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So apparently the Nintedownies were thirsty for a new Metroid game that it became the most preordered game of the franchise. Place your bets, what is going to happen?
>Another CyberPunk777
>Manages to be more mediocre than the GBA one
>Passable, not bad but not that great


File: 1624253916835.jpg (107.1 KB, 768x960, 4:5, 4be7ff9e93a819f0f6a6a1f586….jpg)

It looked alright, nobody was saying it's a trainwreck, people were saying it looks overpriced which is a fair complaint. I am cautiously interested, hopefully it's good enough to reignite the franchise, Nintendo needs the variety


Gonna be utter shit like all modern games. They're gonna give it to some western studio to make extra pozz and shit.


Wasn't the game a fps first though?


are those hand signs a white supremacist dogwhistle?


That's the metroid prime series. This new game is a sequel to metroid fusion, the continuation of the main series from the nes days.


what kind of newfag are you



It'll probably be good but I'm not expecting anything groundbreaking or anything because it's already been done before (unless they're adding some new mechanic I'm unaware of or something). I've been playing Bloodstained recently and my views on that are similar; it's a good game, as good as any other IGA Castlevania, but at the same time a little boring because it doesn't really bring anything new to the table




maymays aside I'm expecting a merely competent IGN 9/10 for managing to be the same game as every one prior but with maybe more pixels
it's amazing how sleazy the nose ring manages to make her look.


My nigga', until now I discovered Dread was a shelved project thanks to the stubborn hippie gook they got for supervisor. Many innovative shit was turned down thanks to him and Miyamoto.


File: 1624329529456.png (157.49 KB, 761x582, 761:582, pretendos.png)

It's an edgy game for big boys, reported and deported for dissing the good word of Bing Bing Wahoo.


File: 1624331563755.jpeg (122.98 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, zss.jpeg)

I'm HOPING it's going to be something special like Hollow Knight, they really should be raising the bar for the whole genre. But if it's just an alright 7/10 metroidvania, I can live with that.


im just excited for the proliferation of more Saumus porno


File: 1624334308625.gif (1.98 MB, 331x248, 331:248, Mysterious badass.gif)

How many paraphilias has Samus dominated? That's where the real adventure begins.


File: 1624334320506.jpg (146.88 KB, 1080x1132, 270:283, zss2.jpg)

That too




>western developed
into the trash


File: 1624371554888-0.jpg (720.55 KB, 737x1025, 737:1025, donkey-kong-country-tropic….jpg)

File: 1624371554888-1.jpg (438.11 KB, 1334x2000, 667:1000, 827197.jpg)

File: 1624371554888-2.jpg (1.96 MB, 1662x2181, 554:727, 2209497-m2_b_pkg_main_usa.jpg)

>western developed
into the SOUL


>all this shit
go back into the reddit


I wasn't a fan of Prime 2 tbh, 1 was top tier tho. Also that Metroid 2 remake for 3ds was Western developed and that was decent enough


>Implying Metroid games are relevant

>Not including the original Donkey Country Country
>Not including Punch Out Wii
<Not including fucking Mario Strikers


>1 was top tier


you have no idea how bisexual my smile for you is rn fam


File: 1624535295999.jpg (358.62 KB, 585x1160, 117:232, d7d8tbv-eea1576e-b8e0-475f….jpg)

>Metroid 2 remake for 3ds
honestly they done am2r dirty tho

because of how the hardcore nintendo people are about their franchises it would have to be incredibly bad to be a fiasco on par with cyberpunk
another thing to factor in is expectations
is anyone reasonably going to expect a 2d metroidvania to be truly revolutionary?
The real thing is though is there are a TON of indie metroidvanias that are very popular with what I can only guess is the same audience.
Metroid Dread will have to be on par with a game like Hollow Knight, Ori and the Blind Forest and that Bloodstained and a ton of others.
It may even be competing directly with the Hollow Knight sequel.
So, to me, the bar has been raised significantly for a metroidvania and it's going to take a LOT more to stand out since Fusion and Zero Mission came out.
Nintendo generally does have to do less than their competitors with their big franchises because their fans are brainwashed but in this case, given the price tag, the wait, etc. they're really going to have to go the extra mile with a really long game, deep amounts of extra or even end game content, and stuff like hard mode or new game plus with modifiers or something along those lines so people can playthrough multiple times and get their money's worth.


Personally I'd rather they focus on gameplay improvements and having a lot of replayability value than just a hueg map like a lot of Metroidvanias do. Bloodstained did a good job of that with multiple playable characters, speedrun mode, even a built in randomizer


yea yea shit like that
hollow knight had a great big ole map and lotsa secrets.
It doesn't have to be la mulana autismo tier though.
I for one wouldn't mind having a super autistic map tho, even if it's just on a harder mode that encourage explanation instead of analyzing the minimap.


File: 1624547494911.jpg (167.76 KB, 768x767, 768:767, zss3.jpg)

>It may even be competing directly with the Hollow Knight sequel.
Dread is coming out in 4 months, Silksong doesn't even have a release window


sheem gotta weird face


Chozo DNA


Oh, that quick a turnaround? shit nevermind for the most part, it just better have more of a scope to it than whatever was originally intended for the GBA or you might actually get some angry Nintendo fans.

still hit tho


File: 1624558211331.jpg (127.91 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, zss5.jpg)

>Oh, that quick a turnaround?
It was a nice surprise honestly, the amount of games shown at E3 that don't even have a release date was criminal.

>it just better have more of a scope to it than whatever was originally intended for the GBA

It's a new project, they just used the Dread name for whatever reason.


why is silksong being delayed so hard now? they went from having a release date to total silence i wonder if one of the team died


I don't think development is troubled at all, they just keep adding more and more stuff. They already said it's bigger than Hollow Knight.


i hope not i really liked hollow knight and what i saw in the trailer for silksong looked pretty appealing


i hope its nkt troubled i meant a bigger world would be cool as long as it isnt some boring empty bullshit


How is Hollow Knight anyway? I've heard good things but the length sounds a little off putting. Does it get boring or is there enough variation to keep the game interesting all the way through?


File: 1624748367096.jpg (148.75 KB, 1710x900, 19:10, Hollow-Knight.jpg)

Any% is really fun, if you like Metroidvania it will fly by
100% is slightly tedious but mostly enjoyable, worth doing just to experience the side content
112% is just a shitty boss rush, you can ignore it and miss nothing


Guess I'll give it a try sometime then, completionist autism isn't really my thing anyway tbh


this pretty much
100% is definitely tedious


It's like Dark Souls for trannies


based I just bought it 10 times, thanks bro


unironically the best way to describe hollow night


its really good the environments and the aesthetics in general are pretty and the controls and gameplay are great. the first playthrough can be long if youre going in blind and theres no real reward to 100% completion beyond "i did it yaaayyy" so you wouldn't really miss all that much besides maybe a couple of small areas that arent absolutely necessary depending on how much you do explore before saying fuck it and beating the game.
one complaint i do have is about a certain part of the game where you are going through a dream world and the whole thing is pretty much nothing but platforming that not only requires perfect timing but also requires trial and error unless you looked it up beforehand or are really good at platforming. thats not really a con though and more of a personal gripe that part pissed me off so much


>thats not really a con though and more of a personal gripe that part pissed me off so much
It's absolutely a con, that part sucks. The worst parts of the game by far are the platforming gauntlets (White Palace, Path of Pain) and the combat arenas (Colosseum of Fools, Godhome). Thankfully White Palace is the only mandatory one but it's still a mark against the game.


tbh i said that because i suck shit at platforming in general and thought maybe it wasnt so bad for most others
yah the colosseum gauntlets were p stupid too i forgot about that shit
who the hell wants to constantly wall jump because the floor is spikes and theres some flying nigger trying to kill you and if you fuck up at all its basically ogre and you have to do the entire thing again fuck you im not gonna do that just to complete that faggot hunter journal or whatever

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