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I… I don't know if there were any, or if it's dementia


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I looked up which games came out this year and I released that I didn't play a singe one of them and that they all look boring.


did cruelty squad come out this year? I grabbed that on the steam sale, might play it….next year….


Yeah it came out in 2021. It looks kind of fun but very weird I don't know if I would like it or not.


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Why is that image the best thing since sliced bread?

There's Metroid, but meh, plot convenience: Samus survives at the end.


>There's Metroid, but meh, plot convenience: Samus survives at the end.
I've never really liked Metroid very much so I never bothered to check it out.


outside of super metroid, the first prime game and zero mission the games aren't really that great
people jerk off over the prime series especially but the second game was fuckin trash and the third was unmemorable at best


Maybe i'll have to give super metriod a try then. I tried to play through the metroid returns remake and other M but found them both horribly boring and never finished either of them.


other m is the one where they tried to give it muh deep story with voice acting and traumatized samus right? easily the worst game in the series if thats one of the first ones you played then fuckin lol sucks that happened to you budy
the series is mediocre overall but other m is like a mass effect andromeda tier fuckup of the series


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I've been playan that new Mario Party recently with my bros, was expecting another soulless Nintendo remake but honestly it's pretty good. Everything feels faithful to the old games and is generally brimming with SOVL. Needs some more maps though. Also it says something about Nintendo when the best Mario Party game for years is just a remake of the old Hudson games


I'm guessing this is the tranny frown guy but aren't most games 3rd person? lol


>Also it says something about Nintendo when the best Mario Party game for years is just a remake of the old Hudson games
Nintendo realized that their fanbase is retarded and is willing to buy anything they put out so the company doesn't bother to put much effort into their games anymore not that I can blame them.


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I'm having too much fun with Solar Ash
>Run really fast
>Bounce up walls and shit
>Grind rails like Tony Hawk
>Fight giant flying skeletons


bisexual missiles launched you better prepare your face twatterboi


File: 1640929355472.jpg (97.83 KB, 633x443, 633:443, SHITTY GAMES.jpg)

Not Wario Land, not my business, also charging at least one dollar for WarioWare games should be illegal.

Or the fact they only want see how their space waifu get raped by Gay Somalians From Outer Space within each launch.

It tried to take itself seriously, a big fucking mistake considering Nintendo plays it safe.


been playan morgan freeman simulator so long i didnt even realize it was 2022


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cmon now
everyone knows this


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>i'll have to give super metriod a try
>I tried to play through the metroid returns remake and other M
damn dawg
thats brutal
there literally isnt a worse way to try to get into metroid than via other M
absolutely give super a try tho. theres literally zero dialogue/plot aside from the litany of background visuals/nods to prior games after the ~2min intro.

its a meme nowadays, that super is the GOAT of all GOATs, but in terms of what was going on in the 16-bit era it was p peerless. its def a masterclass in "show, dont tell". and i cant think of a single other SNES game that actually utilized the controller to its fullest extent fighting games hardly count imo as having shoulder buttons be ur fierce just sucked dick.
not only that, but unlike many single-button-to-jump action/platformer games of its time, theres an incredible amount of depth with the things you can do by combining different tech. the slight amount of "weight" to samus movement, and the aforementioned rabbit-hole of movement tech come together to make a VERY satisfying game to control once you get used to it, even today

plus, once youve played super, youve got several decades worth of romhacks you can then go sink ur teeth into. sure theres some total trash, but in terms of romhacking scenes, id wager SM has one of the best in terms of quality.

if romhacks count, the best "new" game i played last year was prolly the SM hack "vitality"
rly pushing what can be done w the vanilla tileset
and the way he was able to make a totally unique plot for SM hacks at least WITHOUT shoving dumb cringy fanfic-tier dialogue in ur face was commendable
just a solid af exploration hack, imo on par with the base game


File: 1641166752740.png (803.25 KB, 569x563, 569:563, 6cdd53da489beb2448d4c99dea….png)

No there werent.
only games Im played but have completed none of them yet in 2021:
>Shin Megami Tensei V
>Worlds end club
>Tails of Iron
>Shadow Tactics Aikos Choice
>Last Light (Not the Metro one)
2021 games I have completed so far and can recommend:
>Little Nightmares 2
>Persona 5 Strikers
I have had much better luck with VNs that are more interesting to me personally and dont outright suck ass but they were all made before 2021 and were recently translated.
Looking forward to some things in 2022 like:
>Triangle Strategy
>Dying Light 2
>Steel Rising
>Vestaria Saga


it was fun ya'll cowards don't even pixel hunt or have a game breaking bug if you go the wrong way or go fight phantoon after you beat it


Too bad you play as the whore lusting for his cock and Morgan appears at the very last moment, I rate it:


File: 1641265980758.jpg (34.54 KB, 661x720, 661:720, 1431102279813.jpg)

>>Vestaria Saga
I'm looking forward to that one as well. It might not be a real fire emblem game but it is in my mind.


SMTV was alright tbh, weaker than the other mainline titles but still enjoyable enough. It felt kinda tech demo-ish I guess? Like they just focussed on the mechanics and not much else


Do you know of any other good romhacks? All I've heard that's good is the one you posted and Hyper Metroid



Yeah it really was like persona minus the soul tbh


prolly "ascent"
that one is really pretty and really fucking good. cool custom powerups
tho "ancient chozo" is prolly the best looking one, but its really not that different from the base game. good one to get your toes wet imo
"nature" is alright too as an exploration hack that isnt too hard

>hyper metroid

awesome but i wouldnt recommend it until/unless you get autistic and know some tricks you NEED mockball at some point iirc. or maybe i just sequence broke idk. im also not crazy about the physics change.
another fantastic one i recc you DONT start on is "super zero mission". its what youd expect. zero mission (GBA) but in the SM engine. except instead of 4babbys, its actually hard

anywho it depends on what youre into
go to metroidconstruction.com and filter by "SM" super metroid obv and whatever "genre" you want. i like the exploration hacks best cuz i mean no shit its metroid. but the "quickplay" ones are gud too
the "super made in metroid" trilogy are good and "super metroid arcade" basically a room randomizer where you try to survive as long as you can is good mindless fun
you cant really go wrong with anything like 4 stars and up. just check the difficulty


hat weebs


Cruelty Squad is GOTY tbh.


>implying this isn't an anime website
At the top is Mio etc etc


File: 1663035019914.jpg (176.62 KB, 739x712, 739:712, btq3.jpg)

Elden Ring
>inb4 N-no
cope seethe filtered contrarian trash taste don't @me deal with it dilate shut up don't care stay mad stay bad shit opinion blocked


the thread is from 2021 you dumbass fucking tranny niggerfaggot retard


p sure your shit opinion got blocked


>muh dont necro old threads
go back to the windows 10 support message board you came from pajet.

go play entropy zero 2. it came out in 2022.


elder ring came out this year tho


my thread, my rules, tranny frowner


it's a meme you dip


how tf dd you know im dipping sauce?

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