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any of u niggas use a fight stick to play fighting games or arcadey platformers?
i kinda wanna get one cuz i remember they were breddy gud in arcades, but idk if they are actually any good to play on or if it's just nostalgia


from my experience theyre way better for fighting games than regular controllers
fuckin garbage for everything else besides flight games i guess though


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They're only worthwhile if you're a huge fightan autist really. They're expensive as fuck so unless you're a richfag it's not really worth it just for some occasional nostalgiafagging


there are some for like $75, bout the same price as controllers nowadays lmao
one in the op pic is the >reddit rec for a povertystick at like $80
i can justify throwing away $80 if it gets me back into tekken or some shit


I don't see how a fight stick's going to make it any more palatable to memorize movesets and combos. I've heard a lot of top pros use playstation controllers and even a few have done pretty well with a keyboard so it seems to me that unless you already like fightan and want to try a different control scheme those games aren't going to magically become fun with a stick.
>flight games
Has anyone ever tried using a joystick for fightan? Just beating Daigo with an ancient fuckin Attack 3


i played a fuckton of rashid in sfv a couple years ago but i found once i got to a certain level i just got bored
maybe its just autism but i feel like a more satisfying control scheme would keep me playing
like with flight sims i really hate playing them unless i got my joystick with me


Only when playing Street fighter and Mortal Kombat games


sfv is trash play something else like sfiv or kof or tekken or guilty gear or literally anything else other than sfv or moron kombat


is guilty gear gud?


yea if you like anime fighters but strive not so much play accent core or xrd instead


i just got the entire series for $9 on humble bundle
been playing xrd, shit is rally hard i keep getting raped
i cant just button mash like i could in sfv
even took me like an hour to get through the tutorial lmao


stop mashin buttons


i lik my buttons lik i lik my patatos dtmwtd


your fuckin trash and your gonna keep bein trash until you play the game why did did yuo even buy it


im not even him i just wanted to say i lik masjed potatoes


oh ok me to budy




try playing the game


Buy the best quality buttons and joystick and control board separately.
Find an empty case you like or build one yourself from light wood (as a man you should be able to do this).
Shouldn't cost you more than $50


>(as a man you should be able to do this).
um, are you assuming my gender? fucking shitlord


sportschan is a gender and religion converter you are a male /sp/ihadi and you will fucking deal with it according to allah's will


3 months without activity?


this thread was started less than a month ago or are you talking about something else?


They're great, but you gotta consider if spending at least around $240 on one is worth it

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