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It really do be like that


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You have no fucking idea


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>guess the game.png
>yggdra union.xlsx
uhhh… I think it's YGGDRA UNION


>normalfags are allergic to turn based combat
feels good man


u did it bby


File: 1629491126996.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.43 KB, 625x626, 625:626, bait.jpg)

>thinking JRPG swill is "turn based combat"


They still play pokemon


t. normalfag


t. tranny frowner
also this is a normie chan


you shouldt ry grandia tbh
really fun battle system imo


>no u
back to cuckchan


my smile is rally bisexual 4u rn tbh tranny frowner famalam -3- mwah


lol this, JRPG combat is one tier above idle clicker games


I can enjoy that kind of basic JRPG combat in shorter games like the classic FFs and DQs but idk how people can enjoy it for 100+ hours. I recently played both DQXI and Persona 5 and God damn they got boring fast


sometimes the random encounter rates are fuckin ludicrous too
i was recently playing the first breath of fire and by the time i got the little mole dude the whole party was op as fuck because you get attacked roughly every five steps you take in that game and the fail rate for running away is retarded enough that simply taking on every battle is occasionally faster even when the enemies can all be one shotted and dont gib much experience
i was emulating it too so i had a fast forward option i cant imagine suffering through that shit at normal speed


Yeah that was pretty common in older JRPGs. I think the point was to for marketing purposes, they'd pad out the whole game with random encounters just to be able to write something like "50 hours of gameplay!" on the box


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p5's battle system was pretty fun though. I do agree though, the first 3 dq's really capture the essence of a JRPG in the purest sense imo.
Some people call them basic but even with limited exposition, and no dialogue from the MC in some of them I felt it was able to make you feel part of the world and story better than most other games that tried to do a lot more.
In Dragon Quest for instance you get your ass kicked pretty hard early as you make you way down across the map in the first leg of the game. When you start the second leg, I'm guessing intentionally you cross over the starting area and it feels really rewarding, like you are a sort of shonen protagonist as it demonstrates your progress up to this point. What was kicking your ass a few hours before is just fodder now. A lot of jrpg's are always scaling things up so everything feels just right but in this original DQ they point out to you that you have in fact become much strong in a short period of time and that you can in fact complete your quest and be the hero. IDK I was smoking a lot of weed when I played it and it gave me some serious feels.
I still have my discs of DQ7 for the psx that I never finished and really should start it up and finish it this time. DQ is literal comf and doesn't bog you down with all the crap some of the later FF titles do. NTTAWWT


eh I generally like Persona/SMT's press turn system but 120 hours of it was too much imo, SMT has around the right length for me
As for DQ yeah the simplicity is what makes them enjoyable for me. With all the existentialism, moral ambiguity, edgy teenagers killing God etc. that most JRPGs have been doing for the past 25 years it's nice to go back to a basic "kill the demon king and save you're waifu" kinda story sometimes.
Never played the first 2 games tho, are the SNES or GBC versions better? Also I thought 2 was supposed to be shit


I played GBC 1, 2 and 3. The SNES version from what I understand are better versions of the GBC versions so I'd say go for those.
2 gets a bad wrap, it starts slow, and there is a pretty big difficulty spike at the end and that puts you in an out of the fire into the frying pan situation but I liked it.
It really really had some show don't tell stuff as far as the story goes, and subtle stuff. Not even like X happened and then Y happened but some pretty crazy character development that I'd describe as whatever the opposite of heavy handed is.


the problem with dragon quest is that the whole thing is a one trick pony, and it's a trick that every rpgmaker game ever has copied.
what's worse is that it's a trick with neither variety nor replayability. Compare it to a proper turn based game, I'll invoke OG XCOM since it's the doom of the genre, and it's night and day just how much you can experiment with your play style in every fight


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rpgmaker games are a facsimilie, DQ hits somethin more often than not tbh that the a cookie cutter rpg make game doesn't.
not to deride rpg maker games in general as there is some good stuff there but what DQ does is easy to imitate but hard to actually get right.
Maybe I'm a fan boy, but if you real niggas would understand

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