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You asked for this
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Onion domain: http://ylcjjrqko7pgobnvzreemm565ea3oj3c7rfqqb4x4twmay6hafv54mid.onion/


I can see your Sportschan's IP address.
You should block accessing via the IP address. I don't know its admin's contact so I leave this message here.




i'm not the admin or mod but allow me to ask: what were you expecting? given that sportschan.org has been associated with this site since before the hidden service url was offered, there has been no attempt to hide the website. sportschan is not a darknet site, it's a clearnet site with a hidden service url to give tor users end-to-end privacy without having to hit an tor exit node like you would browsing the clearnet url via tor.

or am i misunderstanding your concern?



again, i'm not the admin nor a mod

but highlighting this and breaking it down for the semi-literate or ADHD-afllicted:

sportschan is not a darknet site

>it's a clearnet site with a hidden service url (the onion address), which gives tor users end-to-end privacy without having to hit an tor exit node like you would browsing the clearnet url via tor.

so don't post illegal shit.


Hiding real IP addresses is important to protect web servers from DDoS.

Web servers usually use CDN such as Cloudflare and hides their real IP addresses.


but can you see my smile's sexuality?


female because I wanna fuck your holes



if someone wants to ddos it it'll get ddosed, it almost never does tho, this site is lightly used/low traffic. i think steaks used to route sportschan.org through cloudfare. reverse proxies/CDNs like cloudfare are not without their own set of drawbacks.


u redy for donger to go with ur holes budy? my smile goes both ways ;) 8======D~~ 0:


we're used to this site getting fucked every now and then so it's no big deal tbh


yah pedocel still spams the fuck out of /sp/ every so often
plus im p sure most of the anons on this site have been around long enough to not be driven away so easily by a fag throwing an internet tantrum on a backwater imageboard most of the time you wait like a week at most and things have calmed down


~~There is no problem.~~


File: 1634246870547.jpg (142.16 KB, 495x495, 1:1, 16265657641061.jpg)

i just got doxxed irl

my boss called me into his office made me pull down my pants and gave me a spanking while he read off my spartschan posts and explained why they are hurtful
now my butt is red and inflamed and i was given an ultimatum, dress up like Wadina Davis and be his personal secretary or i get fired ?

what do i do bros ?


personal secretary = personal whore


get vaccinated and fuck the spike protein into him


uhhhh i dont know if im comfortable with that…today was already humiliating and gay enough for me…
i dont think i would be the top in this situation, he seems pretty dominate ==;_;==


infect him with coronavirus


show him your BWC to assert dominance


There are no big white cocks. There are only big black cocks!


wrong nigger, there are bwbbcs, now bend over for massa someones buck is about to get broken beyond repair


>there are bwbbcs,
<bwbbc = big white boobs and black cock


based BLACKED.com enjoyer





yeah thats kinda how domain names work dumbass




>yeah thats kinda how domain names work dumbass

Oh yeah, well so's your face. What now teenbro?


Normally websites hide their IP addresses and only show thier domain names to protect themselves from DDoS.

Usually only CDNs such as Cloudflare are exposed to attackers.


let us know when you rewrite vichan as a cloudfare worker script so that we can have dynamic content served for more extra cost and complexity for a fear of ddos which never happens


i did this once cause you get like a million calls a month for free so i used it to host my personal site and just used a script to bundle all my static content into one js file


i think you can get even more static content cloudfare traffic for free tho? you drunkrs budy?


quit tryin to put lipstick on the sprotschan pig
she's best when she's dirty and dangerous


yea but you need a backend server to host shit and i always forget to renew those and also the cheapass vps services are fly by night and you cant really trust that theyll be there tomorrow while the cloudflare thing will stay up indefinitely for free with no maintenance required
i also think i needed some kind of backend logic that couldnt just be handled by github pages or some other free host because i was building a spa but i dont really remember

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