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2021… I am forgotten…




idk that first one looks like some kinda zoo tycoon gayme or something


cuphead had a dlc?


I think a DLC for it has been teased for a long time because of how long the original game took to animate and it had its own development problems everyone knew the DLC would take forever. I guess it is coing out though…


File: 1625188538632.jpg (193.25 KB, 463x500, 463:500, 1497346023604.jpg)

Beyond Good and Evil is historical. It marked the beginning of sheboons with afros in E3, which has now become tradition.
Does anyone have the updated version?


They all ugly


niggers are disgusting…


based and slovborg pilled


theres something extra disgusting about those frizzy mulatto afros
like old school full blood nigger afros can look gud sometimes if the nigger actually takes care of it these mulatto rats nests look like theyre having an identity crisis and dont know if they wanna be a fro or curls
which is fitting i guess considering theyre part of mongrel but who tf wants to look at that shit at all


File: 1625234946820-0.jpg (95.35 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, deathloop-julianna-23c7.jpg)

File: 1625234946820-1.jpg (101.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, forspoken_I7lsKxC.jpg)

File: 1625234946820-2.jpg (56.17 KB, 640x321, 640:321, faye.jpg)

>When you miss the GDC memos and accidentally create a character that's not hideous to look at


>disgusting apes
>not hideous
go back to /interracial/


oddly bearable you think they tried to make something hideous and their perception of beauty and ugly is so skewed they managed to make a nigger character that isnt immediately puke-worthy?


sounds like a based board, do they have buck breaking threads?


you must live a sad, lonely life


a transexual frown made this post


File: 1625282043787.jpeg (49.8 KB, 360x713, 360:713, no nigger zone.jpeg)


>not becoming a woman
ewwwwwwww gross


ok niggerlover
go live with your pet apes somewhere else


but a bitch like you cant convert to womyn
are you a double womyn?


File: 1625513814846.png (62.22 KB, 226x254, 113:127, 1449600749345.png)



S-slovborg? Please come back, the herd needs your guidance


Go back and off yourself, faggot


File: 1625679620215.jpg (115.88 KB, 992x1000, 124:125, tripfags.jpg)

this image is older than you are so how do anons still not understand


Exactly. Just do this instead of downloading random scripts to your computer

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