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Nintendo Gigaleak thread. Lugi has been fully restored as well, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wL4z43MLBeQ

Pastebin taken from 4/v/: https://pastebin.com/XyRs7Qkf
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>Metroid Prime 4
that would imply Metroid Prime 3 was ever released :^)


pretty sure there's that flash game with Samus getting fucked by a charizard


What are you talking about fag?
P5 coming over to the Switch is huge given it was Sony-exclusive before and one of the few games people were actually interested in on the soystation 4
Now that it's going on the Switch is going to sell a genuinely scary amount


File: 1656657020925.png (796.39 KB, 1920x1386, 320:231, Sonychads.png)

>seething soytendo troon


I wasn't talking about sales but more that there's gonna be a lack of worthwhile games for some time. But honestly I don't understand why so many people were begging for a Switch port because who tf has a Switch as their only gaymen console? You'd either have to be underageb& or some kind of giga NEET


this is the most 4chan tier post I've ever seen on this board tbh fam


its prolly the tranny frowner who occasionally spams that picture of the guy woth a buncha soy bottles


you gotta be dumb in general because last i checked you can already emulate switch games with relative ease


Yeah I'm aware of that but what point are you trying to make? What I mean is that Persona 5 has been playable on PS3/4 and PC (via emulator) for years so it was already accessible to like 90% of gaymers, so the only reason I can see for the portbegging on Twitter is if you're some huge poorfag who only has a Switch


im not tryin to make any point im not the guy you were originally talking to i just wanted to say paying for a switch is dumb dumb behavior


1. Its Nintendo
2. its a popular console
3. its the only handheld/hybrid console available currently
you can, but you can't emulate the Switch's handheld/hybrid nature, which is why people want it for the device
also many normalfags are scared of illegal activity like emulation
keep in mind there's a lot more people who didn't buy shit for their soystations besides GTA/bloodborne/extremely popular game
being accessible doesn't mean the audience will all want it, and emulation isn't ideal for a lot of people


In other news:
>Universal Studios deeply regrets hiring Chris Patt despite Illumination's owner repeating like a broken record that he's perfect.

Yes more bad acting cutscenes because the game is actually aimed for the whole family

Is it really the real Persona or just the shitty spinoff of a spinoff? Also drifting joycons.




File: 1657117396911.png (131.23 KB, 1023x594, 31:18, Untitled.png)


It's like aiding Nintendo when they were sinking was a mistake.


File: 1657894239143.png (761.39 KB, 595x1095, 119:219, Screenshot 2022-07-15 at 1….png)

>game isn't even out yet
>DLC already announced
Kind of a shame because Iwata was against this shit but after his death they just went full jew



no click


>he doesn't click every random onion and obvious CP honeypot link here just to dab on the CIA




Didn't Iwata approve of realising barebones games and sell the rest? Mario Kart 8 was a clear example. Also it seems the backlash towards the new Mario Strikers got tamed once their beloved forgettable waifu got added.


Iwata personally was known to be against the kind of day 1 DLC that's common these days:
>“I think, when the player has exhausted what’s in an existing piece of software, when there are no more challenges and there is nothing more they can do, if we then introduce a new level or a new character—something new for them—we just increased their motivation to want to go back; we’ve also increased the amount of time they’re going to enjoy that software. And one thing Nintendo has determined as a company policy, what we are not going to do is create a full game and then say, ‘let’s hold this back for DLC.’ That’s not our plan. We’re definitely not doing that. It’s an extreme example, but I think there are examples of games where you get that initial purchase—the very core part of the game—and everything else around it is all DLC. However, if you do that I believe customers will have no motivation to go out and buy the retail package to begin with."
But around the time of his death there was a lot of pressure from the shareholders to start making more DLC and get into mobile gaymen, for example a quote from some jew shareholder:
>“We believe Nintendo can create very profitable games based on in-game revenue models with the right development team. Just think of paying 99 cents just to get Mario to jump a little higher.”


what's there?


>Just think of paying 99 cents just to get Mario to jump a little higher
>sucking as much joy out of something as possible to bilk people out of small amounts of extra money
beginning to see why greed is considered a deadly sin


dolphin porn


File: 1663695680294.jpeg (179.25 KB, 1280x1706, 640:853, FU3E7chXEA8e7hx.jpeg)

Now Rockstar got their backdoor opened like a goatse and GTA 6 finally saw the daylight. However they sent the fucking FBI to the guy who leaked the game.
Nintendo wishes to have their own personal army.


File: 1663770539665.jpg (116.78 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, 1663687121224.jpg)

I was expecting a lot more seething about the fem MC, but it turns out nobody cares because they made her THICC
Maybe Western devs are finally learning that they need to make female characters who aren't ugly as fuck for people to care about them


rally? they got the glows to kick his door?


But from what I heard he's some underage pajeet in India, doubt they can do shit if that's true. Either way it makes me kek that they're sending the fucking glowniggers over some kid posting videos of vidya gays on the internet


fucking lol.


>disgusting steatopygia bodytype
>not ugly
fucking zoomers and their taste in women goddamn there is something wrong with you if you're white and find this attractive


u lookin a lil sussy over there my nigga


File: 1663856346380.jpg (80.81 KB, 573x572, 573:572, 1521294841675.jpg)

I wonder who could be behind this post?




hes right that body barely looks human let alone attractive


my pizza in CRust this is a /monster/ appreciating website


File: 1663873008662.jpg (101.89 KB, 1024x679, 1024:679, 1663596140873.jpg)

That's just concept art, the in-game features are a bit less exaggerated


That just looks like the ibook/imac guy


The mind's eye doesnt look good due to mostly flat simple textures, low poly models, and stiff animations. that mario would look fine in motion.


File: 1663891797214-0.jpg (54.48 KB, 467x700, 467:700, nu-model-skate-whore.jpg)

File: 1663891797214-1.jpg (673 KB, 2448x2991, 816:997, R1uiqK4.jpg)

still an obnoxiously large ass, fat babushka thighs and overall pear shape phenotype. in a word: gross
a grill without slender legs is a second-class grill, i'm honestly questioning your sanity


I mean she is pretty ugly and those tits look like total sag shit
but at least she's got some hips and thighs
from the back she's not bad
forget slender, the latter is stick-figure tier
nothing wrong with preferring the slender types but your type is kinda shit


ugh, that body type is disgusting
dumpy ass bitch


that is much better. on the exaggerated side, but not disgustingly so


Whether or not your taste involves bitches who are more ass than woman is besides my point anyway. I'm just glad they weren't afraid to add some sexualized features to her unlike most Western Devs who make all their women look like butt-ugly dykes



you can go die in homo paradise if you hate thighs fag
they dont gotta be some cottage cheese abomination but some good solid legs is not a problem


literally the two examples i've taken issue with are fucking huge donkey nigger thighs if that's what you're into just say so faggot


i literally spelled it out in that post figures a stick leg loving mong cant read properly


You literally don't like thighs tho, you're just a chubby chaser


i do like thighs and youre saying dumbdumb things to try and make me mad because you got nothing better to do like how ive got nothing better to do than waste my time responding


>I do like thighs
<doesn't like girls with good thighs
<likes girls whose thighs are hidden under their drooping gunts

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