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Half-Life 3 tech demo just leaked


Will it have VR support though?


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u trickd me


but nobody cares about what bidet says or what happens in the usa


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>Half-Life 3 tech demo just leaked

Way ahead of you OP


I personally enjoy laughing at his boomer moments at least


I think they said in an interview that Half-Life 3 wouldn't be VR, and that the VR games will just be Alyx's story. Makes sense to me.


HL3 is never coming out


Maybe not, but the likelihood has jumped up significantly since Alyx


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Yeah we got a snowdog hat


Probably not at this point


The issues were:
>Source 2 not being good enough to do everything they wanted
>Nobody wanting to touch Half-Life because of it's legendary status
>No leaps in technology to justify Half-Life 3

None of those issues exist any more. Still might never happen, but the door has been opened.


I like seeing my cool-meter go up

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