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Some news about the direction of Playstation and upcoming games

Shreier revealed they are shifting further toward AAA movie games:
>Japan Studio being downsized, Sony no longer interested in niche Japanese titles
>Naughty Dog is working on Uncharted 5, a new multiplayer game and a remake of The Last of Us
>The Visual Arts Service Group wanted to form their own studio but their first project was handed to Naughty Dog instead
>Bend (Eidetic) aren't working on anything of their own and are now a support studio for Naughty Dog

The next Kojima Productions game might not be on Playstation:
>Xbox rumored to be publishing Kojima's next game
>Xbox is on the record wanting more Japanese studios / games
>Ludens figure on Phil Spencer's shelf next to Xbox logo (pic related)

Is there any salvaging 9th gen for Sony at this point?


File: 1618456402399.jpg (27.17 KB, 198x405, 22:45, cdec65e045eb20a1b5c486fe1a….jpg)

>Japan Studio being downsized, Sony no longer interested in niche Japanese titles

Translation: more awful american-esque games and no more unique and well made PS2 era tier games

>Naughty Dog is working on Uncharted 5

Because they haven't milked that series enough already

>Is there any salvaging 9th gen for Sony at this point?

It's ded. Either do PC if you're a gamer, or enjoy being humiliated and dissapointed from here until you die


>Japan Studio being downsized, Sony no longer interested in niche Japanese titles
All they're really doing here is giving more market share to Switch/PC. Hell even fucking Xbox is getting more popular in Japan these days due to Sony's censorship and Americanization bullshit.


it's strange that Sony's vidya division would be moving away from Japan while Sony itself is actually seeing the potential in selling Japanese media to the west, given that they basically own the entire English language anime industry with CR, Funimation and Aniplex


File: 1618592646884.jpg (868.42 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, forspoken.jpg)

The bias is not Western vs. Eastern, it's AAA "blockbusters" vs. everything else. Sony still bought exclusivity for Final Fantasy and Forspoken because they are big games that fit their new mold. Japan Studio was too small and risky, not too Eastern


I'm amazed that Final Fantasy still counts as AAA tbh




I find it hard to believe that it sells enough to warrant AAA funding given that nobody seems to give a fuck about new FF games


by that standard a lot of triple ayy games wouldnt count outside of call of duty some nintenshit titles and whatever battle royale garbage is being obsessed over by children i never really see anyone talk about AAA shit anymore im pretty sure its more money laundering scheme than attempts at profit now like modern hollywood is


>i never really see anyone talk about AAA shit anymore
That's because everything's delayed


That plus most AAA games currently seem to be just ports of the previous gen's AAA games


You can really feel it too. Nintendo and 2K have put out mostly ports for years. Xbox and Konami have basically been dormant. This whole past gen has been a black hole


We're even getting another fucking GTAV port 8 years later. Wouldn't surprise me if Todd ports Skyrim again too


File: 1618868446205.png (111.6 KB, 960x693, 320:231, rockstar.png)

Bethesda milks Skyrim too but I don't think it's as bad since they still publish a lot of games from their other studios to fill out the release schedule. 2K on the other hand has basically sat on it's hands ever since GTA V released


no its mostly because nothing actually new or even remotely interesting is being made
hollyjew has that cuck cough excuse because theyre required to go outside and interact directly with each other to make their shitty movies but big name video game devs dont because they can do literally everything from home


didn't r* used to make the lemmings games


File: 1618879026823.png (17.69 KB, 644x410, 322:205, Lemmings-2.png)

>no its mostly because nothing actually new or even remotely interesting is being made
We get it, everything sucks, we're all dumb for liking things etc.

Yeah, but they were known as DMA Design back then.


isn't tes6 in development? also starfield whatever that is


>We get it, everything sucks, we're all dumb for liking things etc.
not what i said at all but ok buddy we're talking specifically about triple ayy shit (or i guess the lack of it) no need to get uppity


It's boring hearing the same spiel about how the industry is dead, nothing good is coming out etc. It's no golden age but there's still interesting stuff on the horizon


i dunno why youre being a bitch the guy said nothing was coming out because of corona and i along with a couple of other posters said it was dried up before corona and that it isnt an excuse
i wasnt even going to say anything more about it. i dont know if you were arguing with that one faggot who bounces around the various /v/ boards and cries about jews winning for the rest of eternity but dont take it out on me


The TES 6 trailer came out a few years ago but we haven't heard anything since. Looks like it's gonna be set in another boring human province anyway so I'm not expecting too much from it. As for Starfield we know basically nothing other than that it's going to be one of Bethesda's RPGs in their usual engine but with a sci-fi theme


im pretty surprised they havent said fuck it and openly tried to cater to furries by basing a game in elsewyr theres no way they dont know what the sex modders get up to with their games


File: 1618987181053.jpg (261.76 KB, 1500x844, 375:211, 33172990.jpg)

I feel like Elsewyr and Black Marsh are more likely now with the Microsoft acquisition. There's no way Xbox are going to wait 15 years between Elder Scrolls games.


iirc in the lore there are like 20 different Khajiit races ranging from basically humans, the furfags we're used to and up to actual fucking cats. Bethesda is way too lazy to pull off something like that tbh


File: 1619109880772.jpg (44.68 KB, 495x479, 495:479, sload.jpg)

>tfw no playable Sloads


>can't play as an actual fucking cat
>can't play as a sload
>can't play as a giant
>can't play as a cliff racer
i'm only partly jesting here i wish more games let you play as more explicitly non-human or at least ridiculously warped human-like creatures instead of twink with stretched ears and blue skinpaint


wtf did my post about playing as nonhumans get delet?




I sometimes like to play Morrowind with the playable Skeleton race mod, shit is cash
Sometimes you have to refresh the page for your post to appear because it's loading an old version of the thread from your browser cache


i did that it didnt show up until i posted again im gonna sue dudder for emotional distress this is inexcusable



i wish i could be a tree im already practically vegetative


click yt link at bottom
lil joke video about 2017 mod of the year where you play as the tree
look at uploads, guy is still active
sort by oldest
been doin this for six years
3 vids in the last two days
holy fuck


Morrowind modding is actually pretty big again at the moment because of the new MWSE Lua scripting thing. Haven't tried much of it myself though since I use OpenMW


Why did japs gave away PlayStation to the gaijews?


I guess because burgers spend more money on vidya than Japs. Plus most of the weeb JRPG fans who bought PS3s and Vitas have largely moved over to Switch and PC, so maybe they're just trying to focus entirely on the AAA movie game market


>The size of the console-based videogame market in Japan has halved in seven years, according to a Japanese industry body, the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association.

It's not just Sony, every Japanese video game company is pivoting to the West because it's just a reality that that is where you make your money, unless you want to make shitty mobile games forever


>so maybe they're just trying to focus entirely on the AAA movie game market
Seeing how that's all their games, this is probably the case


File: 1620064470929-0.jpg (3.8 MB, 1491x1893, 497:631, 5bc7051827-DESO_ST_PKSHT_P….jpg)

File: 1620064470929-1.jpg (141.47 KB, 687x872, 687:872, 1611856972_6326255466317.jpg)

File: 1620064470929-2.jpg (507.37 KB, 711x900, 79:100, 11459.jpg)

Their last two releases weren't movie games, and their next release isn't a movie game either. Maybe it's just a false start but it does look like they are diversifying more this generation


movie game isn't a game based on movie you dumb retard. That Returnal shit is the definition.
>two shitty remakes
kill yourself


>A TPS bullethell is a "movie game"
>A new game in an established series is a remake
If you're gonna throw a tantrum at least be correct


>"new game"
>defending soyny
just fuck of back to cuckchan already


File: 1621097547625.jpg (334.15 KB, 1580x880, 79:44, returnal.jpg)

Putting quotation marks around something doesn't make it incorrect sagefag


at this point I don't even know if the "back to cuckchan" guy is serious or some kind of ironic memelord


>Ratchet & Clank
<OMG look at her precious bisexual smile, Anti-SJWs btfo


its very likely unironic literally every /v/ has some terminally autistic faggot that feels like hes gotta police the board


>precious bisexual smile
is this supposed to make sense what are you talking about


File: 1621113598068.png (219.3 KB, 490x371, 70:53, 93e91898b7739dd51f91f91a53….png)

I don't think I'm schizo enough to understand what you meant by this, have a dog


File: 1621275235832-0.jpg (143.86 KB, 548x442, 274:221, Degenerate btfo niGGers, t….jpg)

File: 1621275235832-1.png (111.95 KB, 904x401, 904:401, It's okay if I do it.png)

>Doesn't acknowledge the reception.
<The same bitches and faggots who encourage everyone to throw under bus anyone for spreading dangerous ideas.


Why are you rambling about random twitter drama as if this is assumed knowledge, nobody knows what the fuck you are talking about


assuming people automatically know what you know is a genuine sign of autism


Isn't that the point of shitposting?


yes making shitty retarded incomprehensible posts is a part of shitposting but not everything has to be some schizo mess that nobody can decipher that shits gay and boring


>I don't get it
<You're autistic
>You don't get it
<You're a retard
<Muh schizos
No wonder why this place is more dead than 8kunt's /v/, I love how you asume anyone's mental defectiveness, you truly are the new Dr. Fauci.


Sorry bro but on this board we prefer talking about vidya games rather than dumbass Twitter screencaps


ok retard feel free to go away


File: 1621475810123.webm (882 KB, 1098x1080, 61:60, drfauci.webm)

>you truly are the new Dr. Fauci



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