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releases mid november
buy things https://shop.snkmvsx.com/


Looks pretty cool but that shit is expensive nigga


>17 inch 4:3 LCD
yeah no

I used a 23" 4:3 trinitron with a PC i'd set up to output native 15khz signals and i can't imagine going any smaller than that, and i could put it on its side for vertical games like 1944 and stuff which was most of what I played. Vertical games are ok on a smaller screen like that, but for fighters and beat em ups you want bigger. Also I doubt that screen is 640x680 or more ideally 320x240 so the games are going to be scaled and either blocky or worse blurry and also there are no scanlines which some of the games actually take into account for how theyre designed. I know there's no way to get a reliable supply of CRTs these days, but it would be best to use a larger higher resolution screen that can be made to look like a crt with blanking out lines and things like that, and they should be using oled

This is really cool and I've wanted to build a MAME cabinet since I was in middle school and I love that theres someone trying to do this, but it's unfortunate that they didn't do it well enough to satisfy my autism. hopefully it sells well enough though and maybe later revisions will be better.






congrats you fell for the meme
would be better if this had a real multisync CRT but 1600x1200 LCD is fine as long as it isn't smeary 2008 office trash
**it's gunna be smeary 2008 office trash

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