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John Gibson did nothing wrong
Death to shipwright studios and all the other screeching faggots


File: 1631128808578.png (1.42 MB, 2635x611, 2635:611, 1624971280494.png)

just looked this up to try and make sense of this post and apparently it's some dumbass politics drama lol


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he is a phoneposter too lmao

tripwire >>> shipwright


did either of these literally who companies even do anything noteworthy before the gay Twitter drama?


shipwright isn't a real studio, it's just an autocorrect of tripwire


lol tripwire hasn't been good in over a decade. It took some gay /pol/-tier drama for you to figure that out?


I have exactly 0 interest in whatever the fuck tripwire or shipwright or whatever is or produces
I'm here simply sharing with you another entry in the list of neobolshevik scum that will soon be hanging from trees


man I wish politics niggers would stop getting involved in muh vidya. >we had to spend the entire 90s and 2000s listening to rightoid cuckservative niggers cry about vidya trying to censor shit and now we have SJW faggots doing the exact same thing. I just want to have fun and play vidya gaymes bros


somethin tells me we got a homosexual glare here


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Oops, forgot my picture! xD


File: 1631324115309.jpg (32.19 KB, 488x381, 488:381, The feeling when you have ….jpg)

I legit didn't that company exists until the news of the co-founder jumping ship after approving rednecks being pro-life.



File: 1631325278068.jpg (25.75 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Le ebbin tax fraud yoshi, ….jpg)

Real talk? Who's based and who's cringe?
>Scott Cawthon
>Creator of Five Negros at Faggot's
>Donating to cuckservative rhinos like Mitch McConnell and faggotry centers.
>Retired but still holds the rights.
<Creator of Minecrap
>Said tr*nsphobic slurs once he struck gold with Microsoft
>He will never complete his shitty bully simulator, what really happens if you put in charge a based & redpilled /v/irgin.
<A bootleg version was produced and was competently programmed, just to spite him.
>Alec Holowka
>A Leaf known for producing Night in the Woods.
<Many allegations appeared out of nowhere causing him to shoah himself.


i never hated notch i had already gotten a lot of fun out of his shitty lego game by the time he got fed up with /v/eddit and fucked off to real reddit then got rich
i dont know why anyone expected great things from a fuckin java game in the first place also i cant blame a nigger for cashing out like that id have done the same thing tbh i bet he didnt really expect his game to take him anywhere either


man, imagine all the pussy phil turns down just cuz he doesn't have time for it


File: 1631496223040.jpg (174.83 KB, 1200x678, 200:113, Tumblr the videogame.jpg)

There's the other Literally Who company named RabbiHat(?)
>Get woke go broke is fucking bullshit
>There's no such as apolical game
What it doesn't make sense is why they're crying over politics IF you point out the retardness happening at congress? Like the time when democrats declared war against Rockstar over the hot coffee mod.

>Sons of Kojima got exposed to a devoted dicksucking cult
>Merkur is a cancerous weaboo
>Almost any grown adult faggot who plays Super Smash is to be considered a pedophile and their asses were covered by a frankenstein autist with small dick complex
<The worst about to happen to him is getting a slap on the wrist for not paying taxes
Unironically chad.


finally a video game that aligns with my views


What the fuck are you talking about? Nobody can read your word salad posts dude


idk either i wanna say hes talkin about some stalker cult that had something to do with dsp
also its funny to me how phil is probably one of the least revolting video game bozos on youtube now even though hes still the exact same obnoxious retarded asshole he was years ago


There's a lot of hasbeens (like Pat the NES Punk, AVGN, Spoony etc.) that are hard to watch, because you can tell they don't have that creative spark any more. DSP never had any creative spark or any potential whatsoever beyond raging at games, so I don't feel that gut punch when I see him


That DSPhil has his fair chunk of stalkers who are 10 times worse than him. Don't let the scawwwy words hunt your dreams.


Just say that then…


for real why shovel a bunch of extra shit no one knows about into a post people arent confused about your posts because of the number of words its because they dont make any fuckin sense unless youre way into this autistic eceleb shit whoch almost no one who isnt a reatrd is god damn dramaniggers are obnoxious as shit


File: 1631641421338.png (1018.43 KB, 985x911, 985:911, FLAOT.png)

>i bet he didnt really expect his game to take him anywhere either
considering he started out shilling it at /v/ i doubt he thought hed get paid at all. nvm becoming an literal gorillionaire from it


shovelin shit on top of compostin decompositions is we as original Asiatic Black Men re-verse the lies of the devil and manifest the Cipher right in front of the cavebeast's face because is he is without knowledge and overstanding.

Ask yourself brother, is Yakub's white elephant gift of the grafted devil seed any different than the release of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric?

word is bond


nah he was chargin 5 yuros for it from the get go which was a fair price for what it was at the time imo
he was probably expecting pocket change he could use to make whatever that magic potion bullshit game he was talking about years ago but then minecraft exploded and no ones gonna drop a cash cow that profitable for some shitty side project
hail james bond 007 goldeneye who died another day before nightfire went rogue agent


>nah he was chargin 5 yuros for it from the get go which was a fair price for what it was at the time imo
i agree
i still pirated it


eh i dont regret buying it for that
i dunno what theyre charging for it now but i doubt its worth it anymore it had already gone to shit before m$ bought it off him anyway


Notch made one of the most successful and important video games of all time
Holowka made a beloved indie game that went on to have multiple entries
Cawthon made one of the most iconic horror franchises of the century

YandereDev made a tech demo meme game that was briefly popular with streamers, then completely forgotten about


autismblocks is the kinda game that ill play extremely autisticly for about a day and a half, once every 3-4 years or so, build some giant floating pyramid and flashing redstone text that says "WE", then not think about for another 3-4 years
at that rate i feel even a dollar would be a bit much

the only real fun to be had in it imo, was before all the serbs learned how to fuck over hacked clients/started having regular rollbacks
cuz THAT shit was fun
but AVO kinda blew that spot up a bit hard


i liked pre-infdev up to early alpha a lot honestly but i never played any of the multiplayer cause im perfectly fine building autistic shit by myself
the hunger update rally made me hate it tho it took all the fun out of exploring because youd have to either run back to some shitty farm to make bread or use your inventory space to bring stuff with you to set one up
then the enchantments and all that extra gay shit were added and it got bloated and tedious af it was way more fun when it was simple and creative mode is boring because you dont have to worry about monsters


nitw had multiple entries? i thought it was just a single game that got a shitload of attention from furries (ofc) before he dedded himself because of that one fat girl with the danger hair


There were two supplemental games, more like expansions I guess. Point is, the game got supported beyond release


was his game actually completely terrible or was it another undertale situation where the game itself was ok but furries fucked any ability to talk about it into the ground?


I just posted an image of a manchild wearing a yoshi costume just to make the post bearable.

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