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>Bayonetta 3 still vaporware
>Babylon's Fall is some garbage live service skinner box
>Working on a successor to a game that bombed twice
>Having to take Tencent loans to stay afloat

RIP Platinum


Platinum was already dead years ago when they had to make shitty copy-pasted licensed flicks. They were always westaboos but in CY climate they'll be making shitty pozzed western games.


File: 1624034546827.jpg (87.79 KB, 567x685, 567:685, 56180b329f9ed75c83a33c3dcf….jpg)

>They were always westaboos but in CY climate they'll be making shitty pozzed western games.
All the promising games coming from Square Enix and Nintendo are made by Western studios and Capcom pandering to the West saved their company from mediocrity, so this seems like a good plan to me


Go back to cuckchan


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>All the promising games coming from Square Enix and Nintendo are made by Western studios
>pandering to the West saved their company from mediocrity
Not sure if trolling of Mark/v/ had a day off. Either way kill yourself.


File: 1624037229208.gif (601.45 KB, 358x400, 179:200, soy.gif)






its gr8 how easy it is to spot non-spartmen
total lack of humor


File: 1624039379701.jpg (828.63 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Warriors-Orochi-4_2018_09-….jpg)

lol @ weebs having a meltdown

>Boring generic JRPGs

>1 gorillion shitty musou games
>Mobileshit even more popular than it is in the West
>Battle royale, live service, lootboxes (Japan has ALL of these)
>Instead of movie games, it's "visual novels"

Japan is not a magical outlier that only makes good games, they make good and bad games just like every other country in the world and they suffer from the GLOBAL problems that plague the games industry

>B-but muh pozzzz!!!!

And yet Japanese games have black characters, gay characters, hideous women and VASTLY more effeminate men than western games, but they get a pass for it, whilst Western games are held to impossible standards of ideological purity


>Western games are held to impossible standards of ideological purity
lmao wat
what ideological standards? who holds western games to any standards? western games are mocked and derided because all of that shit is heavily politicized and only inserted to make some gay statement about nonexistent issues while at least with nip games theyre usually put in because the creators actually thought the characters would be interesting
not that it always turns out that way mind you but there is a difference between say a nigger character that is hamfisted into a game just to shout kill whitey reparashuns nao and a nigger character that is there because he actually fits in with the setting
your whole post was on point except for that one bit


while they have been reasonably successful at dodging complaints and demands for poz, japan is still occupied territory, subservient to the west, and consumer of western culture
>Western games are held to impossible standards
you are a giant fag
actually western games are held insane unhinged leftist anti-standards and western companies kowtow and comply like faggots
truly tpaste-tire sperging


>this post


goddamn this board has gone to shit recently, is some big chan down or something?


yes mr drama fren its all goin to shit and not just one or two faggots better kill ourselves and go to whatever webring shithole you prefer after we kill ourselves


I'm saying that BECAUSE of the dramafags, there's angry retards everywhere rn


File: 1624071145000.jpg (254.72 KB, 960x536, 120:67, 1h.jpg)

The shill threads, you beckoned, we came.


so what let them do their gay pouting over everything and post as you usually do theyll fuck off when they realize there isnt much outrage to be harvested here


>shill threads
AKA anons talking about new games that they want to talk about


File: 1624133620057.jpg (87.99 KB, 946x544, 473:272, v.jpg)

>unironically complaining about """"""""shill""""""""" threads
/v/'s back, baby!


wow Platinum has really gone downhill quality wise lately. Have some of the good staff been laid off or quit the company?

>goddamn this board has gone to shit recently, is some big chan down or something?

Just ignore the idiots and you'll be fine fam


some dumb suit also probably saw all the cult followings their games have had in the past and decided to try and make a formula of it only to have it kill any creative drive the company had left
i dunno though it just seems to be a trend among developers
>make fun games
>staff genuinely likes what theyre doing
>games mildly successful or garner some kind of internet following
>wtf we struck gold boys
>games all start to resemble one another
>original team members leave or get laid off/fired
>just going on brand recognition now
>shits the bed


no, as in going on other sites to shill this board


nobody here does that tho


File: 1624170328875.png (162.6 KB, 504x506, 252:253, f0d712733563dfcf30a28e92c5….png)

I think Vanquish sucks


>I-I was just pretending to be retarded!
sure thing, retard


File: 1624172112399.jpg (20 KB, 406x395, 406:395, post-71856-1320336768.jpg)

>tried to BTFO weebs
<got BTFO himself instead
Imagine actually trying to defend western pozzfest games


>got a bunch of 1 line replies telling him he's a faggot
>responds with a long seething tirade
>"u-u have a meltdown!"
kek, the ability of based retards to have 0 self-awareness is the funniest thing


why do humorless angry people leap to the "just pretending" accusations when they get called out for letting obvious facetious posts go over their heads?


i never played it and so do i

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