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File: 1621524751457.png (76.76 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, timesplitters.png)




forever ever?


i have never played timesplitters


its ok. its like a goldeneye/perfect dark 64 clone that feels like a clone, but has added meme weapons and fun arcade-like challenges thrown in.
I'm sure all the usual fans that never played the games are going to be very excited to have another video game brand name to shove down their own throat for others to watch.

I hope they betray every single concept that made their game unique so they can make a good game that feels just like every other FPS but keep that playful timesplitters aesthetic, except i hope they junk that too for a more mature theme. afterall the fans grew up, shouldnt the game?


ok, sounds good i'll try it then


>I'm sure all the usual fans that never played the games are going to be very excited to have another video game brand name to shove down their own throat for others to watch.
Imagine being this sour that zoomers are finally getting to enjoy real FPS games lol


>Now that every videogame developer must have a twitter for their narcissistic circlejerks.
Good timing.


File: 1622235893667.gif (703.17 KB, 245x245, 1:1, 1611197482126.gif)

What does Twitter have to do with anything


If they don't want to get excluded from the cool boys club they must make the game safe for faggots, expect the game totally updated for your safety.


It already happened with the Point & Click genre, what makes you think this forgotten James Bond knockoff would be any different?


I don't know but I'm sure you'll let us all know about it loudly and annoyingly


File: 1622408075803-0.jpg (107.6 KB, 576x318, 96:53, TimeNiggers 4, twitter.jpg)

File: 1622408075803-1.jpg (122.73 KB, 533x525, 533:525, TimeSplitters 4 confirmed,….jpg)

>I don't know
This is why you shouldn't drop out of your Special ED class. If I show you their virtual signaling retardness what would be your reaction? Place your bingo charts, folks
>Schizo, again
>I'm still consooming
>It'll be shit, so what?
>Don't drag drama that won't affect the game's development


dont respond to him at all bro and he'll do his usual "no wunder dis place ded" shit and leave
simple as


why are there unironic Twitterfags posting here


Nice sockpuppeting redditor, can't wait for you to angrily purchase the 60 dollar digital piece of shit and swallow the semen, because "muh escapism"


same reason fags like this shit up literally every other /v/, to start tranny drama responding at all is a mistake but i guess its your choice if you want to kill what >we have going on here too
im beyond giving a fuck if a video game board gets shat up by these types of retards anymore all you have to do is not give them their (you)s and they fucking leave


>that post got delet
>twatter tranny still up
dudder confirmed for twitman all will bow down and accept the drama


>You can't delete the post because it pinched your autism
Maybe zzxychan is the place for (you)

Maybe it's surprisingly not offtopic? How about we forget Twitter for a moment: And start placing the rungs that lead the fact that slavs can't make games for shit? After CyberPunk 777, you'd think THQueers would improve once for all? Reflect and ponder the reception of their shitty 5 dollar USD budget games? And god forbid if you question their bullshit on /CakeV/ after the retarded stunt market that shit out a shittier remake of a licensed game.


nah youre kind of a fag and i refuse to engage with you on any level


I'm guessing that guy deleted the posts himself, dudman usually doesn't delete anything aside from CP


File: 1622590040616.png (8.14 KB, 729x732, 243:244, 1444482115001.png)

Is this real OP?


>delet own post
this is a grave sin and he must martyr himself in a /sp/ihad against twitter to cleanse his soul of the haram


File: 1622597434625.jpg (87.8 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, E2g3AttXMAMIHwJ.jpg)

Yes, we'll probably find out more next Friday since their parent company is holding an E3 event


lel sounds like a gay porn video or something


File: 1622741811607.gif (298.42 KB, 293x199, 293:199, 5426aad0894f02deee0448223e….gif)

>Dead Guyland
>Taints Blow
>Red Suction Assmageddon
>Kingdom Cum: Deliver Ass
>Shadow Buggerer


File: 1622840955016.jpg (67 KB, 512x288, 16:9, 1486340832387.jpg)

kek based gachimuchifag


File: 1622926400776.jpeg (34.34 KB, 655x527, 655:527, readings.jpeg)

>Koch primetime gaming stream

That sounds a lil bit gay fam. But the games that are streaming >>2016 are the icing on the cake. I know it's gay pride month, but this is just fucking ridiculous.


Nice argument right there, your teacher must gave you a star on your forehead after showing her that you didn't shit all over the keyboard after replying me.

>We won't show you anything new from Saints Row
>Or the cocktease that is TimeSplitters 4
We won't be seeing the new shit with even more awkward controls, bummer.


twitter homo is back again expect schizo shit


what the fuck even is cakeV anyway? I'm too old for this internet drama shit


dont even pay him any heed or he'll start going on about bisexual smiles or whatever crazy shit he's polluting his mind with at the moment by obsessing over twitter shit


File: 1622933025399-0.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1600x861, 1600:861, 213713546.jpeg)

File: 1622933025399-1.jpg (471.48 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Evil-West-2.jpg)

It was impossible for most of those franchises to show up, but they have to mention it explicitly so they don't get mauled for not showing over 9000 games. If they show off Evil West, KCD2 and one or two surprises it's a win in my book


Which slav team is the one designing the awkward as shit controls?

Now you want to police speech? Get fucked faggot.


police what im just pointing out a faggot dont make me bisexual smile at you twatterboi


File: 1623128861915.jpg (25.84 KB, 166x184, 83:92, Totally not forced faggotr….jpg)

>dont make me bisexual smile
Are you recovering from a lobotomy? Here, have another twitter screencap, now let's see your screeching like an autist.


File: 1623157886785.jpg (61.43 KB, 960x717, 320:239, 1600988107434.jpg)

What's the problem? This website is 100% in support of the LBGT community


lmao twatterboi finna get bismiled ;)


File: 1623207724534.jpg (305.34 KB, 539x763, 77:109, DeepSilver's shout out to ….jpg)

It's so nice of them to give a shout out the new Team Fortress 3 and focus on what's more important. There are no trannies though, can they fix that on the new TimeSplitters? btw this time it's not twitter


tbh i wasnt paying attention to what thread i was in when i started shitting on twatterboi but i will not apologize because i think 'bisexual smile' is so retarded its funny


File: 1623295725179.png (63.6 KB, 657x527, 657:527, calmness.png)

Slovberg pls


eyes that scream
>why are we here
>just to suffer

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