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You asked for this
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This thread is for any and all video game discussion. Posting video game content outside of this thread will result in your post getting deleted and may result in a ban.

Remember to stay on topic!


it's spelled /vgg/ or /anus/ you lout


>vidya gaems
don't them things turn you into a tranny homosexual?


>he plays video games
lol get a load of this nerd faggot


go back to mark/v/


make me


*makes you*
*fucks your mom*


talk about rude


File: 1624469555060.jpg (20.33 KB, 511x341, 511:341, a9084c8e2bd354fe1374c590aa….jpg)

/v/ boards really do be like that
>Threads can be remade when either of these conditions is met: the existing thread has reached the reply limit (450); the existing thread has reached bump limit (400) AND is currently on page 11 of the catalog; otherwise they will be locked. Check the catalog before making a new thread.
>Effortless threads and template threads will be met with ridicule and may be bumplocked or locked. Put some effort when making a new thread.

I just wanted to post about bideo games…


>do be like that
get out


File: 1624471472973.jpg (72.95 KB, 726x486, 121:81, Jamal, Destroyer of Worlds.jpg)

back to cuckchan hwite boi dis board be NIGGA territory


ur a big buck
*unzips bwc*


File: 1624474389301.jpg (208.99 KB, 634x950, 317:475, feedthedeers.jpg)

getting out really do be like that


id do be like dat fr fr no cap on a stack bruh lowkey fam bruh I can't bruh im DEADDD no chill walla walla bing bang bix nood




File: 1624476262739.png (78.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, proxy-image (1).png)

4 You




so post about bideo games
the main hangup with all the other /v/s is theyre lorded over by faggot hotpockets while this one is basically a free for all outside of cp obviously so the one or two angry niggers trying to shit up the place dont have any power without a tranny janny to back them up

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