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I stood up and clapped


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Imagine playing modern games


gay characters in vidya usually don't bother me (that is supposed to be a womyn right?) but I hate when it's forced as fuck and their whole character basically revolves around it (i.e. 99% of gay characters in Western vidya)


if who the character fugs is a plot point at all then it's a shit character in a shit game nobody plays games for stupid soap opera bullshit


I'm inclined to agree but it's hard to think of a lot of games where there isn't at least some kind of romance subplot. Hell even Mario in the OG Donkey Kong was basically just in it to get some pussy
But yeah in most cases sexuality isn't even relevant in games so I don't know why they expect the players to care about which type of holes a fictional character prefers to fuck


i was thinking more along the lines of the kind of explicit character relationships that attract shipper niggers
where the relationship plot is wholly irrelevant to anything going on in game but its still shoved in your face
basically what you said only applied to all unnecessary relationshit crap video games are a bad medium for any of that and the people who write them always come off as some faggot who wants to write romance novels instead but is too talentless to get picked up by any noteworthy publisher


>gay characters in vidya usually don't bother me
then go and kill yourself faggot


>he isn't bisexually smiling 24/7
back to cuckchan you fucking straight faggot


dont make me smile at you twatterboi


>he isn't bisexually smiling 24/7
>dont make me smile at you twatterboi

unfunny forced memes


>cries in tranny frown
hilarious twatterboi makes my bismile wide as his asshole
gib kiss you angery lil foreigner


lol how about I force my dick in your ass homo


File: 1639595687264.mp4 (427.87 KB, 200x180, 10:9, happygril80s.mp4)



that's cringe

t. cringe knower


a smile is a form of cringe
and so is a frown
we all cringe down here
better to be the one smiling like a half homo than bein a frumpy tranny frowner


File: 1639672151470.gif (Spoiler Image, 721.56 KB, 400x374, 200:187, hanginthere.gif)

You must be talking about yourself then. Because there are no trannies here


actually we're all trannies here GTFO CIS scum


no frumpy tranny frowns from me twatterboi turn that frown upside down


you will never be a woman


no, but you will be when I'm done with you
*unzips dick*


uh excuse me but did you just perform smile reassignment surgery on a precious frumpy tranny frowner without xer consent? the bisexual congress will subpoenaing you for this violation of xer transhuman rights


I have no idea why but CRPGs are just pure misery to me. It's such an unfun game design.
I can learn to enjoy every other game type


I'm not a huge fan of the genre myself but if you ever feel like giving it a chance try the OG Fallouts. They're simplified compared to other CRPGs so you don't have to deal with so much of the tabletop autism

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