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On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad is the new Battlefield game going to be?

>classes are gone and replaced with "specialists"

>maps are too big, boring and disorganized
>fucked up animations everywhere
>even going up the stairs is fucked
>hundreds of bugs all over the beta

>and the game gets released the next month



i downloaded the beta but never got around to playing it
i think i'm not the only one getting bored of these games because even the latest battlefield game was on sale for like $5 a couple months ago


>haven't played a CoD game since Black Ops
>haven't played Battlefield since 3
so did these shootan games ever change at all or is it still all the same shit? I don't even really hear normies talking about them much anymore


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best multiplayer tactical semi-realism fpses
1.infiltration mod for unr.tourn
4.america's army 2


i played the beta with a friend for a day on my xbone one
my thoughts:
>movement was TERRIBLE. felt like my controller was made out of a sponge
>vehicles controlled oddly, especially fast ones. turns felt really off, like it could turn faster than the car was actually moving
>weapon recoil was… odd. like some guns had ridiculous spray and others were lasers
>bugs. lots of bugs.
>map way too fucking big, 64 people in the game and it felt like a 32 player game
>generally boring. boring art direction boring map holy fuckits all boring
>the one cool thing is stuff like the mech dogs, but even that is just a rehash of the flying drones from 2142
battlefield is dead


>it's one of the top ten worst rated games on steam at the moment



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