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Anyone here play csgo


the player base is cancerous tbh


yeah tbh that's why i don't post on /sp/ anymore


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How does 2v2 work, are the maps reduced or are you just free to run around the entire map like a retard?
This sounds like it would be brutal on CT for baddies won't they just split up and get killed 2v1 every round?


The maps are smaller. Some of them are special Wingman maps and the others are regular maps with certain areas blocked off. There's only one site and it's usually just right between T and CT spawn.
I'm higher rank on wingman on my main than I am in regular comp, but I usually just play on alts for HvH, which is even more fun than regular csgo imo.




hacker vs hacker like in the video op posted


halo fun


not since script kiddies like you ruined it because you suck at fps

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