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Honest question from a full blown /v/irgin:
Why would you play a sports game when you can just go out and play it for real? And it's not like people who enjoy sports games are a lonely bunch who don't have enough friends to paly team sports. FIFA - mexicans and chavs, NBA - basketball americans, Madden - douches and basketball americans,…
I never understood the appeal of it all. I hated it back on Genesis and I hate it now when friends invite me over to "watch movies and play vidya" and instead it's fucking FIFA and MMA. I mean if you are going to play a simulation, why simulate something as, pardon the word, "mundane" as real life sports? I can sort of understand Management sims, but still.


It's for niggers, not actual people.


One of my friends is missing an arm and likes to play Madden. It's hard to play football (burger version) when you're missing an entire arm, and the video games are simplified enough that you can play them with one hand. The other fags I know who play sports games are all fat and way into gambling on fantasy football, I guess they think if they put together their shitty rosters in a video game then they can get an accurate prediction on the outcome of their gambling or some shit, I don't know.
As for the people you described it's probably exclusively a social thing.


It had more merit back when it was more likely to use what a video game is to its benefit, like with NBA Jam. Now only the mario sports games bother to do so.


I picked up the new mutant league football which is pretty fun then an arcadey hockey game
I dont have much of a taste for realistic sports games op I like ones where wacky unrealistic shit hapeens
Theres been some pretty good arcade style sports titles even if there's less of them typically now


File: 1590926038942.gif (15.14 KB, 256x224, 8:7, nintendo-world-cup.gif)

Yeah see I can enjoy that too. Remember spending hours at a time playing Nintendo World Cup with my friend under the stairs. It's a soccer game, but with characters from River City Ransom series, they also had a volleyball game and some others I think. Taking your goalie and barging your way through an entire field was godly.



Mario tennis was fun


And Mario Golf was a lot more comfy than it had the right to be.


cool people are actually posting
slow and steady


would help if more people knew this place existed


I'll advertise it at some point on a proxy its comical that so many v for virgins are still on boards with rulecuck mods where sp has thrived and lived through many sites because of very little rule cuckery ever
The only big thing to lookout for is marks discord team is known to post hurtcore cp to get a thread deleted i wish this wasn't true but I've seen way too many awful things browsing 8v accompanied with text supporting Mark it is very clearly organized


NFL Street was fun.
Lots of fun gameplay elements, good character creation, good team creation and a fun season mode.


I couldn't imagine giving a shit about a sports game with real sports athletes in it and shit. I'd rather dunk on Mickey Mouse with Sephiroth than with a gaggle of niggers.


Why isn't there a sports game based on the one aztec bodyhoop game thing?


that would be cultural appropriation / exploitation and VERY troubling


then give me a game based on the Finnish wife-carrying sport instead


Does WWE count? I lik those games just for the god tier character creator


firepro is infinitely superior, sorry


File: 1595486205254.jpg (299.27 KB, 600x988, 150:247, shaseal-oneail_o_3557701.jpg)

nigger ball


never been too fond of the hyper realistic sport sgames tbh
idk why the entire industry moved that way

best sports games were always the ones that were totally ridiculous
>mutant hockey league
>NHL hitz
shit like that
really stupid as an accurate representation of hockey
but goddamn they were fucking fun


>you can just go out and play it for real?
Maybe they were stereotypical asthmatic dorks who didn't want to scrape a knee or get grass stains on their shorts.
>Taking your goalie and barging your way through an entire field was godly.
Hell yeah, after beating the shit out of the Cameroonians until they stopped getting back up, you could just run the ball into the net. It was great.

Technos made a bunch of sports games, some of which didn't get translated. The dodgeball game was actually fun. Another was something like "superterrific running sports festival." https://youtu.be/1USSMLc7iiQ

Has a "cross country" event, which sounds about as fun as watching paint dry, but you can also bludgeon the other runners, I guess.


>asthmatic dorks who didn't want to scrape a knee or get grass stains on their shorts
former asthmatic dork here. i enjoyed outdoor activities, i even hunted and went on week long backpacking trips trough the Sierra Nevada mountains. i just never saw the interest in sports, especially sports games; except blitz on dreamcast. I found that kind of fun for some reason.


>except blitz on dreamcast
see thats what im talkin about >>237
theres money on the table here for whoever tries to make a new non realistic sports games franchise

also the other big thing that most sports games had was multiplayer and accessibility
you could easily sit down 4 people on a couch that had never played and theyd prolly have a good time
sadly couch multiplayer has been phased out for fucking online bullshit, mostly
sure its fun talkin shit to randoms online, but its way more fun calling your buddy a faggot when hes 5ft away from you

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