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Super realistic non consensual intercourse of European video game market 8 - 17.99 years old
Files taken from a sealed source list links


lol wat did some CP bot fuck up or something?


its a joke nigger


so what's in the link though?


p sure it goes to some shitty youtube video i saw him post this same thread somewhere else but that had a yewtube link instead of a bit.ly link


also iacts to find out in case it actually is a cp link and hes tryin to switcheroo >us into a party van


party van sounds bitchin i'm clickin that shit


how was the party?


sausage fest tbh


Okay. Got it. Thanks


what's that?

>t. disgusting newfag


We really need a sportschan thesaurus or dictionary for new users


no >we dont most of this shit is intuitive
also newfags are supposed to lurk and figure shit out on their own its more fun for everyone that way and makes the angry outsiders stick out rally badly so >we can make fun of them






i dont feel like making a new thread just for this but im mad
mad about


fucking cocksucking bullshit three horseshit deds in a row one of them because a stevari was waiting for me in the first holy mountain even tho i didnt do shit to piss the faggot gods off and never got a message about doing so
then one where i had a wand shooting magic lance or whatever that white arrowhead spell is and for some fuckin reason it just stopped shooting even though it would recharge almost instantly and had plenty of mana so i went to shoot a hiisi in the face and the fuckkn projectile just disappeared immediately and he shot me ded with a shotgun
AND THEN some nigger found a wand with a nuke in it and killed everyone from off screen


Is that game gud? Looks fun from videos but as a guy who doesn't have much free time I feel like losing your progress all the time with the permadeath thing would get annoying


yah i like it a lot im not gonna drop it
but oh man there a lotta horseshit deaths ahead of you even if you git gud some retarded shit like that nuke thing will happen and end your run unless you miraculously have specific perks that make you immune to it


if you don't understand you haven't lurked long enough


File: 1631883035477.jpg (93.55 KB, 764x960, 191:240, bbavi.jpg)

looks lik really f'in good gaem


yeah its on gog-games too so you can get it for free
word of warning though if you have a toaster be prepared for it to chug when theres a bunch of shit flying around apparently even higher end pcs will slow down when theres a lot going on
mine sure as hell does in the jungle where everything catches on fire really easily



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