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You asked for this
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About 20 or so VPS providers closed down today. My host is not in the list, but I do not want to give them too much credit.
I have backed up the site. If it goes down, you know why.

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so are there actual /v/irgins here who came from somewhere else? or is this board just esspee LARPing as them?


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datamine do not respond


nice thumbnail bitch

i think there's maybe one or two of em


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no worries
youve already told me everything i needed to know


I used to browse 4chan /v/ up until the gaymergate retardation. Tried 8/v/ at one point too but it was shit


8/v/ was pretty decent for a number of years but at some point the OC dried up, the hype slowed down, and it just turned into shitflinging and confused moderation. I'd watch threads saged into the ground for hours on end then get banned for a couple shit posts. It was bizarre.


lel kime only wishes he could get spee to notice his board


What OC? Seriously, what OC? As for sage that's bullshit, if anything the fat kike coddled garbage like 4AM threads until he didn't feel like it.


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I think you all were using 8/v/ wrong.. it never got old antagonizing them e.g making katawa shoujo threads.
As for OC i think he meant the drawfags such as those on infinitybooru iirc
Also 4ams were great


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>it never got old antagonizing them
well sure

but i also always wanted a board that was very loosely centered around vidya, but otherwise totally vague and non-rulecucked.
but nooooooo hotpockets always gotta cultivate the autistic garden and play retarded power politics over a community.
every. fucking. time.
and then the only ones left on the board are the fucking powerautists who need their mommymods to pwotect them fwom tha mean words and pics

makes me wanna spit


Yeah I know that feel. the first few weeks of 8/v/ were great but the hotpockets kicked in pretty quickly. Remember the rule where you were only allowed 1 attempt at dubs per thread? lel


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if you want /b/ go to /b/
unfortunately /v/ is one of those topics where the moment you get a significant number of people you need to start jannying or redditniggers will outcancer everyone else
mork just banned shit he didn't like and enabled redditniggers because they were too dumb to see through his halfassed jew tactics
that's why 8/v/ a shit and why videogame boards are always dead or cancer
thank you and please subscribe to my youtube channel


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File: 1597944905399-1.png (196.69 KB, 732x472, 183:118, ask joell.png)

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you dont need to worry bout them no more amigo
youre in too deep
reddit dare not tread this far into the altchanosphere
only thing you need to worry about now is people LARPing as reddit for comedic effect/personal tism
the correct way imo to deal with malfeasance is incessant bullying, not hotpocketry

suppose its one thing if its board wiping spam and/or shit thats purposefully trying to get the server seized CP or shit like that, but in terms of "posts i dont like", the best way is bullying

ironically, the best example of this i can think of and also the best vidya board i can think of in recent memory was 8/vg/ from about early 2017 iirc up until the bitter end
now i know
>"how can a general board be not gay and not rulecucked?"
and i still dont have an answer for that
but it just worked™
you remember blackpillnigger?
>entirely redtext schizo rants of "muh vidya is OVER/jews WON/look at this chart" etc etc
used to absolutely terrorize /v/
i remember he would stop by /vg/, and we would just bully his shit into the dirt, tell him we didnt give a fuck because we all pirated everything, and all played old games w mods anyways etc.
eventually he calmed his tits and became a regular poster

but 8/vg/…
now that was a vidya board….
the basic rough outline of having threads based on certain games/types of games was all that was necessary. mods were very rarely seen nor heard.
i remember the stalker threads were incredibly based, frequently going off topic for weeks at a time to discuss anything from 911, the holocaust, to beans, to tungaska, to chernobyl itself, then suddenly anon would swing by with his manual fixes to miserys stealth mechanics and without even realizing it, the thread would be about stalker again.
or how about the time anon infiltrated the boomer jpeg cartel and unironically played the scam citizen alpha? screencapping his epic journey for all of us, at great personal risk to his own life?
it was the home of the radmod devs, and the game night lobbys were always full.
actual unironic OC flowed like water, uninhibited by the rampant faggotry that had infected the rest of the site since the election.
idk, the place had camaraderie that i had thought was thoroughly beaten out of 8gag years prior, but there it was, just sitting there on a legacy board that everyone had forgotten about

its possible to have both imo
a board about vidya, as well as a board with unironic freedumbs
you just need a good crew, and mods/BO that isnt narcissistic and interested in cultivating a cult of personality around themselves RARE


File: 1597973033657.png (124.04 KB, 500x738, 250:369, enlightened-heh-pill-under….png)

my sweet children, redditors like me are already here,https://www.reddit.com/r/HerdBase/.
but if "reddit cancer"really perturbs, consider taking the hehpill or just antagonizing them, it never gets old as i said in an earlier post


File: 1597975032422.png (99.54 KB, 600x800, 3:4, huh pill.png)

been poppin hehpills tbh


i meant huh


I don't think you've even been to /vg/


which one?
8/vg/ was based
never been to any other one tho


>typing this much


File: 1598030674263.jpg (120.72 KB, 550x500, 11:10, sry.jpg)

realized afterwards i shouldve put a trigger warning
pls accept my deepest apologies


pill stealing faggot


File: 1598228123056.webm (5.03 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 1417112658461.webm)

there are 8/int/ oldfigs here? nice to see you again bros


weve prolly always been together tbh


ur here forever


Sorry for being offtopic, but there's no QTDDTOT thread here, so if the anon who played the /nep/ quest is here, please respond.


i get the impression they use this as bunker
the reply might take a while


If I get a response at all. All I know is that he's probably somewhere on the webring

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