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>Strong female character brought back in newest expansion
>She's in impractical boob armor with jiggle physics

These developers are hacks, this contradicts so much lore


lol is this bitch still relevant in any way whatsoever?


she was never relevant and gaymergay never mattered to anyone outside of twatter reddit and 8gag


the fuck is she wearing
nah but she made a killing with her grift, bitch got a ton of $ off retards


sheem rockin the hillary clinton get up
and by rockin i mean making me imagine the smell of mothballs


File: 1626588413230.jpg (71.93 KB, 544x1052, 136:263, 2bd92846f11a7fc5790dca7cc8….jpg)

Relevant to my pants


Next time people shouldn't throw money at random things, people or organizations

>Relevant to my pants

….ewww gross

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