours in FO1, but in FO2 you could enjoy yourself for hundreds.

File: 1621526730240.mp4 (12.64 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, liesofp.mp4)


The Dark Souls of Pinocchio™
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it looks pretty for sure but if you cant grow his nose and bash some cunts brains in with it then its an automatic 0/10


They said lying is core to the game and the world changes based on whether you lie to NPC's or not. I'm intrigued since most soulsborne / soulslike NPC's are mostly optional and only necessary if you want very specific items


yeah but will his nose get really big?


File: 1622245795380.png (639.01 KB, 810x567, 10:7, Funniest-Black-Twitter-Rea….png)

Yes, but width only. It's the first black gamer Pinocchio and we're here for it 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿



File: 1620609730583.jpg (71.26 KB, 794x1059, 794:1059, keyboard.jpg)


Let me guess, you need "more"
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I interpreted this as meaning that gay sex is just a hobby while anime watching is harmful to society and it made more sense that way tbh


File: 1622212754947.mp4 (275.81 KB, 406x720, 203:360, 3dimensional princess beau….mp4)

reject cuckime. embrace tradition


i guess reading comprehension is rare af anymore so i cant really be that upset you basically interpreted it the exact opposite way it was worded


I'm just memeing with you breh it's not like this is some kind of serious discussion website


i know i was just speaking generally

File: 1621229518555-0.jpg (205.81 KB, 1000x1363, 1000:1363, Doom.jpg)

File: 1621229518555-1.jpg (197.7 KB, 720x1080, 2:3, 452384-monster-hunter-worl….jpg)

File: 1621229518555-2.jpeg (561.3 KB, 1519x2156, 31:44, xcom-enemy-unknown-e22056….jpeg)


>/v/ claims reboot is shit and ruined X franchise forever
<It's actually ludo
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nudoom is to doom as brutal doom is to doom. It's not bad per se and can be quite fun in its own way but it doesn't play like doom anymore than doom 3 did. Good or bad, purists would have reasonable grounds to complain.
Give the Doom wad Preacher a try. It's heavily inspired by Blood and if you're a bad enough dude to handle UV without savescumming it's as good as 2.5D gets.
Does Blood actually have any iconic franchise elements except perhaps the cultist screams? A skilled devteam could easily make a spiritual sequel that's Blood 2 in all but name.



my favorite doom mod is SRB2


>not SRB2 Kart


File: 1622044550311.jpg (107.85 KB, 950x534, 475:267, s5-596558ea4c10b8391e13334….jpg)

I wonder how they'll split the studios. I think ideally it would be:

Staying with WB
>TT Games
>WB Montréal
>WB San Francisco

Sold off

File: 1618269862219.mp4 (28.29 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Balan Wonderworld 100% sec….mp4)


Another certified hood classic from Yuji Naka
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File: 1621897886689.gif (1.79 MB, 640x452, 160:113, BillyXplosion.gif)

Post more gachimuchi please


File: 1621897928673.mp4 (7.88 MB, 480x360, 4:3, GachiwareInc.mp4)


I am looking for 2 gachimuchi videos. One titled "Nico Nico Video Ginza" and one titled "Kirby Superstar 69". Does anyone have a copy of these?


it's real

File: 1621525666234.jpg (547.2 KB, 3218x1738, 1609:869, hellblade2.jpg)


Senua's new threads, wish they scanned in the blonde QT too

File: 1618434067169.png (1.68 MB, 1920x962, 960:481, phil-spencer.png)


Some news about the direction of Playstation and upcoming games

Shreier revealed they are shifting further toward AAA movie games:
>Japan Studio being downsized, Sony no longer interested in niche Japanese titles
>Naughty Dog is working on Uncharted 5, a new multiplayer game and a remake of The Last of Us
>The Visual Arts Service Group wanted to form their own studio but their first project was handed to Naughty Dog instead
>Bend (Eidetic) aren't working on anything of their own and are now a support studio for Naughty Dog

The next Kojima Productions game might not be on Playstation:
>Xbox rumored to be publishing Kojima's next game
>Xbox is on the record wanting more Japanese studios / games
>Ludens figure on Phil Spencer's shelf next to Xbox logo (pic related)

Is there any salvaging 9th gen for Sony at this point?
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>I don't get it
<You're autistic
>You don't get it
<You're a retard
<Muh schizos
No wonder why this place is more dead than 8kunt's /v/, I love how you asume anyone's mental defectiveness, you truly are the new Dr. Fauci.


Sorry bro but on this board we prefer talking about vidya games rather than dumbass Twitter screencaps


ok retard feel free to go away


File: 1621475810123.webm (882 KB, 1098x1080, 61:60, drfauci.webm)

>you truly are the new Dr. Fauci



File: 1614808220714.png (348.14 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1a0b91b2af9e.png)


>We are thrilled to announce that Tonic Games Group is joining the Epic Games family. Tonic Games is the development company behind the hit sensation, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

>For Fall Guys fans, your gameplay isn’t changing and Epic will continue to invest in making the game a great experience for players across platforms. Your favorite colorful beans will still stumble through the chaos on PC, PlayStation, and soon Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

Buying a one hit wonder studio lol
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is that like mafia


File: 1621289343792.png (910.54 KB, 992x685, 992:685, 83246845.png)

lol this image is still relevant
checked. Goddamn I miss The Ship and I still can't believe it never really took off. Was it just too ahead of its time?


File: 1621315216656.png (19.95 KB, 671x193, 671:193, Gabe Newell hates texas.png)

>The less successful Among Us
>Gone from Steam
>No more TF2 Scout skin
<Literally the only thing they gave a shit about

You're not missing much, it's just one of those Mario Party games turned into a full fleshed out game.



File: 1621350605977-0.png (1.87 MB, 1662x949, 1662:949, dontship.png)

File: 1621350605977-1.webm (689.14 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 1adaecf5f2b5d72fef5703337….webm)

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