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Anyone else here play chink dominoes? I know this is more /tg/ territory but this is the closest board we have I guess


i used to think shisen was mahjong for a long time i like that, i could never understand mah jong proper


That's the solitaire game that comes with some computers right? A lot of people think that since they label it as Mahjong. If you ever feel like learning the real thing try reading Akagi and just learn as you go by reading wikis and shit


so that game where you have a pyramid of pieces and you go removing them by matching the picture or design is actually called shinsen? wtf do they call it mahjogn


File: 1592006543356.mp4 (6.91 MB, 416x720, 26:45, 1592003195349.mp4)

it uses the tiles and i think early 00s flash game makers were dumb idfk nigga get off muh dik


They probably just thought fuck it and called it that because 99.9% of non-Asians aren't gonna know what Mahjong is anyway


that video was very unexpected

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