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You can instantly change exactly one thing in any game. How do you make bad games [spoiler]fun?[/spoiler]
>Splinter Cell [spoiler]up to Double Agent[/spoiler]
>double the number of corridors in every map
>it's now feasible to beat missions without attacking anyone
[spoiler]<Splinter Cell after Double Agent
<every copy ships with a rootkit
<on install it fries your hardware[/spoiler]


trying to do this?


File: 1621751565836.jpg (1.24 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, botw.jpg)

Every fifth shrine is an actual Zelda dungeon


game is built around weapons never breaking


File: 1621799830149.jpg (81.07 KB, 750x747, 250:249, 1614115133093.jpg)

Fallout: New Vegas except it doesn't crash every 10 minutes


drop some of your titty and /k/ autism mods the game has great stability with just YUP and the 4GB mem patch


I went by the Viva New Vegas modding guide and it was pretty stable that way. Still some crashes here and there but it's fucking Bethesda so it's never gonna be perfect.


I went back to New Vegas with just JSawyer and I was instantly bored because I remembered everything in the game


Yeah that's the problem with these Bethesda-style open world games, they're kinda static so after enough playthroughs you'll have exhausted all of the content. All you can really do is either install a fuck ton of mods in an attempt to make it different or just wait long enough between playthroughs that you forget most of the small details


While not bad games but I have pet peevees with these games;
>Xenoblade 2
The gacha mechanic is removed.
>Smash Ultimate
Proper Fire Emblem representation i.e. characters that aren't a sword lord plus Byleth removed from Fighter Pass 1 and is replaced with an 8th gen pokemon.
>Red Alert 3
Have an economy like C&C Generals.
>Doom Eternal
Add in the arcade mode from Doom 2016.
>Mario Odyssey
Add in a Hard mode that give out less moons than the regular mode.


I liek ur picture OP


>>Mario Odyssey
Add in a Hard mode that give out less moons than the regular mode.
Maybe that could work as a self-imposed challenge? like if you were to not buy any moons and only get the ones from challenges or something


New Vegas should have been an isometric TBRPG. Gamebryo is so bad at shooting and exploration and let's not even talk about the """"dialogue"""" system.


File: 1621876070287.jpg (280.2 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, fo4.jpg)

Shooting feels fine in Creation Engine, New Vegas just came out too early. It's not on the level of other Zenimax games but it still feels satisfying

>exploration and let's not even talk about the """"dialogue"""" system

These aren't even Gamebryo problems


>creation engine
>citing an engine's successor
but why anon? I'd never say goldsrc has a good physics engine because you can throw props in source
>aren't even gamebryo problems
technically they're design problems but they're abnormally difficult to solve in gamebryo. More importantly New Vegas was on such a tight time and money budget that they couldn't hardly modify engine, assuming of course they had access to its source at all. You could argue semantics but on the whole the point stands.


>on the whole the point stands
Doesn't make any sense though

1) How would an isometric perspective do anything to improve dialogue or exploration?
2) Why would they go isometric when isometric RPGs were already phased out by the early 00's?


My problem with NV shootan mechanics is the energy weapons more than anything. They just feel kinda weak and underwhelming. I guess it's for the sake of balancing but I miss the FO1/2 energy weapons that basically turn you into an unstoppable terminator


File: 1622042570551.mp4 (7.62 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, laser.mp4)

Yeah, no more pea shooters. I want Fallout 5 energy weapons to handle like this


>There was an error loading your game.
T. Toddcore


why did they shittify the energy weapons in new vegas? i remember them being one of the few enjoyable parts of fo3


Maybe they wanted people to go with regular guns instead because of the whole Western theme? The JSawyer mod improves them a little at least


that doesnt make that much sense though because you can still have an overall western theme even with the energy weapons like a gunslinger wouldnt just lose his abilities and skills because the gun hes using has a battery instead of bullets


it'd be hard to get used to no recoil


>fallout 5
how rapacious can you be?
Fallout franchise has been raped enough
let that corpse rest ffs


>5 games in 24 years (not counting spin-offs)
>Last mainline game was 5 years ago
>OG creators still around and interested in working on it
Not even close to zombie franchises like COD or AssCreed


the energy guns in fallout universe have recoil though dont they? its been a couple years but i remember the laser machine guns shooting lights everywhere like a disco ball


fallout 3 and on is shit
even new vegas is a polished turd
the true series effectively ended after 2.


yeah yeah everything sucks and >we're not allowed to point out anything positive


he aint wrong bro


of course, so stop talking about it entirely even the stuff you liked


File: 1622394505155.webm (282.2 KB, 854x480, 427:240, hwhat.webm)


idk where i was going with that tbh i was hoping someone would start talking shit back but it didnt happen and i didnt know what to do


I actually didn't like 2 that much honestly, with the dumbass pop culture references everywhere and the Enclave being a literally Hitler tier villain with no nuance or redeemable qualities. 1 and NV were a lot better imo


JE Sawyer said they were shooting for three character archetypes stylistically they wanted to make absolutely certain were covered.
>mallninja operator
>ring-a-ding-ding baby
energy weapons don't really fit any of those, which could explain a lot
I'm pretty sure not. The only auto lasgun in the originally series is the gatling laser, and the inaccuracy of that could be explained simply by the fact that miniguns aren't ade for precision shooting, and certainly aren't easy to aim.

Fallout 1 was the good one. Fallout 2 was the one with all the content. Sure lots of parts of the story were shit, like president Dan Quayle, lolNew Reno so edgy, and everything in San Francisco, but it was really a case of quantity having a quality all its own. You could do and see everything in maybe a hundred hours in FO1, but in FO2 you could enjoy yourself for hundreds.

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