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When is it pay to win and when is it just grasping at straws/trolling? I recall someone on 8/v/ arguing that dota2 was p2w because of the cosmetic skins(many of which are obtainable in game without paying) making heroes look more difficult to recognize. This was before dotaplus more detailed stats so he couldnt use that for his arguement.


>going on 8/v/
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i dont know what youre talking about i thought pay to win involved games where winning with free equipment is borderline impossible so you have to pay for flashy armor/weapons/game dildos or whatever to get one over on anyone else
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I personally do not consider dota2 p2w
But i suspect 8/v/ does because of this line of reasoning.
>It takes me a few milliseconds extra to recognize a hero because he looks slightly different fron what i expect, therefore people who buy skins have an advantage


i wouldn't consider it p2w, but i would consider it a scummy design choice and probably one they know retards would pay for if they think it brings tthem any kind of advantage


yah thats not reall pay to win its just slightly camouflaging a character to give a slight advantage
sure its fuckin gay and unfair but players who dont pay can still win if theyre not shit at the game
as far as im concerned pay to win is purely making it so that skin is required to get anywhere close to winning even if youre otherwise rally good at the game


also the real solution is to not play dota fuck dota


Ah so 8/v/ was making a fuss over nothing again, thats why i love them.
Also turning on my trip


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The only time pay2win shit bothers me is when the whole game is built around it. Like how Fatlus made enemies in SMT4 drop no money so you had to buy their grindan DLCs to afford anything (didn't bother me personally tho since I pirated that shit anyway)
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theres literally nothing wrong with blacked.gov


When i made the op long ago it's main purpose was to antagonize 8/v/, but when i saw that p2w arguement it kind of blew my mind with how "straw graspy" it seemed, so i made this thread to get a second opinion cause maybe i was wrong and he was right.
Also want to see if sportschan/v/ is as easily perturbed as 8/v/ which you all are clearly not.


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with the exceptions of the arcana skins most characters look identical for the most part. their silhouettes were mostly similar and they were stylized and animated in a way that they were all unique.

IE juggernaut could look like either of the first two with some varying skins, but his arcana is the last one.
now the arcana will actually change particle effects and the like. it's just dress up though

OP's thesis is unfounded. if you play dota enough that micro seconds would make that kind of difference then you already have the situational awareness and match awareness to know what heroes are on the other team.


Jugg's blue arcana and PA were the exact heroes that were brought up.
Also true, any reasonably competent player would spend more of your time staring at the mini map which had coloured icons for heroes, so the player would likely know whats coming before the actual fight (except for situations like a good smoke gank)


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(almost) All Valve games are p2w OP


any game with microtransactions may not automatically be p2w, but it is a rubbish game not worth playing because the incentive is toward design focused on manipulating people to buy product and not make a good game. Even small things can have a big impact, though. If you've played csgo you might remember the "Asiimov" series which was guns covered in pigeon shit. One anon told me about how he sniffed out an awper to clutch because he saw the white barrel sticking out in sharp relief to the dark background. Because the awper was working an unorthodox angle he wouldn't have checked that corner otherwise. In this case the paint job was a hindrance, but it goes to show how something seemingly so minor can have such a major effect. To use valve again you could probably also make a case about hats and shit compromising the clear and distinct class silhouettes that were an essential part of TF2's art design, but I'm not really sure who specifically that helps or hurts in a given situation.
>>>>>>shitting on other sites to fit in


wait did hats cost money? i don't remember paying for any of that shit
or using them at all really


you could get hats with or without paypigging. Because hats bought directly were "dirty" meaning they can't be traded or crafted, people would buy keys, exchange those for refined metal if needed and then use that to buy the hats from dedicated big nose merchants. you could also get them by just using your keys to open lootboxes.


wtf all that shit for some ugly virtual headpieces? maybe being a sperg really is a blessing in disguise ive never felt the slightest urge to waste my time obtaining skins and other dumb shit if it didnt affect the gameplay itself much less doing this moronic hoop jumping for them


>maybe being a sperg really is a blessing in disguise ive never felt the slightest urge to waste my time obtaining skins and other dumb shit
that's like the opposite of being a sperg, you think normies are spending their time grindan for hats in TF2?


i dunno i dont really interact with others irl

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