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is re4 the most overrated game ever?


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Not even close, it's shown it's age but it's still a fun game. I would probably nominate Breath of the Wild. I can't think of anything else that has gotten 9's and 10's across the board while being weak at everything. Shit gameplay, shit story, shit graphics. It's a shovelware tier game that is somehow considered GOAT


never played botw but i hate re4's combat controls
like climbin out of a ketamine hole with cement boots


Yeah, the controls are fucked. It's just as janky as the classic tank controls. I saw people saying REmake 4 is unnecessary and it holds up great but I think they are just misremembering


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>wii u's listed on ebay for $1200 -$3500 usd
can one make a livin just resellin intendas to weeb jawns?


The grading thing was exposed as a literal scam, the grading company bids on their own games to inflate the price.


good prank


why do you say that?


how? the design is flawless, pacing is immaculate, the economy has just the right amount of depth, and the story is just the right amount of ridiculous camp
RE4 is a good game with perfect execution in every aspect, and it's really telling that not even in 5 could capture the lightning a second time
even if you don't like the controls, you've got to recognize that they're a feature, not a bug. the entire game is designed around that cumbersome aiming system
underrated post
remember when BOTW was GOTYAY to manchildren and game journos because it was skyrim for nintendo? shameless


Give it a break, the franchise is known for being a shitty jumpscare game, RE4 is one the few entries that does feel like a game, but I prefer RE5 because of the better controls and Chris Redfield portraying a rothschild with his Aunt Jemina.

Well, that's because RE4 does play smoother on the Wii version


File: 1630889482236.jpg (65.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, The-Legend-of-Zelda-Breath….jpg)

It feels like a tech demo that was never meant for release. It looks and plays like an unfinished game. You even get all the items at the start of the game, like it's a development build.

I mean, just look at this shit. Where is everything?


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>the entire game is designed around that cumbersome aiming system
then they shoulda designed it around summin better, make it like Perfect Dark but slow down the PC a bit and speed up the tarded enemies a bit
>Give it a break


Someone redpill me on RE, I've never really played any horror games. Should I play the remakes or the OG PS1 games?



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good prank


>Chris Redfield portraying a rothschild with his Aunt Jemina.



I don't really know what a "redpill" is, but just don't play the originals because they're so bad to play.

Play the GC, PS2, PC remakes instead. RE4, RE1 remake, and the recent RE 2 remake. The RE3 remake was kinda bad though. They reused a ton of assets from the RE2 remake and got rid of the clock tower level.



>wow Red plays different from Blue why didn't they just make it like Blue god
don't dismiss the original games out of hand, there's certain low rent authenticity that made the original release of 1 much scarier to me. Best example: compare the cutscene for the first zombie you encounter in OG to the gamecube remake. I want to say the same is true of the others, but I haven't played them yet.


5 and 6 are way better. 4 has shit controls and the boring dirty village and colorless castle aesthetic.


>>Give it a break
Fair enough, it's a surprise the game managed to sustain a fanbase considering there were much better for the PSX.

>>Chris Redfield portraying a rothschild with his Aunt Jemina.
I was exaggerating, but you get to shoot niggers on Africa and Chris Redfield being only able to sell and buy shit for every break.


no ive seen plenty of people shit on it for various reasons when i think overrated i think shit like dark souls where fags suck its cock all day but while it is a gud game it isnt perfect or even as hard as its made out to be


>5 and 6 are way better
>6 are way better
peak contrarianism. next you'll say fun is a buzzword


no tank controls?
no play
simple as

how im sposed to be scared without tank controls?


not him but i did like 6 for what it was
pretty campy and very easy
I remember they patched in a harder difficulty while I was playing it and switched to that and it was still easy
it was just fun running into piles and piles of zombies and knifing all of them like some methed up kcbro


RE6 is a blast, it's RE5 without the shitty inventory management, plus you get to go full JCVD on zombie motherfuckers


the story was gay and stupid but the gameplay itself was pretty gud the mercenaries mode easily btfod 4 and 5's
its certainly not a good horror game but crapcom had already fully embraced action over spooky shit for their resident evil games at that point so why not just drop the pretense and make the action fun


RE6 is just plain stupid fun. RE5 is meh in comparison


File: 1631145446509.jpg (405.85 KB, 1280x2236, 320:559, d0ed2d8daa72d300a0af0215b6….jpg)

RE6 starts strong but it's a really long game and by the halfway mark you've seen most of what the game has to offer, so I'd probably rank them like this:

RE6 Leon / Chris
RE6 Jake / Ada


there was one really odd thing in re6 that I'll never forget
there's a boss fight you do with chris that immediately segues into a flashback of like a few months ago where you're chris and his partner and some other merc people or BSAA or whatever their organization was marchin through this town on an operation.
I used up most of my ammo on the boss fight.
at the start of the flashback I had…the same amount of ammo I had at the end of the boss fight.
It's like they didn't plan that out or take into account that it was a flashback or how narratively if a para military organization is about to go on some mission they're probably going to have more than 4 bullets in their service pistol .


mmm is that a femboy?


No, RE4 is great and holds up incredibly well.

Just because every other game in the world at the time decided to copy it doesn't mean its a bad game. Only other good RE4 clone was Dead Space because it had enough interesting things to set it apart.

I usually play a good classic spoopy game around spoopy season, Im torn between RE4 and Silent Hill 1 or 4 rn.


how is ded spess a re4 clone


Third Person Spoopy Shooter. Laser Sight Aiming. Weapon upgrade along the way. Limited healing. Light Melee system.


Resident Evil in general is REtarded, however he's got a point that RE5 and 6 are superior because they literally shit on the original premise and made them completely different just to compete with Modern Warfare. Althought Capcom already made some sort of shoot em' up but with the mercenaries from Street Fighter, they could've revived that spinoff instead.


seems like a bit of a stretch tbh theyre pretty different despite all that


manchild detected
>Third Person Spoopy Shooter
*retarded manchild detected


tranny frown detected
deploy bismiles ;^) 8=====D~~ O^;


wait till they remake re4 soon


File: 1631367210105.jpg (195.39 KB, 584x852, 146:213, felicia-wil.jpg)


just started a run of re4 tbh
games not that fun, but its still pretty fun
they shouldve made it better

dont forget to comment like and subscribe


re4 would probably benefit a lot from an re2 style remake actually since its already an over the shoulder third person shooter and theres some shitty parts that could be ironed out a bit particularly the island chapters


File: 1631424365639.jpg (140.07 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, Wil_Wheaton_and_Felicia_Da….jpg)

Soyboy memes aside, they were definitely fucking right?


wesley is a fucking cuck through and through
im certain it was an """"""open relationship""""""


File: 1631891847407.jpg (654.31 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, harry.jpg)

nah harry locked that pusy down



tranny frown spotted
deploying bismile missiles


This is one of those games where you think its hot shit, but when you grow up you finally realize how retarded is. And the first three are awkward as shit, I get trying to recreate a Super Mario 64 camera would pulverize the PSX, but fuck, it's awkward as shit.


eh i still like it but i got used to being able to strafe and move while aiming with 5 and 6 so it fucked me up when i went and replayed 4


Just play Dead Space 1 instead. It's like an updated version of RE4


i lik ded spess too but it doesnt give me the same vibe as re4


is OP is the most faggot ever?


there's a vr version out now OP, if you want to talk about that


>im gun be contrarin
go back to cuckchan and kill yourself

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