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About 20 or so VPS providers closed down today. My host is not in the list, but I do not want to give them too much credit.
I have backed up the site. If it goes down, you know why.


Anyone else buying this? nice to see a new game in the THPS series that actually looks good for the first time in around 15 years


If it plays like the originals yeah but if not I'll just stick to the originals


File: 1599107605423.jpg (202.05 KB, 1262x1280, 631:640, 027e6361692a518c7ca63d869a….jpg)

kickflip wahoo


i mean THPS 1/2 was my jam as a kid
and i still have em
so id prolly just stick with that unless something spectacular is going on with these

and all that said, the skate games kinda filled the void for me tbh
idk how EA let such quality games sneak by
i guess to atone they resolved to absolutely never release a new one ever again, for any reason ever, even with the 3rd one still having an active playerbase


>Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series


File: 1599484109625.jpg (139.74 KB, 960x937, 960:937, u11h94grqaox.jpg)

I think they have some of the techniques added from the later games like manuals, reverts, spine transfers etc, but I think it's worth buying just to support the devs and maybe we'll get an actual new game someday


fuck bam tbh


File: 1599783148385.jpg (141.14 KB, 697x900, 697:900, 1598460581316.jpg)

how do I emulate pic related on pc


download an nes emulator and the rom then play it


but how do I unlock rittenhouse mode


put a gun in your 5 3/4 floppy drive


????? where are you




File: 1600399136909.mp4 (4.67 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, SO_HERE_I_AM.mp4)

i still have the originals so i hardly need a remake to say nothing of emulation


up up down down left right left right b a start


>fuck bam


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