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>Ubisoft has announced it's working on a Splinter Cell remake.

>The remake is in development at Far Cry 6 lead studio Ubisoft Toronto, and is being built on Ubisoft's Snowdrop engine - the same engine used to develop Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and Ubisoft's upcoming Star Wars game.

Probably the best case scenario for Splinter Cell right?


Has this series had a good game since the 6th gen? The stealth genre is kinda dead now, feel like it would be better to leave splinter cell dead. Not to mention you can't trust Ubisoft.


nah the last really good one was chaos theory then double agent or whatever the one after it was called was ok but it was watered down to the point that you could tell they were about to rape the shit out of the series. got rid of the light meter for some dumb red light green light indicator so you either immediately set enemies off or were totally invisible and there wasnt much in terms of alternate paths to complete the missions. the terrorist hideout was gay as fuck but it was l funny getting their boss to kill that one lady for something you did
i think they removed the sound meter too but its been awhile since ive played it all i know is it was a downgrade in nearly every way and mostly forgettable outside of a couple of moments
i made an attempt to play the stuff that came after but it was clear they had been turned into some obnoxious action games with "stealth elements"


it's not dead, it's just that it's been overdone at this point.

If you want a good stealth game though, try out Thief 2. It's a literal classic


>Probably the best case scenario for Splinter Cell right?

What I expect from current day ubisoft

>rushed out game with bugs and glitches

>micro transactions
>a new yearly SC release if the remake gets any traction or good sales
<maybe ish good content

We shall see what happens though


File: 1639675910398.png (90.19 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 1545522533-47-smile.png)

>The stealth genre is kinda dead now
idk if it qualifies as stealth but those new Hitman games are pretty good


I mean Hitman's ok and looks raly gud grafix wise, but it gets kinda repetitive sometimes. Wish they mixed up things a little bit


Yeah, but the game is called Hitman so it's hard to think of objectives other than "kill this guy without getting caught. The OG game was a bit more experimental, there were action sequences as well as the usual stealth stuff. But it was janky to the point of being basically unplayable these days.
Also, I think nu-Hitman can stay fresh if you use your imagination. The game is a great sandbox where basically everything is interactive, so there's hundreds of ways you can complete each level


baldsexual smile


vs targetboi frown


File: 1640571055064.png (351.48 KB, 720x516, 60:43, Screenshot_20211208-235403….png)

And Watch Dogs 3 had Aiden back most of the time you'll end up shooting gangbangers instead of sneakily distracting them, but for some reason his nephew became a nigger, like he's a ginger-nigger.

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