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>Great map design
GBA games
>Underrated train wreck
Tellius series
>Overrated car crash at 88 miles per hour
>Trash fire of extreme waifufaggotry
Anything past Awakening except remakes

Those are 100% indisputable FACTS. Now recommend some romhacks - Sacred Trilogy is great, there has to be more.


>Anything past Awakening
Fates Conquest had some okay moments


I honestly have only played the game ones was considering the switch one as since I'm locked inside im actually plowing through my backlog for once.anything to dissuade me as in vastly superior rom hacks and stuff? I got into this series kinda late through emulation but I've really dug it alot


i emulated a bit of sacred stones once ama
wanted to try the gamecube game too, the switch game got a lot of normie hype for some reason


… are you the guy I told to play the Sacred Trilogy a few /v/s ago?


don't think so, i played sacred stones cause i thought it had roy in it


t. yes


Just letting you guys know that Berwick Saga got translated recently


the wut


Go on.


It's a game made by Kaga, the guy who made Fire Emblem up until the 5th game and the left Nintendo. The gameplay is pretty much the same as FE (so much so that Nintendo actually filed a lawsuit against him one time)


it's a TRPG. Why are you even posting on a /v/ board if you haven't heard of something as basic as Fire Emblem?


breaking news: mcgregor retires


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shining force > faggot emblem


I played some gba fire emblem (sacred stones emulated) on muh fone. it's fun but it's really kinda slow, I guess not in a pacing way but just in a gameplay sort of way where I felt like a lot of it could've been sped up.
always went to try shining force tbh, did it just have like 3 genesis titles?


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>not Langrisser
Did you try disabling battle animations? Also being an emulator you can just use the speedup function which makes a lot of games including FE a lot more tolerable


should i play seiken densetsu?
some time ago i got a bunch of roms and then never touched them


Sure, why not? I heard that Switch remake was pretty good too if you're interested


which one? 3 was pretty good from when I played the jap rom for awhile back in the day but I guess the snes version has some issues, there is a rom hack out there for seiken densetsu 3 which fixes some of the issues, like I guess gear that had status effect immunity properties didn't work, and it also has difficulty settings up to an insane difficulty

> try disabling battle animations
I think so, the emulator speedup function I do not thin I actually tried, I think the one I was using at the time was kinda wonky to use it on.


File: 1600740672367.jpg (198.8 KB, 813x1200, 271:400, 1.jpg)

because im not about to waste the little free time i have with trash
looks like i have roms for the first 4


the reason shining force is better is specifically because its nowhere near as slow. its snappy as hell for a SRPG at least
its also less up its own ass in terms of story, and instead of 20min long dialogue dumps, you get to wander around the town/world to progress story. just a better way to handle things imo, and fire emblem always put me to sleep

1 and 2 are for genesis
2 is prolly the better one but i really like 1 as well. play both.
theres another for sega cd that i never played, and a 3rd for saturn, also never played

this one >>444 is cool too, but its not a strategy game at all. its a rather archaic 1st person dungeon crawler, which is cool to see on a console at least. id go for shining force series tho instead

3 is incredible
play the SNES one with an english patch
secret of mana is good too, but 3 stomps it imo


Playing games based solely on the opinions of anons isn't the best idea either though since people might have different taste to you. Really all you can do is play it for a while and see if you like it, maybe watch a few Youtube videos or something and hope it isn't one of those "it totally gets good after 50 hours bro trust me" kinda games.


personally, ive always had way better luck with anons opinions, over some narcissistic twat on jewtube who talks too fast and has edited out all the parts where hes breathing

in fact one of the only channels ive ever found that really does it right is game sack, as they get right into it, and cover a lot of games in a short amount of time. obscure shit too.
that one snesdrunk dude does a good job too imo, as his are all gameplay footage, and usually ~5mins


because of this thread im playing valkyria chronicles again
thanks love that game


never played any
whats a good one to start on?


Yeah it's definitely better to find videos of just the gameplay with no shitty eceleb talking over it, but those seem to be rare these days


i dont mind some commentary tbh
but it really depends
if its done well it can condense having to watch whole segments/levels and spoiling shit for yourself, giving you an idea of if its worth your time.
but thats the exception, not the rule

worst part is how such shit is encouraged, w eceleb fags having millions of subs and paypigs, w 25min vids including a whopping 4mins of gameplay (and mandatory 2min sponsored ads for gayed: shadow legends).
meanwhile people who just do what theyre supposed to almost never have anywhere near that kind of support.
kinda sad, but i guess thats the nature of a culture that prefers watching games to playing em


so its fine to start from the 3rd without diminishing the story?


File: 1600790665381.jpg (159.92 KB, 779x589, 41:31, 1579045375344.jpg)

1 and 4 are the only two ive played but im meaning to get to 2 and 3 which were psp exclusive, 3 jap only. id say 1, 2, or 4 from what ive read about 2 and 3, and if you like them it seems 3 would be worth checking out. 2 is more school themed but gameplay wise i believe its the same.
1 is a good entry point but 4 is probably my favorite of the two, i really like the mortar class in 4. 1 can be easy to cheese for high rank, but if you arent trying to cheese it then its whatever, a non point.


yea the only thing really connected is the world
theres very minor stuff that calls back to previous games but youll be fine, and tbh i never even noticed them, even after playing secret of mana first

all i know is they look really good
like the artstyle a lot


>look really good
you should be able to pirate any of em. i suggest doing it


sword of mana is, I believe, the remake of a game that got released in the US as final fantasy adventure which is the first seiken densetsu


File: 1600805082765.jpg (19.88 KB, 400x208, 25:13, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

sounds about right
mana series got all cocked up by 90s localization faggotry
at least it got released at all
as bad as nintendo was/still is w localization, its got nothing on sega

this kike, while working for sony, was so fucktarded that he tried his damndest to make sure no rpgs or 2d games came out at all in the 32 bit era. sony, rightly, gave him the boot
he was then scooped up by sega of america, who shared in his retarded vision, thus forcing damn near every 3rd party dev over to sony by default. basically singlehadedly killing the saturn, relegating it to arcade ports only in the states, and by extension, killing sega

so many cool looking jrpgs and 2d games the saturn had, all nip only because some retarded kike in a suit


But what was his name?


bernie stolar aka faggot retard that should be hung for treason


i prefer the satan of saturn tbh
but that might be giving him too much credit

also why is this the only board thats not borken rn?


Maybe Dddudeman "forgot to pay the bill" again


I actually liked Tactics Ogre a lot more OP. It's a really well made game


File: 1604326947462.png (61.06 KB, 985x511, 985:511, 1445983389647.png)

I've been playan Der Langrisser, the amount of possible story routes is pretty amazing in this game especially considering the time


>I've been playan Der Langrisser,
What's it about?


It starts out as your typical "rebels fighting le evil empire" story, but later on you actually get the option to join the Empire and it completely changes the story if you do. After that you also get the options to join with demons or go independent and fuck up all of the factions. I guess you could say it's vaguely similar to Law/Neutral/Chaos options in SMT due to each path being morally gray in some way or another, but more in-depth and with more effect on the story.


That sure does sound interesting. And for such an old game, it sounds like quite a feat



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