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File: 1595460201434-0.jpg (4.07 MB, 1534x2100, 767:1050, MUSHA.jpg)

File: 1595460201434-1.jpg (87.62 KB, 640x448, 10:7, 640full-musha-aleste- -ful….jpg)

File: 1595460201434-2.jpg (113.47 KB, 612x612, 1:1, burgers.jpg)


im shit SHIT at retro top down shmups tbh
shill me some babby-tier top down shooters so that i can git gud
8 or 16 bit era preferred, so i can emulate em

goal is i wanna be able to beat M.U.S.H.A. aleste pic rel, but im too gay rn and can barely into the second level
pls halp


I'm told Super Aleste is the one you want to go with for babby's first. I've not played that one yet so I don't know.

Of the ones I've played, Imperium has been the easiest to get a handle on, because you can take five hits before you die, and an instant kill-everything-on-screen button. Got to stage 2 on my first life which is more than I can say of Gradius, Darius

Tyrian is a PC game that came out in the late '90s. Runs fine on my toaster. It's probably more fun than the rest, and also way easier. It's free nowadays.

You should actually just play Axelay though, because it kicks ass.


File: 1595595587753-0.png (3.39 KB, 240x320, 3:4, rtbvhyuw64buw.png)

File: 1595595587754-1.png (5.92 KB, 240x320, 3:4, 64sbyu64wynuqa.png)

File: 1595595587754-2.png (4.76 KB, 240x320, 3:4, j76nnue.png)

guxt is gud babbysfirst


File: 1595597804347.jpg (163.22 KB, 800x1128, 100:141, fantasy_zone_sms.jpg)

bro just practice and play a bunch of different games top down is a meaningless descriptor for shmups try gradius or rtype or sexy parodious something


thx for the recs guys
prolly give that one a go >>246 as it looks as basic as can be
super aleste does look a fair bit easier than musha tho and the master system one is downright fucking brutal. can get to second stage and absolutely no further, but ive been on a serious FM synth kick, so ill prolly stick to sega consoles for the moment.
gotta say, sega had some fucking phenomenal composers working for them in the early 90s. especially for all these shmups

>top down is a meaningless descriptor for shmups
youd think that but im actually slightly better at the side to side ones for whatever reason. like r-type i can get through the first few stages no problem, and fantasy zone similarly.
i guess the aspect ratio of most screens gives me more time to react? might just be more familiar with em as i used to play r-type a lot as a kid in arcade. never played fantasy zone tho, so i dont fuckin know


File: 1595627291829.mp4 (1.99 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1488823561974.mp4)

Touhou on EASY MODO


ez mode is for gays tho

also, i know this is prolly sacrilege to some of you fuckers, but i cant fucking stand touhou music. makes me wanna pour bleach in my ears


eh music doesn't matter, story no longer registers
it's just about the GAMEPLAY


>SEGA FM fan
post all the songs you find that you like please and thank you


>aspect ratio
on 4:3, I doubt it. really the only arcade games with long screens were vertically long and those were typically top down shmups


not a shmup, but the game that has the most impressive use of FM on the genesis, that ive run across so far, is alien soldier also, definitely try this game if you havent. its fucking incredible. music, graphics, gameplay, is all about as good as it ever got on genny. hard af tho.
FM had/has a reputation for being rather limited, but this game really does a great job of showcasing just how versatile those little yamaha chips can be.

FM has a really distinct sound, and can be quite obtuse to work with as youre basically manipulating a bunch of electronic feedback loops in order to create a signal. its actually really well suited to make horrendous atonal SFX and shit like that. but to actually get it to sound good takes some technical know-how especially back then

from what i see nowadays, most kids seem to prefer SNESs sound more out of the 16bit era for whatever reason which is weird imo, cuz back then, everyone knew sega had the best music (other than NES megamans) in the biz. even the hardline nintendo fanbois would concede to that point.
but games like this, where you had sound designers who were masters of FM synthesis, throw that all out the window. not only does it sound comparable in quality to anything the SNES ever did, but imo its much much better.
and even if one prefers the SNESs sound, absolutely no one can deny that FM makes for better bass. hands fucking down.


also this is one of the catchiest ones that ive run across on the mastersystem/mark III
listen to that fucking bass ffs


he was asking for shump games for beginners and 2hu easy modo is the easiest one I can think of
>i cant fucking stand touhou music
shit taste tbqhwy fam


its like weird shitty Jpop shit, and i cant into that shit at all which is weird cuz i kinda like the 70s/80s citypop that modern Jpop spawned from
makes me feel like if i listen to it for too long my dick will fold up into my body and ill start wanting to wear rainbow thigh-highs and start coding


Yeah Alien Soldier kicks ass I love that game and Wonderboy III is one of my favorite games. The only part of WBIII that I prefer without the FM is the little jingle when the castle is crumbling. Still need to hardmod my SMS for FM sound on the games that shipped with the chip.


that last alex kidd game shinobi world, while it didnt have an actual FM soundtrack like a lot of the SMS/mark III games, sounds fucking bonkers in FM
heres some cunt on jewtube that arranged it
did a gud job imo

FM aside, i just really admire how the composers in this instance speaking of the actual devs now, not that jewtube goy completely re-harmonized the old shinobi songs here. i loved the OG arcade game, even after it mugged my lunch money literally thousands of times as a kid, but the old songs were just simple ostinato basslines.
in this version, the harmonies are off the walls
is the tits

>Still need to hardmod my SMS for FM sound on the games that shipped with the chip

is that shit hard?
i feel like the old 8bit consoles are at least simple enough to deal with by hand. just need an iron, a lil flux, and a steady hand and the fucking schematics, no?
if muh retro market hadnt gone full retard as of late, id be trying to cannibalize some old sega console for use in recordings myself tbh. how hard could it be to mod a MIDI controller onto an old mark III? iirc they have MIDI ins/outs on the back for the FM unit already.
kinda out of my depth here tho, so idk

and idk if you do this shit irl, but ill ask anyways:
you ever had any exp with those cheap little analog korg FM oscillators?
they seem kinda limited, even with external MIDI controllers
idk im just looking for an affordable way to get real FM synth not some shitty gay (((digital))) VSTpeople who go on stage with their actual laptops are big cringe imo. plus, (((digital))) FM sounds like ass through big PA systems
sadly, the analog synth market is the only thing i can think of that can rival muh retro vidya market in terms of sheer retardedness in pricing.
its either
>take out a loan on a new car
<take out a loan for a fucking oscillator
fuck me

but if donny boi sends me another couple thousand ronabux i might do it anyways tbh
i mean, what am i saving it for anyways at this point? so that commissar tyrone can come re-distribute it for me later?
fuck it


I almost got that game a couple years ago for like $30 but said nah it can wait and like a month later it was standard $90 I'm still pissed about it.
>is that shit hard
hopefully not too hard but I still don't have the time to put into it nor the drive, though I'm still planning on it. here's a link
>idk if you
no, sorry. can't even point you in a good direction. used to have a microkorg but I was never musically inclined so I traded it as a retarded teen. consoles can still be cheap though and especially busted ones, which will likely not be busted in sound but in something else. regularly check your craigslist and maybe hit up your local electronics recyclers every other week and see what type of shit you can find. if you only want the sound hardware getting a broken system that doesn't turn on/read carts/play video should be cheap as fuck. maybe this link will be useful.


You're probably just associating the game itself with the awful fans tbh. I still haven't played Undertale because of that


>can't even point you in a good direction
hey i appreciate the effort nonetheless

>associating the game itself with the awful fans tbh
yea prolly some of that too tbh
still, if im shit at shooters what makes you think i would be anything other than fucking terrible at games that are routinely described as "bullet hell"
i just find em frustrating
and that compounding with shitty music, and gay little girl drawings, makes for a rather unpalatable package for me, personally

that said, shill me the easiest bullet hell touhou gaym and ill prolly give it a go at some point

>still haven't played Undertale because of that

lel good to see im not the only one


a lot of bullet hell games are just moving mazes where the wall is death. the mass of bullets is intimidating but they aren't necessarily overly difficult, though the naming is very offputting
idk about touhou tho


Personally I actually find bullet hell games to be a little easier than those old space SHUMP games as the bullets are slower and they often feel more like puzzle games than action ones. Also I think it's useful for learning about how hitboxes work. Haven't played Touhou for a while but Imperishable Night is the easiest one iirc.


touhou's merit is that the bullet patterns for bosses can be pretty creative compared to a lot of other schmups
Imperishable Night and Ten Desires are easiest.


File: 1596541435552.jpeg (136.02 KB, 720x900, 4:5, 1596015490642-3.jpeg)

IN and TD will teach you bad habits
EoSD is the most like every other shmup, don't play with a visible hitbox
It's also the easiest to clear on normal once you understand the score mechanics, since you get such a ridiculous amount of resources and there are easy-to-figure-out marisaB bombing locations that demonstrate this. You'll do a lot more routing in clearing EoSD than a lot of the other games.

EoSD lunatic is objectively the hardest to NBNM cos it has random patterns but if you play basically any other 2loop shooter you'll have a harder base game with less resources than any 2hu
My personal favorite series/game is DoDonPachi/DoDonPachiDaiOujo


File: 1596605244704.png (184.27 KB, 351x457, 351:457, all known lnns.png)

eosd isn't the hardest lnn


>eosd isn't the hardest lnn
It's the oldest and most popular game and the only one with less LNNs is LoLK. AFAIK EoSD and PCB are the only windows era games where it's possible to roll an impossible pattern, meaning a LNN (or even a normal/hard NBNM) can never be consistent no matter how good your route and spot dodging are.
What is actually really surprising is LoLK, since it's designed to be done LNN, is there something I'm missing here?


File: 1596634001281.jpg (73.38 KB, 720x711, 80:79, 1571310117600.jpg)

I made the mistake of starting the series with SoEW, that game was fucking bullshit tbh. I still think the PC-98 games are underrated tho


what the fuck is a lnn


It's designed to be bullshit that requires the save scumming feature to clear. The no miss ending is only for no miss, bombs are allowed iirc. EoSD is in the higher end of difficulty for survival but not the hardest. I've seen supers with about a 50-65% capture rate for books.

LNN = Lunatic No miss No bomb
LNB = Lunatic No Bomb
LNNN = Lunatic No miss No bomb No (border/release/hyper/ufo)


oh okay thanks


>babby-tier top down shooters so that i can git gud
Will just make you worse.


File: 1597447861414.jpg (268.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

is musha aleste babby tire?
cuz im getting better at it

also holy heckin frig, thunder force 4 is flippin based
sideways, not top down, but its rly fun




File: 1597512797570.jpg (35.46 KB, 481x51, 481:51, pic.jpg)


srsly tho
that level in particular has what seems like 10 separate layers of simultaneous parrallax scrolling
i couldve sworn that was totally impossible for the motorola 68k. but there it is.
must be some rly clever programming going on under the hood

just look at it in motion
looks like an early playstation/32bit era game


that level is at like ~14mins for reference


that's nuts. yeah some SEGA games had crazy ways the devs managed to get all the shit to work when seemingly it shouldn't have been able to at all. sonic 3d comes to mind, there's another one with a scrolling, forward rolling floor in an intro sequence that I read about years ago but I don't remember the game and can't seem to find it on a cursory search


my own thread, but wtfever
in case anyone else sucks ass at classic shooters, found some good ones to sharpen ur cock on
anyone played the "soldier" series on pc-engine?

super star soldier is the first one
pretty easy, but ive spent the least time with it of the three, the other two are just too good

final soldier JP only is stupid easy, but still fun imo. perfect to learn on. unlimited continues that start you at beginning of stage, so if youre gay like me :333 it can be a good one to learn on without smashing your controller. i also like how you can burn your options as screen clearing special moves, and its awesome how you can change what each powerup does at the beginning.
literally the first shooter ive fucking ever cleared

soldier blade (vidrel) is the "hardest" one of all of them, but still not bad at all. good to build confidence. i like the way you can combine powerups on the fly, and you can still burn options for special moves.
awesome music too. in fact i rly never played too much pc-engine shit before, and i gotta say, while i still prefer FM (when done right), its a great sounding little system.
its also easily the most visually impressive pc-engine game ie not PC-CD/turbo-duo, cuz that award goes to the JP castlevania rondo of blood ive played so far.
its fucking gorgeous and runs like butter, especially when you consider that the pc-engine was marketed in nipland as a competitor to the NES. absolutely trounces the poor little nintendo, with its godawful flickering and pathetic 3 sprite limit. no wonder it did so well over there.
but im not even sure how they pulled it off tbh. only the graphics processor was 16-bit. the actual CPU was still only 8-bit.
yet its indecipherable from a genesis game, and imo looks better than 90% of the shit sega of america shat out


no wonder ur so shit at smups try playing them instead of writing a book no one gonna read


nah im gud now
i beat one
see >>433


File: 1601101688035.mp4 (8.77 MB, 288x186, 48:31, Mars Matrix PRO REVIEW #2.mp4)

i recommend mars matrix


>im shit SHIT at retro top down shmups tbh
kime is that you?


lol who dis?



I'm a retarded polar bear. What game would you recommend for me?


crimzon clover




File: 1605243694782.jpeg (101.88 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, e4wall.jpeg)

>I'm a retarded polar bear. What game would you recommend for me?

Play E4 (Every Extend Extra Extreme) or the early PSP version of it


the long dark


Lego Racers 2.


File: 1607472103345.jpg (545.83 KB, 1053x1742, 81:134, Hidden Gem Sign 「Holy Grai….jpg)

now this is a shoot


you spent $300 USD on this


stgs are my soy


Can you even play Japanese games on non Japanese X360s? Are they region locked?


The console itself isn't region locked but the games can be depending on whether or not the developer chose to do so, so it depends on the game


>sturmgewehrs aremy soy


File: 1628114796232.gif (7.47 MB, 500x500, 1:1, highfleet.gif)

this indie shoot 'em up was mentioned to me twice in the past week
a bit of a tactical-rpg-shmup hybrid it seems
made by slavs apparently (hopefully this means poz-free but I don't know yet)


this bisexual smile was mentioned to me twice in the past week
a bit of a hetero-homo hybrid it seems


File: 1628622432476.jpg (244.64 KB, 800x1121, 800:1121, battlemania2.jpg)

i found it
its battlemania 2
best shootah eva tbph


you were looking for this? sorry i coulda told you


>you were looking for this?
no it was looking for me

why didnt more shmups do the 8-way meme?
its almost like a totally different game


some did with twin sticks like Super Smash TV and others did it with a rotary joystick like Time Soldiers or Commando but i think there was only like 8 games that used a rotary stick, not sure if any were in space or had any flying at all
if i was you and i wanted 8way shootin id start by looking up games with either of those configurations


i guess really none of those games i listed are classic shmups but you move around and can shoot in all directions

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