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You asked for this
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I heard there's a lot of rules and drama here. Mind if I join?


File: 1624230310083.jpg (79.23 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, morshu.jpg)

Drama? Rulefagging? It's yours my friend!


does she have a benis


all i know is there are bisexual smiles and it is my duty, no, my reason for exiting to tell them to go back and get angry at them


whats the sauce on that image?
see it all the time but never known what it was
is it a /v/ yim? that'd explain my lack of knowlegde


do you really not know? its from the cdi zelda games
the ones that had a shitload of ytps made about them


im not some /v/ fag
not a clue
wtf is a ytps


"ytp"s arent a /v/ thing look the term up this shit was all over early youtube
there might even be some decent ones that slipped through goygle's claws


>spoon-feeding zoomfags


and theres nuffin you can dodo about it

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