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Does Smash Bros induce schizophrenia?


is this unironic? that last picture give me major onion vibes


No. It's autism you're thinking of, OP.


File: 1623024767678.mp4 (3.69 MB, 1280x592, 80:37, adidas.mp4)

It's real, the guy in question made a 2.5 hour video about it, calling this guy a psychopath and saying he should be in jail for e-sports drama


File: 1623025176747.jpg (28.95 KB, 390x373, 390:373, 7WvG6lUW7dz1VMkrqHOXu3i-D5….jpg)

I feel sorry for Samurai, he just wanted to make a fun party game not realizing the level of autism it would create


Should've gone with the forgettable sumo wrestling game instead, was Miyamoto aware of the Street Fighter autism and denied him to greenlight the project?


normally this kind of shit makes me laugh but i rally want to kick this guy's ass if any of you ever have autistic children beat them every day and keep them off the internet


>chan users
>having children


like it or not it happens but it shouldnt


t. dark tetrad totalitarian psychopath Leffen


shut up before i shove my adidas jacket down your throat


This 30 second clip is more entertaining then any e-sports tournament could ever be.


Full thing if anyone wants to watch, the most insane bits are all in the first half hour so it's worth watching at least that part


File: 1623060142175.gif (3.49 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Sam Hyde confounded.gif)

>Final Fantasy
>Fire Emblems
<Attracting mentally defective negros and wetbacks


Is there a chance Nintendo could shut down the e-sports scene in like a lawsuit or something?


They don't really have to, Smash is permanently gone from EVO


There are a few events they've shut down in the past, like Project M shit and that one Melee tournament that was going to happen via Dolphin netplay


>implying Smashfags actually play the games that the characters are from


i fuckin wish theyd kill smashtism its probably the one nintendo legal action i could support


Same I hate nintendo but I hate smash Faggots more.


woah thats weird
you're like anti-me
i love nintendo and LOVE faggots even more


File: 1623128983021.jpg (78.07 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, Nintendo surprisingly doin….jpg)

It sort of happened

It wasn't the pedophile scandal (not funny when it happens to the kewl kids), but Sony buying that e-faggotry to themselves thus reducing the library of fighting games to their guys' exclusives.

In some way, the characters they jizz on get popular for a few minutes and later on they get forgotten.




All they need to do is bring back features from Brawl like the random tripping and they'll sperg themselves to death


>No Final Destination, random tripping, mandatory items
>No third party characters, no DLC characters

This would obliterate 99% of smashtism


A total remake of Melee but if the game notices that you're using it to play e-sports it destroys the machine and alerts the nearest mental hospital.


I just want less focus on the roster generally and more on actual content, Melee and Brawl had a lot of good single player and local co-op stuff but after that the whole thing has just been about roster autism and attempts to pander to tourneyfags


a total remake of melee but if the game detects esportism it turns into a bimbo sissy hypno video


Guess who showed support for Zer0 after trying to commit suicide.
>Don't kill yourself, pedophile, we all make mistakes
Bear in these people mock and spam "kys" on their retarded subforums for anyone whose irrelevant character couldn't make it.


no way could Smash fans make it as traps, the smell would be too obvious


that doesnt stop a lot of trannies but can you imagine the autistic fit some smashtist would throw if his precious tourney was interrupted by gay pornography?


I think Soccerguy doesn't even know about what goes on within the smash "competitive" community nor he even cares about that, tbqhwy.


Bro despite what memes have told you nobody even likes final destination.


pretty sure he knows i mean the game caters directly to tourneyfags with their final destination and battlefield versions of each map
so why is it always a part of their tournaments?


Not even just the tourneyfags but also the roster obsessives which he obviously knows about since the game's entire marketing campaign is based around that these days


File: 1623575741903.jpg (75.1 KB, 540x296, 135:74, Super Smash Bros FX.jpg)

One these days, after the 2nd DLC is done: Nintendo will confirm a new Super Smash game but as a card game for Android and yet retards will overhype despite being the lamest fucking thing ever.


hax was really cool when he didn't give a fuck and played captain falcon
this kid ruined his fuckin hands though workin on unnecessary technical shit
at one tourney, one of the top players, mango used captain falcon against him to prove a point and beat the shit out of him after his whole, no one can win at the top level with this character and hax$ said it was a bitch move to do that cause he only plays mang0 a couple times a year

this whole drama is pretty funny in a way, I haven't done a deep dive yet, but everyone knows leffen is an overdramatic bitch, but he's not a whiner or anything, which is clearly what hax$ is doing here.
the difference is hax has never fucking won anything


he knows, that's part of why he made brawl the way he did
they still found a way to make it autistic
I've heard that is also why it took so long to get smash 4 out
a few years ago I would have said tourney fags aren't hurting anyone
but after all the pedo shit I don't know if that is really the case.
I was at a fighting game thing once and there was a smash tourney on and there was a 6 year old walkin around with his dad
my buddy played smash with him for like half an hour because everyone else was too tism'd out to care I guess
fuckin weird dude


The spirits in Ultimate were basically already that


Spirit mode is Event mode disguised as the game's main gimmick, what I meant is that they're going to make an akin to Capcom's IP card games.

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