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File: 1621478144805.png (158.7 KB, 351x354, 117:118, ashly.png)


*ruins your VO*


i dont know who that is


literally who
weird way to shill yourself but ok



You've probably heard her in something without knowing it


Why is it that every English dub of Jap vidya or animu uses the same group of like 5 VAs anyway?


Because on the grill side no one else wants to tank their career doing anything embarrassing as jap dubs and the """""studios""""" handling it no better than to take a chance on an untested loon. On the guy side we already have Jeff Blum and Nolan North. What more could you want?


its partly for the same reasons every american cartoon looks like the same noodly and round garbage theres a tiny clique of faggots who run everything and absolutely despise allowing new blood to even attempt getting into the field unless they fully kowtow to the preferred ideology of the day


File: 1621654039505.jpg (91.51 KB, 640x800, 4:5, YPrVlulH6TDSlaeEVvuYZMFlbe….jpg)

Would you?


i have wanted to beat a celebrity to death with one of those stupid trophies for a vary long time now tbh


only thing i'm seeing in her career that wasnt some form of total cancer is space dandy the english dub for that was actually bretty gud



I liek this post


File: 1621660168756.jpg (187.42 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 99999999999full-ashly-burc….jpg)


*aggresively cum on her face*


haw haw grills can't spell their own names right


*EXTREMELY aggressively cum on her face*


File: 1621746829791.jpg (144.78 KB, 1428x772, 357:193, ash-ed-ed.jpg)

This is why she has to wear nut-proof splash protection everywhere, look what you did gamergators


*VIOLENTLY and AGGRESIVELY cum into the intake valve*


whys she got so many fucking grey hairs?
she looks like shes only 30



>whys she got so many fucking grey hairs?
>she looks like shes only 30

This is how the average American woman looks like at her age


ime 30yos dont go grey unless they do uppers
either illicit or prescribed


File: 1621817634425.jpg (115.93 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, CPh9AgfUwAAn1in.jpg)



nigga those AINT highlights


*shoots cum all over her mouth, eyes, and face*


File: 1622340068669.jpg (10.13 KB, 443x56, 443:56, Eat dick pauline.jpg)

>List of Ashley Burch's characters before her vidya big break
<The dumb naive bitch from a forgotten anime
<They all sound the same
Literally Steve Blum with a vagina


wow, rude
what did steve blum ever do to you?


he blum'd in my yard when i didnt fuckin plant him there


File: 1622597943512.jpg (189.22 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, Sundance Film Festival Por….jpg)


*shoot cum onto her face and hair*


Bit rude that


She just needs to be impregnated and made into a house wife asap


CtlrAltDel 2 and his circlejerk among VA.


wtf he has support from within Veterans Affairs???


Anthony burch whored her out to the journo crowd to get a leg in the door. Then proceeded to monkey swing his way up into writing positions where he wrote characters for her and made an entire DLC built around her. She's a dirty mexican whore with a cuck brother. Sticking your dick in that would have a worse outcome than fucking a blender.



Just forget that entire family. They are all extremely shit




File: 1623899853971-0.jpg (351.85 KB, 1980x1114, 990:557, tiny_tinas_wonderlands_key….jpg)

File: 1623899853971-1.jpg (680.11 KB, 1919x1080, 1919:1080, horizon-zero-dawn-intro-de….jpg)

She can't stop winning…


I wouldn't be surprised if she was the main reason why Valve's TF2 pilot to adult_swim went down the shitter, the bitch wanted her one dimensional secretary to have more voicelines.


We still wont't care about your uggo american wyminxs. Please stop


>I wouldn't be surprised if she was the main reason why Valve's TF2 pilot to adult_swim went down the shitter,

What? TF2 had a tv show? Make a new thread about it. I wanna hear more about it


lmao why would i cater to a sage homo?


It's the Expiration Date pilot, but some say the real pilot remains lost.


File: 1624155688787.png (9.03 KB, 152x180, 38:45, 1476571687125.png)

when VAs start to get some fame and become demanding it's time to drop them


File: 1624173847192.jpg (92.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Typical funanimation voice….jpg)

Doing retarded voices on front of a microphone is hard work.

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