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Does Smash Bros induce schizophrenia?


is this unironic? that last picture give me major onion vibes


No. It's autism you're thinking of, OP.


File: 1623024767678.mp4 (3.69 MB, 1280x592, 80:37, adidas.mp4)

It's real, the guy in question made a 2.5 hour video about it, calling this guy a psychopath and saying he should be in jail for e-sports drama


File: 1623025176747.jpg (28.95 KB, 390x373, 390:373, 7WvG6lUW7dz1VMkrqHOXu3i-D5….jpg)

I feel sorry for Samurai, he just wanted to make a fun party game not realizing the level of autism it would create


Should've gone with the forgettable sumo wrestling game instead, was Miyamoto aware of the Street Fighter autism and denied him to greenlight the project?


normally this kind of shit makes me laugh but i rally want to kick this guy's ass if any of you ever have autistic children beat them every day and keep them off the internet


>chan users
>having children


like it or not it happens but it shouldnt


t. dark tetrad totalitarian psychopath Leffen


shut up before i shove my adidas jacket down your throat


This 30 second clip is more entertaining then any e-sports tournament could ever be.


Full thing if anyone wants to watch, the most insane bits are all in the first half hour so it's worth watching at least that part


File: 1623060142175.gif (3.49 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Sam Hyde confounded.gif)

>Final Fantasy
>Fire Emblems
<Attracting mentally defective negros and wetbacks


Is there a chance Nintendo could shut down the e-sports scene in like a lawsuit or something?


They don't really have to, Smash is permanently gone from EVO


There are a few events they've shut down in the past, like Project M shit and that one Melee tournament that was going to happen via Dolphin netplay


>implying Smashfags actually play the games that the characters are from


i fuckin wish theyd kill smashtism its probably the one nintendo legal action i could support


Same I hate nintendo but I hate smash Faggots more.


woah thats weird
you're like anti-me
i love nintendo and LOVE faggots even more


File: 1623128983021.jpg (78.07 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, Nintendo surprisingly doin….jpg)

It sort of happened

It wasn't the pedophile scandal (not funny when it happens to the kewl kids), but Sony buying that e-faggotry to themselves thus reducing the library of fighting games to their guys' exclusives.

In some way, the characters they jizz on get popular for a few minutes and later on they get forgotten.




All they need to do is bring back features from Brawl like the random tripping and they'll sperg themselves to death


>No Final Destination, random tripping, mandatory items
>No third party characters, no DLC characters

This would obliterate 99% of smashtism


A total remake of Melee but if the game notices that you're using it to play e-sports it destroys the machine and alerts the nearest mental hospital.


I just want less focus on the roster generally and more on actual content, Melee and Brawl had a lot of good single player and local co-op stuff but after that the whole thing has just been about roster autism and attempts to pander to tourneyfags


a total remake of melee but if the game detects esportism it turns into a bimbo sissy hypno video


Guess who showed support for Zer0 after trying to commit suicide.
>Don't kill yourself, pedophile, we all make mistakes
Bear in these people mock and spam "kys" on their retarded subforums for anyone whose irrelevant character couldn't make it.


no way could Smash fans make it as traps, the smell would be too obvious


that doesnt stop a lot of trannies but can you imagine the autistic fit some smashtist would throw if his precious tourney was interrupted by gay pornography?


I think Soccerguy doesn't even know about what goes on within the smash "competitive" community nor he even cares about that, tbqhwy.


Bro despite what memes have told you nobody even likes final destination.


pretty sure he knows i mean the game caters directly to tourneyfags with their final destination and battlefield versions of each map
so why is it always a part of their tournaments?


Not even just the tourneyfags but also the roster obsessives which he obviously knows about since the game's entire marketing campaign is based around that these days


File: 1623575741903.jpg (75.1 KB, 540x296, 135:74, Super Smash Bros FX.jpg)

One these days, after the 2nd DLC is done: Nintendo will confirm a new Super Smash game but as a card game for Android and yet retards will overhype despite being the lamest fucking thing ever.


hax was really cool when he didn't give a fuck and played captain falcon
this kid ruined his fuckin hands though workin on unnecessary technical shit
at one tourney, one of the top players, mango used captain falcon against him to prove a point and beat the shit out of him after his whole, no one can win at the top level with this character and hax$ said it was a bitch move to do that cause he only plays mang0 a couple times a year

this whole drama is pretty funny in a way, I haven't done a deep dive yet, but everyone knows leffen is an overdramatic bitch, but he's not a whiner or anything, which is clearly what hax$ is doing here.
the difference is hax has never fucking won anything


he knows, that's part of why he made brawl the way he did
they still found a way to make it autistic
I've heard that is also why it took so long to get smash 4 out
a few years ago I would have said tourney fags aren't hurting anyone
but after all the pedo shit I don't know if that is really the case.
I was at a fighting game thing once and there was a smash tourney on and there was a 6 year old walkin around with his dad
my buddy played smash with him for like half an hour because everyone else was too tism'd out to care I guess
fuckin weird dude


The spirits in Ultimate were basically already that


Spirit mode is Event mode disguised as the game's main gimmick, what I meant is that they're going to make an akin to Capcom's IP card games.


Perhaps the funniest thing is: After confirming the oh so called cult classic characters few years later they would appear on a video of "Forgotten Smash Fighters". How many people main:
>Bowser Jr
>Piranha Plant
>Little Mac
>Dark Samus
And so on… It's like the game is secretly Pay2Win, the only relevant characters are the ones who are busted.


never played it, looks like some normalfag shit tbh


That's kind of the point, Smash is only worth playing if you have some bros irl to play locally with. Online is full of tryhard competitive fags and the single player content is nonexistent


This, this is kino
>inb4 you niggers sperg out over jewtube


go back to /tv/


>go back to /tv/
go back to zchan


stick around spartchan budys


>no u
go back to cuckchan


go back to carchan


File: 1624371765229.jpg (46.33 KB, 376x490, 188:245, eminem-picture-2.jpg)

go back to reality, oh there goes gravity


File: 1624383868291.jpg (4.86 KB, 211x239, 211:239, Awkward Biden.jpg)

>Advertises this places in /tv/
<Go back to /tv/
Absolute ICE ICE Cube moment.


File: 1624401878326.png (6 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

bisex smil uuuu


>pretty sure he knows i mean the game caters directly to tourneyfags with their final destination and battlefield versions of each map
Well of course he knows about the tourneyfags but what I was implying is the internal drama of the "community" within. I doubt Soccerguy knows or cares about said drama.
Nah. After FP2 is done, Nintendo will keep porting Ultimate to the next system and add even more characters, stages, and fighter passes to please the smashfags forever.


biden has too many damn teeth in his head
its freakish


If Sakurai burns bridges with Nintendo and pulls out a completely different IP that doesn't involve any of the Bing Bing Wahoo characters would he still be relevant?

>porting Ultimate
It feels like a modded version of the Wii U's if it wasn't for the retarded wavedash exploit.


File: 1630773984016.jpg (8.73 KB, 300x293, 300:293, hfllo_Daryl Dragon.jpg)

ok i'm not a gamer but i just spent about 5 minutes figuring out who this hax faggot is and a quick rabbit hole surf of "liquipedia" cemented my plans to join da t 4 l i b 4 n


Reptilian teeth

>If Sakurai burns bridges with Nintendo and pulls out a completely different IP that doesn't involve any of the Bing Bing Wahoo characters would he still be relevant?
It would probably be a Balan Wonderland situation (he would get funding and promotion but no sales)


>Barely knowing Super Smash autism
Boyim you're in for a treat but you'll have to lurk harder, I don't think Enciclopedia Dramatica has ever updated their Super Smash article.

I was thinking something similar to Kojima and Death Stranding. Did that game ever fly and managed to antagonize Metal Gear's popularity?


File: 1631079007184.jpg (662.66 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, hideo-kojima-getty-photo_1….jpg)

>I was thinking something similar to Kojima and Death Stranding.
Kojima's situation is unique because everyone hates Konami and sides with Kojima, plus Konami hasn't made AAA games for years so the space was completely empty for him. It would be a lot harder for another dev to do what he did, let alone a Nintendo dev who have some of the most brand loyal customers around.

>Did that game ever fly and managed to antagonize Metal Gear's popularity?

No and it will probably never reach that level, but it made a lot of money especially for what it was. I think his next project has a better chance, it's supposedly a horror game and Kojima said he wants to make games that are more fun / entertaining instead of artsy.


Plus Sakurai's name doesn't really have the same renown as Kojimbo. He's only really known among Smash autists and nintendies generally while Kojima is even known by people who aren't that into vidya thanks to shilling from film critics and his Hollywood friends


whyd they get rid of classic break the targets where each character had a unique target stage to complete?


The same reason why All Star mode has been reduced to the 100 mii's challenge: They stopped giving a shit.


there are like 80 characters now so it would be a lot of effort to make each one a unique stage, they could've at least done something like Brawl's version though


>so why is it always a part of their tournaments?
Because it's a "Neutral Stage" that gives everyone an even playing ground. Ironically, the stage actually favors spacies and other fast characters with good combo potential.
I don't know if this is still the case but Project M tournaments had the stage listed as a "counterpick" for this reason. Most high level players prefer to play on Battlefield which is why "Battlefield Mode" was included in Ultimate.

Point is, a stage doesn't have to be liked to be included in the tournament-allowed stage list. Just look at fucking Pokemon Stadium, that shit is pretty reviled by a large portion of the community but unfortunately Melee would have an extremely small stage list without it.
Some tournaments even run mods that freeze the stage and don't allow it to transform.
This may sound like utter faggotry to you but there is some amazing jank that occurs due to the transformations and the rock stage pretty much halts the game in many cases.


the platforms in battlefield give you more opportunity to tech out of combos but also allow for a more dynamic set of options when it comes to tech reads, marth for instance can do some nasty shit on battlefield without even having to think that hard I'm surprised it's not abused more tbh


File: 1633293679447.gif (977.78 KB, 442x320, 221:160, Bill Murray mirth.gif)

>tfw retarded spaniard journalists still fall for the "I have contacts at Nintendo"
>Believing they're going add Sora from Kingdom Hearts because of a random post at 4chan.


i bet u never believed everything the kids whose uncles all nintendo'd for a living and gave them all the first editions of nintendo 65 advance


The cousin of my friend works at a Disney store and a gook looking hapa asked if they have any Super Mario merchandise.


File: 1633382694609.jpg (166.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Super Smash Black Lives Ma….jpg)

They're going reveal the last newcomer to Smash? Who'll be? I hope another Fag Emblems characters and maybe nintendrones will finally see how retarded the've gotten


according to tradition the last character is always shit so probably some Fire Emblem fag or a pogeyman or some shit


this post aged pretty badly tbh


Don't really care about Sora since I've never even played KH before (gonna have to play them sometime since it looks like a hilarious cringefest from what I've seen)
The Doomguy costume looks pretty dope though I guess


Now the real kicker is how many KH fanboys are reacting to the lack of Disney references, after all Square Enix fans are at the bottom of degeneracy.


lol what did they expect? even Nintendo can't compete with Disney's jewery


File: 1633634765486.png (278.32 KB, 500x604, 125:151, 8df806cf75a22564127e9d7cf9….png)

>Finally getting a Disney rep in smash
>It's not /ourguy/

Why does Sakurai hate us Uncle Remusbros? Nintendo KNOWS he is the most asked for character and yet still they keep adding more anime sword guy…


>you will never beat the shit out of nintendo characters as uncle remus while he sings zippity doo da


File: 1633676264651.jpg (72.04 KB, 540x720, 3:4, Thigh Cunt Mario.jpg)

>They won't add the anti-semitic wolf who did appear in a Game & Watch handheld.


What would be his final smash though?


the little whyboi remis told stories to runs across the screen being chased by the bull which obliterates all characters in its path and puts them in comas upon respawn


It's worth mentioning Super Smash fuckboys are now seething over Viacom's Nick Brawl because it's also an unfinished clusterfuck game, just like Melee.


File: 1637028126781.jpg (174.07 KB, 916x990, 458:495, Love Wins.jpg)

Looks like League of Legends has some competition when it comes to clusterfuck rosters, because Sora is the new busted DLC character; really shows how balanced the game is.


This is Sakurai's last smash game before he retires. He probably just wants to pull everything he can before he never works on the series again


It's probably the last smash game period, at least for a while. If Nintendo is selling MK8 for seven years now, imagine how much mileage they are going to get out of Ultimate


Yeah most likely. They can just re-release it on every console, maybe add a few new characters each time to convince Smash autists to buy the same game again


That's what he was saying since Brawl.

They can do the same dumb shit as Rockstar and still be praised like if it's the second of Jesus Christ. Do they recall all the times Nintendo fucked over their own fans?


File: 1639355464097.jpg (60.07 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, AVGN Underbelly Show lovec….jpg)

Has anyone noticed the great variety the DLC has to offer?
>A bigger retarded character than Waluigi, limited edition (erases your saved data)
>An awkward celibate fag from a shitty Visual Novel RPG (crashes the server when release)
>DBZ characters with fancy hairstyles, you've guessed! It's from another generic RPG (busted as shit)
>Terry Davis whose appearance got overshadowed by the Undertale costume, that really shows how relevant SNK is.
>Non-Super Mario 64 bear and bird reminding you Nintendo will get Rare back and just hosed to Microsoft like a those electrified corpses on Halloween attractions
>Another faggy RPG character, this time it's the babyfied Final Fantasy knockoff: Fire Emblems
>Non-Punch Out rep, remember the game where she debuted right? The one where a tryhard duked it out with a guy who recently installed his game just to get beaten and all of the sudden everyone remembers it had an online competition.
>Minecrap, Brown Bricks. Unironically an original representative.
>Another RPG queer, this time is the bad guy.
>YET ANOTHER MOTHERFUCKING RPG REPRESENTATIVES, this time is the dyke with Bipolar Disorder from Xenoblade Chronicles (shittiest voice acting in a Nintendo game so far)
>A shameless Tekken rep baiting dumbfucks into buying his Pay2Win game


>whose appearance got overshadowed by the Undertale costume
only by dumb zoomers


File: 1640915238882.gif (1.65 MB, 200x150, 4:3, lol.gif)

What something that I can't help but find so funny about how the whole situation with Sora as Smash Ultimate's last character. Not a single well-known insider/leaker didn't even have any information about who was the last fighter and this was after everyone got hoodwinked by a Tekken character. (Which for context, the Heihachi mii costume was released a year before Kazuya's reveal. Sakurai dodge the question on why he did that making it look like he did it on purpose to trick every on & it worked.) The same well-known insiders/leakers, i.e. vergeben, came to their own speculation that the final character was going to be a Nintendo character. Combine that with the Smash speculationfags hyping up the last character as one of the most disappointing character ever that is only added to shill for a new upcoming game on switch.
Yet unbeknownst to them, Sora got leaked early on 4chan of all place (aka the land of fake & gay leaks) by (supposedly) a Disney employee. This said supposed Disney employee leaked Sora not once, but 4 different times. Yet, no one noticed or cared until Nintendo announced the date of the final Smash reveal which was the date the Disney employee leaked, October 5. When that happened, not a single soul trusted the 4chan leak (except for hardcore KHfags) and dismiss it as another fake and gay leak. But when October 5 came, the 4chan leak turned out to be real and the Disney anime swordboy was Ultimate's final fighter.
I have to congratulate both Nintendo and Disney to keep Sora a secret for that long. They must of scorched earth every leaker from getting that info. Minus the Disney employee that somehow leaked Sora on 4chan. He would of probably got demoted to work in the Disney coal mines for being a bad employee. I hope that guy is doing ok.


File: 1640928958774.jpg (120.91 KB, 752x962, 376:481, Nostalgia critic shooting ….jpg)

>Leaker got fired and blacklisted from both Pedowood and video game industries
<All because of a dumb character from an irritating franchise whose fandom is rock bottom along with Sonic's
This is great, everyone had their fair share of jizzing on the screen reaction videos only for the next day to be forgotten. It's like the Switch's defective joycons weight on more than just a total of 200 dollars worth of advertisement.


>I hope that guy is doing ok.
he is not
you ever seen the secret tunnel networks under disneyworld? i have
if hes lucky hes strapped into a giant hamster wheel farm and forced to run naked alongside hundreds of others of disneys political prisoners, in order to provide power for space mountain

if hes not lucky, god only knows. i heard rumors those tunnels go far deeper
do NOT get between DIS and their IPs

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