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>H-hey you guys remember Dead Space right?!? R-right????
>Yes we did kill off Visceral and shelve Dead Space for a decade but you have to give us money now, look it's Isaac!!!

Callisto Protocol can't come soon enough lol, this is embarrassing


is that monster throwing up the horns?


>giving EA money

No thanks


didn't it already get a re-master?


i was about to come here and make a thread to ask for a spooky game but you answered me before it started
does the pc version of the original ded spess run ok or did it have a lot of bugs?


It's fine


The gameplay itself of these games was fun enough but horror-wise I always felt they relied too much on gore and edgy shock value. No idea why they decided to turn it into generic shootan and kill the series though


gore and shock wasnt the issue for me i fuckin hated all the jump scares they get rally predictable like half an hour into the game but theres other creepy parts that kinda make up for it tho


ebonics negro has a point
jump scares are the horror equivalent of the third world


normies are more likely to buy shootan than horror games


ebonics is incomprehensible and there was nothin nigger about that post stop hurtin my feelings


Evidently not in this case since Dead Space 3 sold like shit iirc. Also it's not like normies don't buy horror games, basically everyone I know has at least played RE at some point


File: 1627406473796.jpg (254.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Dead-Space-2-3.jpg)

>Evidently not in this case since Dead Space 3 sold like shit iirc
All of the Dead Space games sold well, EA just had delusional sales expectations.


go back to facebook


File: 1627416486749.png (100.17 KB, 300x175, 12:7, 51cd71ee57e9dbd6e6f0a73c76….png)

>he doesn't know


Dead Space was great.
Dead Space 2 was meh.
Dead Space 3 was so bad I got it for free, never finished it and still felt like I got scammed.

The lore of the games is pretty cool though.


go frown transexually on twitter


>Callisto Protocol
is that real, or is that some subtle Alpha Protocol reference?


File: 1627781801963.jpg (279.68 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, the-callisto-protocol.jpg)

Koreans gave Glenn Schofield a bunch of money to make a spiritual successor to Dead Space


File: 1627854556050.png (66.61 KB, 643x525, 643:525, remaketeam.png)

Oh no… not like this…


shit dude that's straight out of a nightmare scenario
it is the nightmare scenario


>only one guy from the original team


>when the VP of diversity and inclusion (CEO's mistress) is in charge of the roster


There's much less reason to remake 7th gen games than any prior gens. The graphical improvements huge enough such that they aren't worth it. These remakes always somehow fuck up to fail to fully capture the feel of the originals. Demon's Souls remake was decent on the surface but for some reason I still largely prefer the original, i don't know how to explain it but remakes can't capture the charm of the originals.


>There's much less reason to remake 7th gen games than any prior gens.
EA's back catalog is 90% RTS and simulation games, EA has no interest in doing anything with them because those are "dead genres".


I recently played that Xenoblade remake for Switch and it was pretty much a complete improvement in every way. But otherwise yeah they'd be better off just making those HD remasters in 99% of cases


only if they dont fuck them up like that silent hill hd collection "remaster"


just emulate those games instead


File: 1629153457391.jpg (23.43 KB, 904x735, 904:735, 602da20d6dbfe7bf3c8f3a33d9….jpg)

emulate this dick


you mean micropenis right? Not even the hubble telescope can spot that tiny thing also u gay


File: 1629154228709.jpg (42.61 KB, 800x550, 16:11, computer-geek-28068686.jpg)

>erm erm the bubble telescope ackshually
damn who invited the chess club…




i didnt have a gud pc when i bought that collection
i also wasnt aware of how jewish the video game industry is
i have learned many things since


At least you learned about it eventually. I'd be worse if you kept lining up to have your wallet fucked hard


oh fuck i might have got 'grand wizard' mixed up 'grand master' when i was trying to invite some brave knights of the ku klux klan here


what the fuck are you talking about?


"grand master" is a chess term

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