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wtf is Lost Alpha good now? Also STALKER general I guess.


STALKER is a little too jank for me. I am looking forward to STALKER 2 though


Am I a filthy casul for skipping CS? played it for a few hours after finishing SoC and hated how much bleeding affects you while also making bandages a lot rarer and more expensive


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there's some fun to be extracted from the faction war mechanic but the vanilla gameplay is pretty garbage. I quit vanilla when your throwing arm was as accurate as an AK. To make it fun I had to install Arsenal Overhaul and even then manually tweak all the guns so that a few layers of kevlar doesn't turn a 7,62x39 FMJ into a nerf dart. I don't blame you if you miss out but you are still missing out. also pic related


I haven't delved much into modding yet but wouldn't it be better to just play something like CoC or Anomaly for faction wars?


better? maybe. maybe not.
better in the same way? not at all.

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