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>30th anniversary
>Most popular video game movie of all time
>Sonic movie sequel on the way
>New animated series also coming
>Merch still very profitable
<No game in four years

Sonic the JUSThog


i dunno sounds like theyre doing pretty gud if their alternate media is successful i dont think anyone but the most hardcore sanic autists expect sonic games themselves to be enjoyable
hes better as a cartoon character anyway


SEEGA didn't fix Sonic by making him more VULNERABLE


all 3D sonic games are shit


Hopefully they just hire the Sonic Mania guys again, that was probably the only good sanic game for like a decade


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File: 1620140612892.png (1.07 MB, 1647x989, 1647:989, ClipboardImage.png)


What does the text say?


сука блять пик б


What indie developers think retro graphics looked like
What retro graphics actually looked like


File: 1620227022649.gif (1.65 MB, 1920x1440, 4:3, 1594276276644.gif)

Yeah I think a lot of indie devs make that mistake. Maybe they're younger guys who only experienced old games through emulators, or maybe they just forgot how CRTs looked since it's been a while since they were the standard. That's why I usually prefer games like Shantae and Hollow Knight where they go for a more hand-drawn aesthetic


looks way better with scanlines


Exactly, indie devs go for the pixel aesthetic thinking it looks quirky and retro, not seeming to realize that irl retro games weren't supposed to have visible pixels as they were designed around CRTs.
As for the filter I think it's CRT-Royale from Retroarch. Ususally I don't like CRT filters but this one actually looks pretty good, haven't tried it myself though since it's designed for 4K monitors.


>Alternate media
The problem is: Anyone could pull it out, look how many people jizzed over the Super Mario lego.


if thats the case then why doesnt every major franchise have their own tv shows? thats a serious question if it was that easy i'm pretty sure every video game corporation wouldve gone full jew over their mainline games ages ago
the only one i can think of that has had multiple attempts was mortal kombat and none of that was particularly successful meanwhile nearly every sanic tv show or comic has been fairly popular
also i dont count lego because brick autism is probably one of the easiest things to exploit im sure if lego decided to release sonic sets it would unleash a whole new wave of donut steel sperging that would last generations

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