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So I told Todd to sell Skyrim again.. he actually did it the absolute madman hahahahaha!


ive never played skyrim or any elder scrolls game
get fucked todd


wait, didn't he already make an "anniversary" version?
>500 creation club mods
oh boy, I can't wait to play some fanfic


>Skyrim has been re-released over 20 times at this point


File: 1629681156526.jpg (146.16 KB, 1014x576, 169:96, 1513802806889.jpg)

Honestly I haven't even played Skyrim since the release back in 2011, can't be bothered with installing 6 gorillion mods to make it actually playable when you can just replay Morrowind


i have never played an elder scrolls game what is that spire thing in the background i thought someone put them in a halo map for a minute


its a halo map


is it rally?


Yes, it's actually from the new Halo game


such a boring fucking game its insane
i was sick last week and really tired, so i figured i would play something mindless like shitrim to relax
skipped the intro and lasted maybe 20mins before i just shut it off in disgust
what an absolute snore fest
i even ditched the main quest and made a bee-line for falkreath and riften instead, just to try to change it up
still mind-numbingly boring
still over 9000 identical draugr ruins to """explore"""
the fact that people prefer that thoughtless sword and board combat to even morrowinds dice-rolls is insane

shut it off and played dork sauce instead cuz it has actual gameplay


>he doesn't
breh thems skeletors will DROP KEYS that you can use to find MORE SKELETORS TO GANGBANG U + SPIDERS AND SHIT


If you think that's bad try playing fucking Daggerfall, it's like Skyrim's copypaste dungeons but on steroids


id rather daggerfalls procedurally generated non-euclidian nightmares any day tbh
at least i can actually get lost in those


>procedurally generated non-euclidian nightmares
can you explain what you meant by that to someone who hasnt played daggerfall but enjoys mindfuck dungeons?


File: 1630149086337.png (399.14 KB, 930x568, 465:284, df dungeon.png)

iirc how it works is theres some sets of handcrafted chunks that get mixed together with absolute jibberish resulting in this
sometimes progression can be obtuse to the point where the only way forward is an unmarked hidden door
rarely at least ime in vanilla daggerfall it can be downright impossible. onlyhappened a few times for me tho, and i think the unity port guy fixed it somewhat theres also mods to make smaller dungeons

mark/recall spells are mandatory on all DF characters


i actually rally like that kind of shit theres something about being trapped in an illogical maze thats scarier than any horror game to me


hate it


same. DF is a really good game. dated, sure, but ambitious even by todays standards

go check out the unity sourceport if you dont feel like dicking around with dosbox. some nice QoL edits that come optional with the unity launcher



I tried DF Unity recently, fun for a little while but it gets repetitive really quick. I'd like to see a modern game with the same ideas though since procedural generation has evolved a lot recently with all the AI technology

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