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Hurry now Nintenkeks, the paid ROMs are going back in the vault


ackchually two of them are .ISOs


I could maybe understand buying this if you don't have a device powerful enough to run Dolphin, but as you said most buyers are probably just retarded Nintendo fanboys. Hell, even in that case you could probably pick up a pre-owned Wii and hack it for a similar price to the game, and that way you could play these + everything else on the GCN/Wii library.
Also for me personally I'd find it hard to go back to emulated Mario 64 after playing the source port


File: 1616083571505.png (2.68 MB, 1136x1200, 71:75, ClipboardImage.png)

the new switch really is breathtaking


How greedy is Nintendo going to get? They have really been an incredibly unlikable company lately.


Lately? They've been pulling this kind of shit since their eshop was even a thing, not to mention all the fan projects they've murdered.


Even since the 90s they were hated in a lot of countries due to their price fixing bullshit. But in recent years it seems like more people have noticed their shitty business practices. My theory is that it's because in the past Nintendo had public figures like Iwata and Reggie, who gave the company a human face and were generally likeable guys. While nowadays it's basically just a bunch of nameless suits.


I think a lot of people were still okay with them Club Nintendo era, but since then they have burnt too many bridges.


Yeah, and I think that's at least partially down to the fact that they had people like Iwata and Reggie who gave an impression that they actually cared about and listened to the fans to some degree. Hell, it wasn't long after Iwata died that they started doing shit he was known to be against, like DLC, mobile games etc.. Even now I still think they have some respectable aspects, like how they recently adopted anti-censorship policies and started to keep Treehouse on a leash after their bullshit in the Wii U/3DS era. But generally I think they're very anti-consumer recently, and they get away with it because Nintendo fanboys are happy to eat up whatever bullshit they release such as OP's example, the Skyward Sword port being released as a full-priced Switch game and whatever else.


File: 1616396351667.jpg (107.39 KB, 800x533, 800:533, CC429222-C294-4E0A-8E81-E1….jpg)

Nintendo is the Disney of gaming, nobody wants to admit they are greedy and creatively bankrupt because the company is inseparable from their happy childhood memories


To be honest I can kind of understand that. Looking at the industry right now we have so many games trying to be intellectual or art-y, like big Western companies forcing modern politics and SJW shit into their generic movie games, or indie faggots with their pretentious 4th wall breaking "Earthbound inspired" games. In the midst of all that I can see why so many people are attracted to a company that just makes the same old shit they always have, although in reality it results in stale and boring nostalgia bait most of the time.


>SJW shit
They removed gender entirely from Animal Crossing and Splatoon

>generic movie games

Xenoblade, Bravely Default, Octopath etc.

>makes the same old shit they always have

This is not always the case, just look at Breath of the Wild, completely trashed the Zelda formula to chase modern design trends and people still called it a masterpiece


>They removed gender entirely from Animal Crossing and Splatoon
Although that's kind of SJW I also feel like it's one of the better ways to make everyone happy, similar to how Bethesda usually doesn't write any gender-specific dialogue for their romance options. Most people will just make male and female looking characters and just assume it's that gender, while the few faggots who actually care about that kind of shit can LARP as their meme genders. If anything it's less SJW than the previous AC game where you could have a cross dressing character, and other villagers would comment on it. I'm kind of playing devil's advocate here since I don't like SJW shit in general, but this seems like the best way to go about pleasing these people if we really have to.

>Xenoblade, Bravely Default, Octopath etc.

I'm kind of hesitant to call Xenoblade movie games since although they're cutscene heavy you're still getting like 60 hours of gameplay, so it's not MGS4 tier or anything. Plus it's an improvement over their predecessors, like Xenosaga being 90% cutscenes and 10% walking through corridors, and Xenogears with literal walls of text everywhere.
As for the other 2 they're made by Square Enix not Nintendo, but they're actually a good example of what I was saying. It's basically their attempt to recapture their old glory and make something like the old SNES Final Fantasy games (since nobody has given a fuck about FF itself for years), but they ended up being kinda mediocre imo.

>completely trashed the Zelda formula to chase modern design trends and people still called it a masterpiece

Never played BOTW personally so I can't comment on it, but I don't understand why every Zelda is praised as a 10/10 masterpiece. I like the games but I don't get why they're supposedly so special. Maybe it's just nostalgiafags or something.


>movie games
those games you listed are not nintendo games even though they released on nintendo consoles.
make a new list of movie games that were developed by nintendo


Eh I'd give him Xenoblade since the IP is owned by them, but the other ones are neither Nintendo nor movie games


File: 1616627695589.mp4 (5.02 MB, 640x618, 320:309, sneed.mp4)

the second disc in xenogears where it's literally just cutscene, exposition dump, boss fight cause they ran outta money


Dolphins not portable and switch is. I don't know how galaxy works on the Switch but it can't be the same as the Wii version since it lacks a wiimote.

They did more than price fix. They would make bullshit patent claims and sue people at the drop of a hat. They were utterly despised up and down the industry for how they acted. They tried to get game rentals banned among other dumb shit.


>They tried to get game rentals banned
They actually succeeded with this in Japan, hence why a lot of NTSC and PAL versions of NES games have bullshit difficulty added to them (to discourage renting).
They also recently tried to make console modification illegal in the UK but thankfully we told them to fuck off.


I'm genuinely surprised it wasn't already illegal in the UK anyway.


Yeah lol, despite all the Orwellian shit that goes on here the government doesn't really give a fuck about piracy. It's basically legal according to our law which is:
>A maximum of four letters will be sent, and although the severity of the language will increase with each alert, no further action will be taken after the fourth and final letter.


Are you serious? Isn't the UK the same country where police will actually peek in people's windows to make sure they're not using one without a loicense? What happens if you're playing pirated games on an illegal tv, do they throw you in jail to get murdered for inappropriately using an illegal tv then mail your body a letter telling you to cut that piracy business out right now or they'll be sore?


*Isn't the UK the same country that has unironic tv licenses and
Not sure how I cut that out, whoops.


File: 1616855527194.jpg (218.08 KB, 528x1239, 176:413, 1449771797066.jpg)

The TV loicense thing isn't exclusive to the UK but yeah you're right lol. There's a strange juxtaposition here where we're basically a China tier surveillance state but the government and police are too incompetent to actually enforce those laws.


glad I paid full price for the cartridge, can't wait for it to triple in value


I'm not so sure it'll rise that much since literally everyone had that idea, but I guess this is Nintendo fans we're talking about. Plus I can maybe see them releasing the games separately on eShop later on or something


It'll likely go up long term because only a small percentage of switch owners will be getting it. Kinda like how although 7 million niggers bought Sunshine, that means only 1/3rd of Gamecube owners will ever have that game. Part of the reason why it mooned thist past year.


just mod your gamecube or setup an emulator download the rom nigga like wtf


Never underestimate collector autism


File: 1617290134301.jpeg (29.54 KB, 284x500, 71:125, ZH5JVQBKZORYKSRFWYRN52GOQ….jpeg)

>I don't like SJW shit in general,
This board follows sportschanic Islam only and you are going to hell.


File: 1617305417677.png (89.04 KB, 1200x400, 3:1, 1452400495021.png)

based, Bonzi caliphate when?


lmao i loved that banner


File: 1621396272891.png (45.39 KB, 175x175, 1:1, dat frickin' puppet is a s….png)

Meanwhile the Super Mario 64 PC remake they even bothered to remaster the assets and models like they're supposed to look on the cover and manuals. Does anyone remember what was the main feature of the previous SMAS?

The last Mario game that was worth playing was Sports Mix and that was like 11 years ago, 3d Land is when they started to play it safe.


I heard Odyssey is really good and a return to form, the trailers looked pretty good too. Was it busted?


>they even bothered to remaster the assets and models like they're supposed to look on the cover and manuals.
That SGI project was a good concept but in the most recent versions they went full HIRE THIS MAN


File: 1621443002933-0.png (1.03 MB, 1674x740, 837:370, NintendoLabo.png)

File: 1621443002933-1.gif (129.39 KB, 680x315, 136:63, Labo.gif)

File: 1621443002933-2.gif (2.9 MB, 1100x619, 1100:619, cardboard-soy.gif)

On a slightly unrelated topic

How does a gaming company get away with selling literal pieces of cardboard to it's users? eggsplan


Nintendo is basically like the Apple of vidya, they can release anything at any price and there's always a select group of obsessive autists willing to pay for it


lol at those HD textures with the same N64 polygon count


File: 1621451770633.webm (2.9 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, manchildren.webm)

vid related


File: 1621457450335.png (544.47 KB, 636x359, 636:359, noodle floor.png)

They're actually uncompressed versions of the original textures, but what the Render96 devs don't understand is that they were SUPPOSED to look compressed. I don't know who looked at shit like this and thought that it was the original vision of Mario 64




are those wood shavings?


Couldn't they do like 50% compression?


It's alright, although they had to copy and paste the same missions with more shit plus the tedious bullshit ideas from Super Mario Sunshine, just to compensate the lack of creativity. Also: Drifting fucking joycons.

>4 years later they finally added the fucking slopes
It's not like there's already a Mario editor to recreate your own world and experiment with the game's mechanics with slopes by default.


The real adventure is to archive the good shit they've been taking down, they're more competent at suing than game designing.


File: 1622929666081.jpg (27.96 KB, 540x405, 4:3, Robotnik smear.jpg)

>Gigaleak happened
>Lots of unexpected shit that have been shelved are finally seeing the day of light
<Everyone's a big of a pussy to archive and share around the webs
<Not even fucking the tcfr wiki


File: 1622933518889.gif (43.62 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 1595620165502.gif)

Is it because they don't want to get legally assraped or because they are just that dedicated Nintendo simps? Because one is far worse than the other


nintendo simps wouldnt have downloaded it in the first place





tbh that wasnt that long ago i wouldnt expect much to come of it for a couple years because you gotta lay way low and post stuff in short bursts since nintendo's lawyers put even kikes to shame with their dmca and c&d bullshit
i hope more stuff happens to them though nintendo is slimy as fuck and only has a gud reputation because of nostalgia and their kid friendly facade


Yeah supposedly the whole leak is several terabytes, we'll probably see a lot more in the future as long as the guys behind it don't pussy out


Can they file a trademark over an old ass pixel/polygon or even a half assed midi?

Didn't he get arrested for possession of child pornography? Or was it the other guy who leaked the beta version of Pokemon?


I forget why, it might have been CP but iirc the guy who hacked Nintendo originally is still in prison but he gave the data to a bunch of other guys before being arrested who are slowly releasing it


I love the fact they're now bothering to make the effort on the obligatory spinoffs, just after launching the shitty online services and the Switch having less space than a Samsung phone.


Switch Pro isn't happening, it was bad reporting. Nintendo already said they have no new hardware planned for the next few years


Why is nintendo always so bad with hardware and online. Liek, adapt to new tech and internet protocols ffs. PC users have been doing online for 2 decades with no major issues tbh


File: 1623576008524.png (586.85 KB, 465x858, 155:286, Count Chocula laugh.png)

>MarioXRabbis confirmed
>Now your forgotten lazy blue princess waifu got the rabies
<It's a new game, not an expansion pack
>The previous one is collecting dust after one major update
60 dollars well fucking spent.


File: 1623762205893.jpg (57.8 KB, 828x498, 138:83, Alex Jones starting a new ….jpg)

I'm surprised they haven't done this early, fucking king move, Ninty won this E3.


>Ninty won this E3.
This didn't age well…


File: 1623782368698.jpg (92.91 KB, 298x351, 298:351, Miiverse loss.jpg)

>New WarioWare tech demo confirmed
>It's just Mario Party with a much forgettable cast
<"Wtf no Wario Land or Waluigi, eff you Ninty"

They always do, they can't do no fucking wrong.
>After 15 years that hippie gook finally saw the potential of fresh blood tried something risque and showed the same Metroid game but with a hide n seek NPC, something you never saw ever before
>Also one of the guys with Beakman's hairstyle got confirmed for Smash, too late after adding crosspromoting cancer.
The stubborn twats have done it again.


daily reminder that nintendo is lideral yakuza and that gunpei yokoi was rubbed out for trying to launch the wonderswan under a competing company


best part


File: 1623811619539-0.jpg (129.22 KB, 471x466, 471:466, Nintendo being honest over….jpg)

File: 1623811619539-1.jpg (54.2 KB, 600x318, 100:53, 'It's just 50 dollars chea….jpg)

Despite Intelligent Systems having the resources and manpower to create a new Wario Land game, they've decided to make a new Mario Party with Wario plastered all over. Are you willing to blow 50 dollars on something that should've been included in the console since day 1?


>Mini-game collection for 50 dollars
>Budget Advance Wars games for 60 dollars
>Glorified Mario Party DLC for 60 dollars
>BOTW2 with reused assets for 60 dollars

Nintendo is just milking Switch owners at this point, putting in absolute minimal effort. The only thing they showed that looked like a complete fully priced game was Metroid Dread.


what the fuck are you talking about meyroid looked like a shitty metroidvania pet simulator complete with a doll amibo for sixty bucks that's a fifteen dollar brand new game tops fuck you retard


File: 1623826744222.jpg (34.63 KB, 500x412, 125:103, 78be43e46c56f1a0893394c8fb….jpg)

>metroid looked like a metroidvania


File: 1623828243302.gif (416.61 KB, 500x586, 250:293, Smug Nostalgia Critic.gif)

>Mario Party x2
It'll be hilarious seeing Mario Party crushing WarioWare at sales, because what's the fucking point of not including the Waluigi meme character and still containing a much more forgettable cast of retards? At first sight one can assume it's the same game, besides Wario is already playable at Mario Party.

>Adv. Wars

Should've been released for the 3ds, enjoy missing the fucking target because of the drifting joyconz.

>BOTW: Expanded and Enhanced

Is it the same Zelda where Link finally makes out with Ganon? It might be the only game where they bothered.


Honestly I could still say they won since the whole of E3 was so bad and Metroid was one of the only decent looking games


V I T A L I T Y is better tbh
autism does what nintendont


Metroid is kinda like Sonic in that it actually gets pretty good fangames due to the series itself being basically dead (given that Metroid Dread is the first mainline non-remake Metroid for nearly 20 years)


File: 1623864553776.png (2.86 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Elex-2_20210615_10.png)

>Honestly I could still say they won since the whole of E3 was so bad and Metroid was one of the only decent looking games

Dread looked cool but Embracer won E3, it's not even close
>Payday 3
>Homeworld 3
>Gungrave: G.O.R.E
>New Timesplitters
>New Painkiller
>Borderlands spin-off
>Final Form
>Scars Above
>The Chant


File: 1623904661724.jpg (405.58 KB, 757x1080, 757:1080, How dare you having fun on….jpg)

Nobody fucking won, the real losers are the keyboard warriors who got so triggered over the mean and offensive commentaries to their sacred brands. Has anyone else saw their dick sucking to the chinese presentation?


borderlands is fucking boring and GAY


it's been 3 months and shit is still in stock at msrp smh soy boys


People spamming "Persona 6" on the SMTV trailer legit made me butthurt even though I'm 99.9% sure it was trolling


fucking niggercattle in that pic


Actually it's $10 off lmao


File: 1624004830977.jpg (53.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Hilarious tech service cur….jpg)

>Nintendo won this E3
<By not getting political and broadcasting their mediocre games that we all have been expecting as usual.
The current state.


File: 1624006992775.png (321.07 KB, 696x418, 348:209, fagg.png)

>"winning E3"


File: 1624020159058.png (960.61 KB, 1200x866, 600:433, nintendronee3.png)

>Nintendo won this E3


I love how they just focused on BoTW: Expanded and Enhanced, it's like deep down they know Nintendo also fucking sucked but they must feel superior compared to the other retards.


Those shitty games in the upper half supposed to be "hype"?


no dude its literally the exact opposite implication


File: 1624155440831.jpg (163.91 KB, 1147x578, 1147:578, Looks the reamining WarioW….jpg)

>You normies don't deserve WarioWare


Not every single game is going to grab you, but if literally nothing at E3 appealed to you that didn't have Nintendo branding, then you are either a tendie or extremely jaded


>going to /v/
go back


Who the fuck are you to tell anyone what to do?


he comes from twitter, land of the bisexual smiles you better respect him and obey him and click any links he posts!


We've fallen so far that every /v/-cap is cuckchan until proven otherwise



really bisexuals my smile


what is it with /v/ autists and immediately trying to shit up every /v/ with the exact same whiny sperging killjoy bullshit?
youve got like twenty other video game boards to sit in and accuse everyone of being reddit for no reason fuck off back to whichever one you came from


bisexual smile posting makes me kek everytiem




>he comes from twitter
They confirmed you can post child pornography because it doesn't involve Qtards or any dangerous thinking.

Why was this board created anyways? Was it to be optimistic? That's too much.


The ones that are easy to pirate? Sunshine got the shit on the stick?


do you know what an iso is


>Why was this board created anyways? Was it to be optimistic? That's too much
Unlike most /v/ boards we actually enjoy playing video games I guess


it was created because there were enough spartmen interested in using it and >we were having a pretty gud time of it but a couple weeks ago the same kind of crybaby that makes every other /v/ unbearable showed up here and i guess theyre here to stay so oh well


I'm just saying Sunshine was always been the black sheep of 3d Bingers.

Because everyone in this place is hyped over the new Metroid, amirite?


point it out so i can SHIT on it hahaha


File: 1624333916005.png (728.79 KB, 980x550, 98:55, Todd Howard's New Super Ma….png)

According to Gaping Historian, the reason why the first Bing-a Ling games were different was:
>Takashi Tezuka stated he wanted to make SMB 2 as a more difficult version than its predecessor, since a good majority of the consumers already conquered the first one.
>SMB 3 took a different route so it wouldn't feel the same thing like the previous 2 games
>And so on with SMW
It's like they took Steve Job's criticism serious and slowly stagnate the quality on their games. Can you tell the difference between the NSMB entries at first sight?


File: 1624335301059.jpg (39.13 KB, 332x720, 83:180, 7d91397bf5880ea9697f4e4687….jpg)

I think the real reason is that Mario is a merchandising powerhouse and a household name. Not as big as Pokemon but still very big, so it's in Nintendo's interest to keep all the characters and items looking familiar. Those two franchises are locked down harder than everything else at Nintendo, because they are the two where the brand is worth more than the games themselves.


In all honesty when they had the K'nex partnership most of the toys were more fun looking than the games they were promoting, the same company that produced official Family Guy lego knockoffs.


Which is bullshit how they go for the easy prey and not their fellow corporation buddies. Did they file a C&D to Stephen Colbert, Dorkly or fucking SNL for profiting with their assets?


you know nintendo allows them to do things with their copyrights for advertising purposes right?
the nips go after fan stuff because it doesnt bring them any profit and theyre also paranoid about being upstaged and losing money


File: 1624423022228.png (701.75 KB, 1668x836, 417:209, 4e4073e281e6c6b896b2f8564b….png)

>Remember Dorkly for the first time in about a decade
>Go look it up just for curiosity
>It still exists and is uploading regularly
>It morphed into one of those generic "geek" variety channels around 2014/15
>Somehow in the last year all the variety content is completely gone and it has reverted back to pixel skits of "pokemon and mario but real life!!!" just like it was 10 years ago

The more things change, the more they stay the same




Fun Fact, Nintendo has created just 3 new IPs for Nintendo Switch: Ring Fit Adventure, Labo, and Arms. That's it. Not a single new IP other than those three.


wtf cardboard isnt an ip


What was there for the Wii U in comparison? All I can think of is Splatoon and Wonderful 101


i keep forgetting the wii u existed at all


bayo 2 and….smash 4…..and….


not even smash 4 though because it came out on 3ds too though it was gimped af


I actually preferred the stages in the 3DS version tbh


that shit was still gimped
iirc they even cut the ice climbers from both versions just because they couldnt get them to work on the 3ds but maybe that was some bullshit someone fed me i dunno
all i know is it sucked p hard with the 3ds controls


the best Yoshi game there is
captain toad
star fox
tokyo mirage sessions
donky kong
fatal frame
mario kart
mario maker


Yeah it had some great games (half the Switch library is just Wii U ports) but we were talking about new IPs. Which Nintendo pretty much gave up on after the Gamecube.


oh sorry thought you were talking exclusives when i saw smash and bayo yeah it had no new ip other than wonderful and splat and captain toad but that was a mini game but i think that mini game started on the mario3d game on wiiu so that probably counts


File: 1624687041711.jpg (308.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Captain-Toad-7.jpg)

Feels borderline to me. Technically it's an original IP but it borrows heavily from Mario right down to the assets. It doesn't really have it's own distinct identity like Luigi's Mansion does.


well you used a screenshot of a mario odyssey level from the switch port


I don't see what you're getting at


just that you posted a pic that' a level directly based on a mario game but you still do have a point it looks like ots in the mario universe for sure. i will say the gameplay itself is unique from any other nintendo ip ive played


Yeah, I wasn't trying to shit on it, I wish it had more of a unique personality to it but it's a neat little game for what it is.


yeah i realized i was being defensive for no real reason, what you said is true.

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