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>Call of Duty: Vanguard has been revealed alongside a confirmation that publisher Activision has put nearly all of its mainline studios on the Call of Duty franchise.

>Vanguard is being helmed by developer Sledgehammer Games while Treyarch and Raven Software will take charge of Zombies and Warzone respectively. Infinity Ward will continue to support the recent Modern Warfare game in addition to working on the next Call of Duty installment.

>Furthermore; developers High Moon Studios, Beenox, Demonware, and Toys for Bob will contribute by offering development support across Vanguard and Warzone. They will also be presumably directed by Activision to look over other unannounced Call of Duty projects when needed.

>It should also be noted that a new Activision Mobile studio has been founded to work on a new Call of Duty mobile game, which will be supported by Beenox and the Shanghai division of the publisher.

>Activision has now fully dedicated eight out of ten of its core studios to the Call of Duty franchise. That reportedly makes over 2,000 developers and staffers working on the future of the franchise and which will continue to grow with a major recruitment drive already underway.

Thanks Bobby… that's just… great


just as g_d intended

cant even blame em
as irrelevant as CoD has become, its the only franchise they have
almost all their other big budget games have been total flops/catastrophes


They have had some modest successes that are deemed "failures" because they don't sell COD numbers. And their actual flops are due to poor marketing or absolutely braindead decisions (like Crash 4 timed exclusivity for an end of life console).


>They have had some modest successes that are deemed "failures" because they don't sell COD numbers
yea im speaking from their perspective
and tbh, considering the insane money that goes into dev-ing AAA, let alone their mammoth marketing budgets, i wouldnt be surprised if they still lost money, or barely broke even, on those moderate successes

to put it into sparts: the AAA formula is to swing for the fences on literally every pitch and also to buy all their opponents best pitchers and then chop their hands off.
imo this is dumb as fug, as you can easily have years in between dongers. so then they end up sitting there for ages w their thumbs up their asses, just burning through cash on hand/selling assets etc.
sure, activision is good for it, but then you add in this news, that theyre going literally all-in on cowadoody, and i can smell trouble.
CoD has been declining in popularity for a while now. sure, no matter what itll probably sell at least decent. but with all the eggs in that basket theyre gonna need more than just "decent". they need a GTA5 that they can load with microtransactions.

tl;dr idk wtf they could be thinking tbph


isnt gtav losing money now despite the microtransactions? i thought it had declined massively when fortnite got big


idk idgaf about random zoomer games
id imagine its over now, but they made so much dosh on that shit its insane


really? suits them right though


didn't they already do a WWII game? Do they have like 0 new ideas at this point?


they stopped having new ideas after the first advanced warfare and even then the only reason to play it was zombies
all theyre gonna do now is retread ww2 for propaganda purposes like what happened with battlefield because dude we need more
in our game about a war where two of those played borderline zero roles in anything and the third was still an offense that could get you friendly fired


>the only reason to play it was zombies
this is the only cowadoody i remember
the one with zombies
idk which one

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