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anyone ever tried one of these licensed sega USB controllers for emu?
liking the idea of using the L and R buttons for SNES emu too
was looking for a decent USB SNES controller as well, but they all look like fuking shit, so im thinking of just going with one of these ones


File: 1598309231462.png (7.31 KB, 354x178, 177:89, Numbered_DE9_Diagram.svg.png)

is that the one made by that company that makes a bunch of old controllers now? buddy of mine got one and says the dpad is trash which sucks I wanted one for fighting games maybe I'll just get a DE9 to USB adaptor if those exist they probably exist and my SEGA 6 button pad works perfectly fine though I'd only have one shoulder button


Retrobit. the retrobit one I've been told is shit


id heard whispers that the dpad was trash
wonder how hard itd be to swap the parts for one of my old junk genny controllers

got so many donny bucks sitting around tho, i might just drop a $20 and fuck around with it


thats a good point actually
id forgotten that those controller ports were an old standard in the 80s


I haven't tried it yet but you can use a steam controller with emulators right?


yea i think
idk ive never used steam or their controller tbh

this particular controller would be for a little rasberry i got that i take on the road w me tho. was browsing through 3rd party garbage and saw this for not too much more. looked like it had some weight to it, buttons looked fine, plus the 6-button is my fucking jam, but it seemed too good to be true


just use a wired xbox 360 controller. I've been using them for years for emu


those xbox dpads are the fucking worst tho


yeah idk it depends on what the issue is with the controller t, if it's just the pad itself or the rubber then I don't see why not but it might be the board in the controller idk. I want one of those neogeo controllers with the microswitch dpad but those in particular are expensive as fuck and they're making ones now that look the same but the dpad isn't on microswitches which is gay as fuck I got this neogeox portable thing with microswitch dpad and it's fuckin ace the thing plays like butter until I press all the buttons then it turns off lmao piece of shit but that dpad is like no other I can't stress that enough


File: 1598446763899-0.jpg (166.39 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, pc-010023gy-02.jpg)

File: 1598446763899-1.jpg (99.38 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 8bitdo-sf30-2-4g-controlle….jpg)

I don't know about those, but just so you know there are some pretty good USB SNES pads on the market. I've has an iBuffalo for about 6 years now that still works perfectly and feels pretty close to the real thing. The 8bitdo SF30 is also similar quality, it's designed primarily for the NES/SNES Mini but they can also be used on PC via USB cable


the steam controllers alright for most things. I hate it for third or first person shooters. Obviously for the latter m+kb is preferable. I was surprised at how bad it is with MGSV though.


File: 1598518894430.jpg (42.06 KB, 650x650, 1:1, 8Bitdo-SF30-Pro-Controller….jpg)

I've been using an 8bitdo SF30 Pro controller and it's been a great disappointment. First of all, I'm always having trouble connecting to anything via bluetooth. Second, this shape isn't designed for thumbsticks and L2/R2 shoulder buttons. My hands cramp up really fast.


I have a couple of the ibuffalo ones. They're really good and also cheap, I even used one as a controller for rocket league for a couple months and it was actually really playable


yeah ibuffalo is probably the best cheap controller you can get for vidya fucking around, just watch out because QC is kind of shit
got one where the contact pads inside weren't actually on the buttons so half the controller didn't work
one before that worked great tho



yea thats pushing it imo
its wired controllers or bust for me
and im buying retro knockoffs to avoid analog sticks


its a d-pad. they're all pretty much the same


File: 1598610741613.jpg (46.98 KB, 1200x666, 200:111, 1200px-Wii-Classic-Control….jpg)

kinda reminds me of the Wii classic controller which I liked, but my hands are pretty smoll tbh


Have you considered buying a real controller with an adapter? even better if you already have an old one lying around


yea but the adapters i saw were all about half the price of this controller anyways, and my old genny controllers are pretty beat the fuck up.

but yea, i ended up snagging one.
its honestly pretty decent. no real issues with the d-pad yet, it works as it should. its got that kinda loose feeling that genny controllers have, but nothing out of the ordinary, and its def in better shape than my real one.
it seems to read really fast inputs no problem.
controller itself has a decent weight to it, and the buttons and whatnot are all pretty solid feeling.
especially given the price 20 bucks, flati dont even think real genesis controllers can be gotten this cheap anymore, even used, i gotta say its one of the better USB controllers ive messed around with in recent memory.

gotta spend some more time with it to see if it holds up tho. but so far so good.

imo its not bad tbh, especially for price


what kinda games you playin with it


File: 1599201895838.jpg (15.81 KB, 480x360, 4:3, spede.jpg)

first i tested out was ninja gaiden (NES), which seems dumb but the dpad was brought up as an issue and theres a lotta precise shit in that one. especially holding down mid jump to mash attack/animation cancel/spinslash cancel
got to 6-2 w out even dying p good for me. usually need at least a continue

then i tried some genesis games
those work as they should, but thats expected.
did pretty good at streets of rage 3 still never gonna 1cc it tho ;_; which is bitchin hard imo. the double taps on dpad to dodge/run/blitz attack worked fantastic, and actually having 6 face buttons to pull off the extra special moves was based.
shinobi 3 was another one i tried where having the six button controller was awesome. idk if youre aware of it, as iirc theres like no mention of it being a thing, but theres a 6 button control mode that they implemented in that game which lets you perform a lot of different moves and some cool wallclimb glitches i saw some speedruntranny do once. totally tore normal mode a new asshole after i got used to the extra controls. idk if i even died tbh. that stupid maze level at the end becomes fucking trivial if you learn how to do that wallclimb glitch

after that i wanted to test it out as a SNES controller since it has L and R buttons.
my choice was a super zero mission super metroid romhack thats p hard as imo super metroid has the tightest and most complex controls in any SNES action game i can think of.
that… took some getting used to ngl. the genesis dpad is much more loose and inclined towards more diagonal/rolling type movement than the much stiffer SNES pad. and that initially made my wall jumps rather awkward. that romhack has a lot of super retarded wall jump parts, that are 100% required ie why i chose it to test out to progress. all in all tho it wasnt bad after i got used to it a bit. and being able to map item cancel to a face button thats not retarded like select was a welcome change. this was the one time i felt that i wanted the L and R buttons to stick out a bit more, but ultimately im glad they arent like that as then you might accidentally hit them.

schizo rant but yeaaaa
it works p good for the action games i play. obv works for fucking rpgs and puzzleshits too but i mean no fucking shit. biggest "downside" so far is some SNES games arent really made for sega dpads
go figure


File: 1599249051700.gif (64.62 KB, 159x196, 159:196, 1573705424443-0.gif)

could you do me a solid and try out something like Gayrou Mark of the Wolves or King of Fighters XIII?
easily piratable and if I got one it would be specifically for games like that and those are very precise so they're a good benchmark like the games you tried
if not cool but I'd appreciate it
and yeah the six buttons rule on many Genesis era SEGA games. them being usable is an early indicator that the dev gave at least a little bit of a shit about the game.


File: 1599268543966.jpg (59.38 KB, 635x691, 635:691, dd025ud-f28c05d9-1407-4db9….jpg)

mai could fuckin get it mayne holy shit


File: 1599343579881.mp4 (14.63 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 399233f27e7591973f497d4707….mp4)

no sexual thoughts please





>King of Fighters XIII
shiiieeeet idk if i got anything thatll be able to play that rn tbh
my craptop a shit

gayrou is a neogeo game tho, right?
just got one of the new raspberry pis 4B so i might be able to fucks wit dat.
havent messed with the neogeo emu at all yet, but id imagine some serious configuration and overclocking might be necessary. and ngl im kinda spooked to juice this new one too hard cuz i just got it, and i totally fucking fried my old one 3 trying to run dolphin lmao.
these new ones are p powerful tho, so if i get inspired ill give it a shot

im warning you tho: for all the action gaems i play, im fucking terribad at fightan gaems


sweet thanks for trying


I don't see why NeoGeo would have any trouble on a new Raspberry Pi, I can run it perfectly fine even on a hacked NES Mini. Also used to emulate that shit on an old shitty Celeron computer back in the Windows XP days


iirc, for my old one, it was me being retarded more than anything else.
was trying to run metal slug 2 which i THOUGHT i remembered from my childhood arcade. ya know, the one where you get turned into a mummy? whole game was laggy as shit, so i figured it was me not having enough go-juice. so i kept overclocking the poor little bastard until it got fucking toasted. at least on this new one i have it has a fan and some basic little heatsinks.
but as it turns out im a faggot and metal slug 2 just is that shit, and what i remembered from my childhood was actually metal slug X: basically the same game but substantially less laggy

all that said, ive been trying these past few days to get this darn neogeo emu that i have on my current image running, and for the life of me it just fucking wont. keeps crashing back to the retropie GUI. wont load a single rom. even stupid little puzzle games like puzzle bobble. even uninstalled and reinstalled all the emulators by hand, and it still does the same shit. might have to flash a new image on it tbh, cuz now i wanna play some snk shit too.

ffs i even got the sega saturn emu to run, which has gotta be far and away more taxing, but the neogeo one is just being a dick for some reason

fwiw i was literally just playing final fight 3 and had no issue pulling off all of lucias specials course those are just simple hadouken/shoryuken inputs. and even was able to pull off her super move without too much issue, and that thing used to give me so much fucking trouble when id try to emulate it with shittier controllers.
esp with those shitty xbox dpads it was fucking impossibru


File: 1600189379774.png (1.37 MB, 1564x1120, 391:280, Sega_Saturn_Controller_-_T….png)

gonna try and see if i can get the MAME/CPS2 emu working/configured and try out street fighter alpha 2 as that was one fighting game that i actually did play a lot of cuz they had it at my local hockey rink.
not too familiar with garou or KoF, but SA2 had those custom combos where youd use superbar to link all your specials. oh yea and those special counters too.
idk it was precise enough to where ive never even bothered to emulate it as i dont have a fighting stick
ill say something if its totally fuckawful

so far the closest thing i can actually compare it to is those sega saturn controllers not the shitty release ones, and not those analog 3d spaceship ones. the other ones. big diff being that the L/R buttons dont stick out as much, theyre kinda just as useless as those saturn ones were tho tbh

i dont really see the big complaints about the dpad as of yet tbh


thanks for all the effort. comparing it to a saturn pad is really promising. you got me wanting one for sure.


Did you get the bios set up properly? that can be a pain in the ass when you're setting up emulator boxes


yeah my mom bought me a retrobit usb controller for christmas one year and it sucked so bad that i threw it away. i felt bad cause i know she just wanted to get me something that i'd like and i appreciated it but it's hard for parents


well the verdict is i really suck at fighting memes tbh

its a bit wobbly for my taste which, in its defense, is accurate to what genny controllers were as in, when i start getting my ass kicked and start mashing out of fear, i start jumping/crouching accidentally. so its plenty sensitive/responsive. prolly too sensitive for me tho
if youre sooper cereal about playing fighting memes, id still imagine youd want a real stick at some point.
but then, you definitely cant even buy a cheap stick for anywhere near 20 doll hairs
so for the value its legit imo
the buttons are also feeling nicer now ive worn em in a bit

and i should clarify: the button layout is similar to saturn, as in the L/R triggers are kinda pointless, and the rest are decent. the shape is, as far as i can tell, literally the same mold as the 6button genny. so not as thick as saturn ones which is kind of a shame tbh

turns out the thing it was cloning the bios from was all cocked up
i tracked down my own and put em in there manually and now some mame games work, after pointing each game to its corresponding bios.
i got frustrated trying to figure out which is which way too fucking many and just went back to playing genesis again tho
3muchwerk5me rn
wanna get high and play gaems


okay im gonna need you to put a warning before next time you decide to write a dissertation this is rally triggering me


Yeah MAME shit can be tedious to set up on devices like that. The only arcade games I managed to set up properly on my NES Mini were NeoGeo games, and that was using FBA rather than MAME. Even with that I couldn't manage to set up CPS2/3 games but that doesn't matter since the few games I care about for that have PSX ports


dont gotta read shit if you dont wanna
anon asked how the controller was
wanted to give him an idea what he was getting into. i know its only 20 bucks, but if he ended up getting one because of me, and then fucking hated it, id still feel bad
rather waste my own time over someone elses money

def had much better luck with that one in the past
i get why MAME is more tedious, as it can emulate way more cabs
its just arduous to set up properly


Try Chinese knockoff controllers OP

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