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>/v/ claims reboot is shit and ruined X franchise forever
<It's actually ludo


I think nu-DOOM is good but it doesn't really feel much like the old games imo. Maybe people wouldn't have bitched as much if it was sold as an original game instead? Though it wouldn't have gotten anywhere near the same amount of sales


>I think nu-DOOM is good but it doesn't really feel much like the old games imo.
It seemed pretty faithful to me, had all the old weapons and enemies, same atmosphere etc.


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nudoom has no mod support and nothing good enough to justify its absence
OP is a faggot


Sage negated


sage is not a downvote
go back to peddit


This. Mount and Blade has thousands of mods but it's still complete eurojank


Yeah it had lots of references and stuff, but gameplay-wise it feels very different, not that I'm expecting a modern shootan game to play the same as one from 1993 though. Besides if you want more of old Doom John Romero made Sigil recently so just play that instead I guess.
I think the reason people get pissy about Doom specifically is because Doom 1/2 are viewed like holy relics of vidya, so anything that tries to compare to them is immediately branded as shit by a certain group of people. Similar to how every time Nintendo makes a new Zelda a bunch of people cry because it's not exactly the same as OoT.


>Similar to how every time Nintendo makes a new Zelda a bunch of people cry because it's not exactly the same as OoT.
Yeah, that's dumb, there's never been a bad mainline Zelda game (except BOTW)


mount and blade is completely broken
ive already conquered about 20% of the map, and i never even served as anyones vassal
you just get a couple high ranking heavy units then bait desert bandits into raiding you… they do, they all get fucking killed or injured, then you start selling them as prisoners and raking yuge amounts of cash. you just do this until you have a large group of swardian knights (80ish), then you just go take a smaller castle from the weakest faction. do a token garrison and replenish your forces. they'll counter raid, you let them take, then you take the castle and wipe out their force.
the knights are tough as shit, and will surive the entire engagement. castle raids only go on until like, 200 or something enemy troops get killed. so you just keep yourself alive, kill that many and automatically the entire enemy is wiped out.
the only way to die is if you let yourself get mobbed by a group of 1000 or something outside the castle as you raid the smaller groups


File: 1621366690621.jpg (705.91 KB, 1280x653, 1280:653, This Is Running In Doom.jpg)

You accidentally hit the nail on the head. DOOM is a good game because it was revolutionary, but it's a great game because it's had more longevity than any game ever except perhaps nethack. The reason, of course, is mods have given the game more legs than many genres and let it remain influential even today. In contrast, nudoom is just a good shooter that most people played once or twice and forgot about. In these kinds of discussions its important to distinguish proper modding from the style Bethesda (ironically) pioneered of "lol just release a broken game the modders will fix it later".
All nudoom had to do was release an sdk and it would be a triumphant return to form. Instead they made Halo-but-worse MP with lootboxes.


DOOM will always be a museum piece. You can load it up with all sorts of mods, it will never be as good as Quake, Unreal or Half-Life. id Tech 1 is ancient


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Maybe stop playing chocolate doom.


>this is running in doom
what is it?


Why would I play Doom at all outside of nostalgia? Why would anyone? It's aged like milk.


youre not even talking about the original point anymore


Which is???


that the original game still has a sizeable following specifically because of its ability to be modded to hell and back
your point is apparently that you dont like doom and that it sucks which ok cool but we're not talking shitty personal opinions


I never said Doom sucks. I said it has aged poorly and became totally obsolete by the mid-90's


File: 1621389444099.jpeg (99.18 KB, 1280x1267, 1280:1267, itsNotEvenBait.jpeg)

Total Chaos. You should really be keeping up with the Cacowards, there's all kinds of cool shit in them.
there's just no escaping neo/v/ is there


that also wasnt what anyone was talking about and no shit a near 30 year old game is obsolete literally no one said otherwise


So you mean Ubisoft bothered to make a game and not some shitty cashgrab?


XCOM is 2K Games not Ubisoft. But point still stands since 2K have their fair share of cash grabs


Doom Eternal is just as good as the originals.
Anyone who says otherwise is a massive contrarian sperg with internet mind poison rotting their brain.


>my opinion is objectively right and if you disagree you're buzzwords!
do you have trouble getting dressed in the morning, anon?


File: 1621489881794.jpg (757.72 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, wolfenstein.jpg)

He's being hyperbolic but he's not wrong. Everybody wanted classic FPS back, Bethesda brought the genre back to life with Wolfenstein TNO and Doom 4, then out came all the contrarians saying actually they all suck because it's not 1:1 like muh childhood


I just want to see someone do a remake of BLOOD. Its basically Duke Nukem but better. Considering Randy Cuckford is lying in a bathroom stall somewhere in a pile of his own piss and shit I doubt we will ever hear from Duke Nukem again. Not to mention if a Duke Nukem game got made today some tranny vidya game journalist would launch a campaign to destroy because GamerGate won or something.


THQ bought Gearbox, so it's up to them really if they want to make another Duke Nukem. BLOOD is never happening though, Monolith is under WB who only make licensed games these days


nudoom is to doom as brutal doom is to doom. It's not bad per se and can be quite fun in its own way but it doesn't play like doom anymore than doom 3 did. Good or bad, purists would have reasonable grounds to complain.
Give the Doom wad Preacher a try. It's heavily inspired by Blood and if you're a bad enough dude to handle UV without savescumming it's as good as 2.5D gets.
Does Blood actually have any iconic franchise elements except perhaps the cultist screams? A skilled devteam could easily make a spiritual sequel that's Blood 2 in all but name.



my favorite doom mod is SRB2


>not SRB2 Kart


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I wonder how they'll split the studios. I think ideally it would be:

Staying with WB
>TT Games
>WB Montréal
>WB San Francisco

Sold off

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