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Nintendo Gigaleak thread. Lugi has been fully restored as well, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wL4z43MLBeQ

Pastebin taken from 4/v/: https://pastebin.com/XyRs7Qkf


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Hopefully this speeds up progress with the OoT decompilation. I've been playing the Mario 64 one with some mods and it looks pretty great without going full HIRE THIS MAN tier


>OoT decompilation
pill me


Pretty much the same thing as the Mario 64 one. It's still work in progress but we got some OoT source code in the leak so hopefully it speeds up a little


p based
ill never understand whats the point of companies just hoarding all their old source codes for 20yo games anyways tbh
seems like more often than not, they end up fucking losing them silent hill hd comes to mind. might as well let the kids that are this interested in it learn from it imo


Same shit happened with FF7 iirc. They had to reverse engineer the whole game when they made the recent PC port




Looks like OoT for PC is actually happening soon™


same reason disney keeps renewing old af copyrights they dont use anymore its to keep it from going public domain and to prevent people from making money off of it or worse distributing it for free


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nintendo fans are somethin else, I tell ya hwat.


videogaming is a long term investment as you can see


>SMW compiled beta sprites can be found at DeviantArt and Tumblr
<No Mariowiki, not even the tcfr articles were updated.
The current state of archiving.


i just saw a recent vid on this actually
maximum jewry at hand here
literally the same guy who caused the 80s coin bubble and 90s comic bubble

guy must play golf with the entire FTC or something

>muh "absolute legends" guy

yea i know but he did some decent digging here
idk if they can even sue him for """"slander"""" seeing how he has them dead to rights auctioning and rating their own games, then buying them back to pump the market


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>Leaks that cost millions to Ninty
>Much more interesting projects than any of the shitstains they've been rubbing on the store
I'd feel bad over the remaining good guys on the industry, but then I remember they're the same seething gooks who are willing charge you up the ass if given the chance. Fun fact: Animal Crossing game app got pulled from Belgium's appstore after approving a law that forbids microtransactions.


Dats a good video. Watched it yesterday.

Im going to be investing in Funko Pops. By the year 2050, Ill be a Funko Pop Trillionaire.


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As much as people complain about Nintendo fans I can at least appreciate how their level of autistic dedication leads to shit like these PC port projects and top tier emulation


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>that picture

Are you raly The Quentin of /v/? Are you still around posting around /v/ boards?


No pretty sure he got v& or some shit lol


It's like places that brag about their freedom of speech end up banning a good chunk of their userbase.


yes 4chan arrested him for threatening to shoot up a school lol


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>For the first time ever: N64 roms will have online multiplayer
<Yet you won't own a thing, be happy about it.
Of course it would take them 2 generations to finally greenlit such thing.


I thought it would've been a nice feature until finding out you have to pay extra for them


Bro I've been playong N64 netplay for over a decade what you on about?


first time in an official capacity ofc niptendo would shut down as much of this type of stuff as possible then release their own shitty version when almost all interest has died down


File: 1633293789549.jpg (118.09 KB, 1908x653, 1908:653, Original Super Mario Royal….jpg)

>would shut down as much of this type of stuff as possible then release their own shitty version when almost all interest has died down
And yet they still bullshit about it.


that Mario 99 thing was fun for like 10 minutes until people found out you could cheat with inspect element


My main problem is that Nintendo debooonked the fact they plagiarized a fanmade game and instead they were inspired by the Tetris one, that shit alone summoned many nintentards to the rescue and outmatch anyone who dares to bring out that their overlord gooks are so afraid that anyone can shit out a much more creative concept than the stale games they've coming up lately.

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