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Who was in the wrong here?


whoever made less money since that exchange


obviously the woman


still not as based as Grant Kirkhope
>“Yeah… my Miyamoto story is a bit worse”, he told Gamesindustry.biz. “It was when E3 had moved to Atlanta [1997]. Nintendo had a party in a museum, and we all got hideously drunk. I saw [Rare founder] Tim Stamper talking to Miyamoto, and I introduced myself as the composer of Banjo-Kazooie, totally drunk. He just looked at me with the blankest expression, he couldn’t tell what I was saying. A while later, I was in the bathroom – and this is embarrassing – I was trying to pull down [Donkey Kong 64 designer] George Andreas’ trousers for a joke. I was on my knees and I looked up to see Miyamoto staring down at me. That was the last time I spoke to him.”


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The horny gook of course, good thing Capcom is cooling down with the heterosexual flirting that's just yikes.


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Well drunk people never act the way they want to. So go easy on Miyamoto


take the BIG MARE pill kid




Purchasing Street Fighter 5 is a big mistake.


>Her legs look like they belong to a horse
<Horses are known for shitting themselves without giving a fuck
Is he suggesting the Chinese also shit on anything that isn't a toilet?


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nah you're thinking of the wrong character



Curryniggers usually shit on the pools, the chinks are the ones who shit on main streets.


>the chinks are the ones who shit on main streets.

This is true though. Just go on live leak and search for it

>Curryniggers usually shit on the pools,

And in the streets


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>talking shit about glorious India
fuk u budy bloody basterd bich


File: 1637828506628.jpg (30.48 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Democracy is for the retar….jpg)

Well, not all Indians.


bhenchod post


Speaking of SF, couldn't they bring back the missing generic fighters from the first one and have them killed off? Similar to GTA V, playable characters dead and can't be brought back unless you start a new file.



Nobody really cares about the story in fightan games these days. Would be fun to see how mad tourneyfags get though


Desperate measures for desperate occasions.

To think a sequel video to "The Brilliant Fighting Gaming Community" was more hyped than any shitty fighting game.


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>Desperate measures for desperate occasions


Well they did reveal the ninja from the first SF is dead and was killed by Ibuki's gang, it would've been interesting if he got his marvelous 3d debut just to get stabbed at the end of his story.


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oh ok i understand now


is dotz posting here now?

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